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Welcome to Week 31 and the last week of April. We have thirty-two teaching days and two tutorial days before exams begin.   Despite this short time frame, many exciting activities are yet to come.
Please keep Rosalinda, her husband Guiseppe and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  Guiseppe’s father passed away Thursday in Italy.
Thanks to all members of Green Quest and staff moderators Louise, Christa, Karen Heisz, and Kathy for all the activities they co-ordinated for last week’s Earth Week.  Hopefully, by now, you’ve noticed the beautiful bike rack purchased by Green Quest that is prominently situated under a camera and outside Paulette’s desk.  I trust any bikes will be very safe!  Thanks, also, to all staff and students that participated in Friday’s 20 minute Makeover.  Perhaps you can appeal to your advisees to keep this awareness alive and to do their part to keep our halls clean. 
This is Stop the Stigma Week with many events planned.  Monday will launch the event with two assemblies occurring during our Extended TA featuring a guest speaker from the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. The purpose of the assembly and this week’s activities is to increase awareness about social stigma attached to mood disorders, when in fact 1 in 5 people will experience mood disorder at some point in their lives.  Mary Ward was one of two schools who piloted this program last year, and now ten schools across our board are also having Stop the Stigma weeks.  Events throughout the week will primarily be attended by students in senior Family Studies courses.  Thanks to Mary Louise, Lee, and a small group of very committed individuals in IDC4U1 for organizing and facilitating this week’s events. 
Our Guidance and Special Education Departments are involved in Exchange of Information Meetings this week to learn all we can about our incoming Grade 9 students.  Thanks to Peter Petrasek for co-ordinating these visits.
Len Dalton and John Notten have graciously agreed to welcome two OISE teacher candidates for a month-long intern placement beginning Monday.  Nicole will be working with John and team in the Art Department, and Tamara Taylor will be mentored by Len and team in the Drama Department.  Please take the time to meet and welcome both candidates.
Super TA interviews continue this week. You should find the Departmental Levelling Plans and Department Success Plans that were emailed on Friday helpful in your discussions with your advisees.  Please ensure you confirm receipt of all emailed reports and mail home copies to parents/guardians who do not receive emails. 
If you did not have an opportunity to view the video of thanks sent to Marissa for the funds raised by our school for the victims of the Philippine flood, you can now view it on our school website,  Thanks to Marissa and Erwin for combining their technical expertise to make this video available in a format that all can view from the school website.
Last week, the results of the sixth annual High School Canadian National Mathematics League contests were reported with Ann DeSequeira’s perfect score.  During the past school year, the following students have also, at one time or another, received a perfect score (6 out of 6) Agatha Choy (gr. 10), Andrew Djakarsana (gr. 12), Fillipe De Souza (gr. 12), Christine Nerces (gr. 12), and Axel Thomas (gr. 12).  Further kudos to the members of our Math Department who can share in our students’ success.
Beginning April 27, St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto will host a series of lectures in honour of the Loretto Sisters’ 400th Anniversary.  The series is facilitated by Sr. Jeanne Cover, IBVM and costs $20/evening or $50 for the three-lecture series.  The topics of the lectures include:  Looking Back - The Message in 1609 (April 27), Living the Experience - The Work of the Institute (May 4), and  Looking Ahead - The Message today - Mary Ward's Vision for the Future (May 11).  Please contact Sr. Jeanne or St. Michael’s College for further details.
Thanks to all for your assistance in ensuring a successful and efficient Fire Drill last Thursday.  A special thanks to Angela Cardinale, Josie, and Lynn for assuming an active role in the drill.  On Tuesday, April 27, we will be having a lockdown drill.  Please review the instructions provided by Derek, with the students in your TA.  As well, please ensure the instructions are posted in your TA meeting area.
Our good wishes are with Sele Akioyamen, Ann de Sequeira, and staff moderator, Joanna Morra as they participate in DECA’s International Competition in Louisville, Kentucky.  They arrived safely in Louisville on Thursday evening and will return on April 29.
Kara is facilitating the My School/My Voice Survey and requires all TAs to send one Grade 10 student and one Grade 12 student to the cafetorium during period 3 on Tuesday.  Your assistance is appreciated.  Thanks to Kara and Mary Louise for co-ordinating this survey.
Steland (Ste. Croix and Ireland) continue to dominate the Mary Ward hockey pool with a whopping 41 points.  The teams bringing up the rear are naturally excited for Susie and Mary Louise but hopeful that things might change as the series progress.
