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Welcome to Week 20!  Among the many exciting events that will happen this week will be entering the month of February and celebrating this month’s virtue - Love.  The quote of the month comes from John 3:16,

For God so loved the world, He gave it His only Son.
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week: Silvia and Vida’s AWD3M1 trip to the Textile Museum and Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, Lisa and Lee’s HHS4M1 trip to the Toronto Reference Library, Mark Abela, Arlene, Angela Cardinale, Bea, Rosie, Loretta, Heather Gintoli, Keith, Peter Hathway, Lynn, Anna Luciano, Maria Marzewska, Maria Pallarca, Zita, Marg, and Susanna Smith’s session at the Metro Convention Centre, Pierre, Len, Karen Heisz, Maureen McAndrew, Pamela, and Angela Zabana who took Grade 10 students on their retreat to Good Shepherd and Scott Mission, Pierre and his SPH3U1 students for leading St. Aidan’s intermediate students through a Science Discovery Day, Erwin and Michael Waud’s CLU3M1 trip to Old City Hall, Joanna and Marie Ventura’s DECA training, Tony D’Agostino and Meghan’s PAF4U1 trip to St. Michael’s Hospital, Dana’s Robotics Competition excursion to New Brunswick, and Michelle Albert, Mary-Lynn, Julia Mary, Joanna, Sandra, Marissa, and Angela Zabana’s leadership and supervision with SAC’s semi-formal.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
Monday, February 1 is Day 5.  With pleasure we welcome home Santo who will be reciting, in character, T. S. Eliot’s “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” for Jen Hayes, John Notten, and Vince’s IDP class.  Stop by the Art Dept. in the morning to say hello.
The Admin. Team will meet with SAC at lunch and with the Trillium Team at 2 p.m.
Tuesday, February 2 is Day 6.  Please advise your graduating students that today is the deadline for College Applications.  Derek is out in the morning for the Issues Series and Patricia is out in the afternoon for the Succession Series.  Before heading home for the day, be sure to stop by the den to cheer on the Junior Boys Basketball Team as they host Brebeuf.  Coaches Davies, Smith, and Weathers appreciate your support.
Wednesday, February 3 is Day 7.  Donna, Lise and sixteen students travel to Quebec for Carnivale.  Bon voyage!
Mary-Lynn will escort her AWR4M1 students to the National Film Board, Erwin and Michael Waud’s CLU3M1 students visit the Ontario Court of Justice at Old City Hall, and Len, Peter Hathway, and Amy travel with their ADB301/401 students in the afternoon to Value Village.
Thursday, February 4 is Day 8.  Karen Heisz will travel to Exhibition Place with her SNC1D1 students for the Kids World of Energy display.  Susanna and Karen Erle will participate in the Literacy Lead meeting in the afternoon at St. Basil and Patricia will be out in the afternoon interviewing teacher candidates.  The Varsity Girls Hockey Team hosts Notre Dame at Pleasantview Arena.  The team and Coaches Dalgarno, Dever, Poole, and Ventura appreciate your support in cheering on the girls.
Friday, February 5 is Winter Activity Day.  The morning will be a buzz of activity as staff and students head out to their various events.  Stay warm, have fun, and take lots of pictures. 
While most people will be recovering from Winter Activity Day, Mike Kennedy, Pamela, and Ryan will take members of the Adventure Seekers Club to Haliburton for a day of outdoor activities, including snowshoeing and cross country skiing.
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!