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Welcome to Week 21!  I hope you all enjoyed a restful weekend after Friday’s exciting Winter Activity Day Events.
Winter Activity Day was a big success and could not have happened without the hard work of everyone involved.  A special thanks to Tony D’Agostino who took the lead in bringing a large group of staff volunteers together to co-ordinate this event that involved planning since last fall.  The day was a great opportunity for all of us – staff and students, to take a break from our regular routine and to enjoy each other’s company in a different setting.  Well done team!
We welcome back Donna, Jason, and the sixteen students who travelled to Quebec for Carnivale.  We hope their trip was enjoyable and we look forward to hearing their stories.
Congratulations to Dana and the students who travelled to New Brunswick for the Robotics competition.  The team advanced to the semi-finals and placed fifth out of thirteen teams.  This was the highest placing of any high school team.  Way to strut Ward’s stuff out east!
Last week’s Grade 11 Buddhism Day was an exciting event for all involved.  Thanks to the Religion Department for organizing the day and a special thanks to Marissa and Mark Morra for taking the lead.
The animation work of  Mary-Lynn Arturi’s AWR4M1 and Nicole Powell’s Senior Media students can be seen on the National Filmboard’s facebook page and may also be screened during Toronto’s Wintercity Festival that runs through February 7.  See Mary-Lynn for details on how to access our students’ work.
All teaching staff are asked to participate in the voluntary survey seeking input on technology and infrastructure in the TCDSB.  The survey can be found on
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week: Mary-Lynn’s AWR4M1 trip to the National Film Board, Erwin and Michael Waud’s CLU3M1 visit to Old City Hall, Len, Peter Hathway, and Amy’s ADB3O1/4O1 trip to Value Village, Karen Heisz and Marion’s SNC1D1 trip to Exhibition Place, and Mike Kennedy, Pamela, and Ryan’s Adventure Seekers trip to Haliburton.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
SAC’s Spirit week has been postponed until March 1 – 5.  Further details will be available closer to the date. 
Good luck to Joanna Morra, Marie Ventura and the sixty student DECA members who will be participating in the Provincial Competition at the Sheraton Centre on Monday and Tuesday.  Sandra Pezzetta will be assisting with the event both days and Maria Scarano will assist on Monday.  The business area will remain open both days.
Monday, February 8 is Day 9.  Violet is attending a scheduling workshop all day, and the Reach For The Top team will host their first home game beginning at 3:45 p.m.  Best of luck to the team and to Coaches Holmes and Simone.
Tuesday, February 9 is Day 10.  Members of the Credit Recovery team will participate in a full day workshop at Monsignor Fraser College – Norfinch Campus.  Dave Emer, Silvia, and Nicole depart with their senior Art, Communications Technology, and Design students to Ottawa and Montreal until February 13.  We wish them safe travels and look forward to welcoming them home.
Best of luck to the Ski/Snowboarding team and Coaches Kennedy and Saran as they participate in the TDCAA Championships at Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone.
Patricia is out in the morning for a K – 12 Principal’s Meeting at Blessed Mother Teresa.
Before leaving for the day, be sure to stop by the Den to cheer on the girls volleyball teams in their matches against Cardinal Newman.  Coaches Artkin and Dever’s senior girls will begin the match followed by Coaches Harrison, Powell, and Saran’s junior team.
Wednesday, February 10 is Day 1 and Unit 10 Target Date.  We welcome teacher candidate, Sasha Cuccheri who will be working with Susanna in the English Department for the next few months.  Judy Fleischacker and Wendy Jones will escort a group of students to the Catholic Education Centre to participate in the African Heritage Mass.  Maureen Collie and her period 5 English students welcome Shakespearean actors to the library for a Shakespearience Workshop focusing on Romeo and Juliet.
Best of luck to Ward’s Swim team and Coaches Candiotto, Hayes, and Spearns who travel to the Etobicoke Olympium for the TDCAA Championships. 
The Den will see some volleyball action as the Senior Girls Volleyball team hosts Ottawa’s Seaway District High School and Senator O’Connor in exhibition play.  The three teams will play a round robin from 1 – 4 p.m.  Go Wolverines Go!!
Thursday, February 11 is Day 2.  The Canadian and World Studies department begins their two day fair for all junior students.  Maureen Collie will participate in the Reading for the Love of It Conference and Peter Artkin, Fred and Lynda will travel with the Senior Girls Volleyball team to Ottawa until February 14 for some eastern competition in preparation for the TDCAA playoffs.  We hope they enjoy their travels.  CSAC is hosting Dr. Ashleigh Molloy for a workshop on the essential role of parents in their child’s education.  The presentation will be held in the library from 7 – 9 p.m.
Friday, February 12 is Day 3.  We welcome Dr. Sterling Beckwith, a professor in York University’s Music Department, to Ward in the morning.  Dr. Beckwith will be touring with Vince to learn about our self-directed learning model. 
Tawnee, Jen Hayes, Lee, Susanna, Patrick, and Lucy will participate in the Reading for the Love of It Conference.   Anna Sersanti’s PSE4U1 students will travel to St. Michael’s Hospital for the Think First Injury Prevention Strategy for Youth workshop and Mike Kennedy and Bogdan will travel to the Auto Show with their MFM1P1 students.  SAC will get an early start on Valentine’s Day with a variety of activities.
Before heading off for your Family Day weekend, please mark Tuesday, February 16 in your calendar.  The Admin. Team and new staff will welcome you back next week with an early Pancake Tuesday Breakfast in the staff room.  Derek will enlighten you with specific details later this week.
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!