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week: Rosanna’s FSL workshop, Amy’s HRE4M1/4O1 trip to Theatre Passe Muraille, Joanna and the Educational Assistants’ bowling trip with our Special Program Students along with Anita De Oliveira and her York Teacher Candidates, Meghan’s PPL/PAF trip to Birchmount’s Gymnastics Centre, Lise and Jen Wisniowski’s Grade 10 trip to Ecole Secondaire Etienne Brulé, Mary Louise and Kara’s Student Success Team Meeting, Antonella and Liz Nero’s session at the Holiday Inn, Yorkdale, Carol’s English Department Heads’ meeting, and Kitty and Susie’s ICS2O1/3U1 session on Expectations and Opportunities in Computer Science.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
Congratulations to the members of the Badminton Team and Coaches Albert, Largo, and Valiulus who defeated People’s Christian Academy and advance to the League finals at Brebeuf on Monday.  Good luck to all!
Monday, April 26 is Day 2.  We will follow an Extended TA schedule to facilitate the Stop the Stigma assemblies.  The first assembly is at 8:50 a.m. and the second assembly will begin at 9:15 a.m.  Please follow the seating plan from our Holy Week Liturgy and await p.a. call-down.  When you are not in the assembly, please share the updated potential summer school offerings that Lynda sent in an email on Friday.  If you have any courses you would like added, please advise Lynda.   Patricia will be at the CEC in the afternoon interviewing teacher candidates.  The Badminton team travels to Brebeuf for the league finals.  Good luck to the members of the Table Tennis team and Coaches Hathway and Notten who travel to the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association in Markham for a two-day tournament.
Tuesday, April 27 is Day 3.  Please ensure your advisees are prepared for the Lockdown Drill and that you send down your Grades 10 and 12 representatives to Kara in the café during period 3 for the My School/My Voice Survey.  Wendy Jones will travel with students to the 11th Annual University of Toronto Black Students High School Conference, Jen Wisniowski will escort seven senior French students to the French for the Future Forum at College Glendon, Université York, and Matt is hosting a Covenant House presentation for the HRE4M1/4O1 students from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. in the Library.  Angela Cardinale, Violet, and Lynn are at an ONSIS Workshop, and Derek is out in the afternoon at a Safe Schools Workshop.  Karen Heisz and Anna Sersanti will travel with their advisees to Famous People Players, and SAC will host a Movie Night featuring the film “Sherlock Holmes”.
Wednesday, April 28 is Day 4.  The Business Department is hosting Business Dayz for their BBI, BOH, and BBB students throughout the day in the library, cafetorium and business area.  As a result, the business area will be closed for the day.  Wendy Cassibault and Sandra are hosting a Co-op Luncheon from 12 – 1:30 p.m. in Family Studies for all co-op students.  The luncheon will be prepared by our students enrolled in the OYAP Culinary Art Program including Chefs in Training, Jesse Diaz and Raphael Wong along with Sous Chef, Dana Carty.  Chef Miguel will also make a special appearance.  Meghan will travel to Birchmount Gymnastic Centre with her PPL/PAF students, and Matt, Derek, Amy, and Angela Zabana will travel to BMT for a morning TLCP.  Coaches Ste. Croix and Zidar will travel to Frankie Tomatto’s with their curlers for a year-end luncheon, and LSSAC members will meet in the Office Conference Room at 3 p.m.
Thursday, April 29 is Day 5.  Students Cassandra Chan and Jessica Villanueva are promoting Oprah Winfrey’s “No Phone Zone Day” with student pledges and questionnaires during lunch.  OKOF/ESP’s “Rumble in the Den” will occur during periods 4 and 5, and will feature our student basketball team members playing the police and staff teams.  Students will need to get TA permission and purchase a ticket to buy-out for games.  The Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team and Coach Dever will celebrate their season with dinner at the Star Walk Buffet followed by viewing Jersey Boys, and our Senior OASIS leaders and staff moderators Matt, Dana, Dave, Ryan, and Kara depart for Camp Olympia to host the 3-day Leadership Training.  We hope all goes well.
Friday, April 30 is Day 6.  All BTT students will participate in Business Dayz during periods 1 – 3 in the business area for completion of unit 12.  Lisa Bailey’s TA will travel to Moxie’s and Silver City at Fairview Mall, and Nicole and Amy will escort Adrenalyn to Notre Dame C.S.S. for the Dance-Off Competition.  Good luck and have fun!
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!