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Welcome to Week 19!  I hope everyone recovered from Friday’s festivities in celebration of Mary Ward’s 425th birthday and are ready for preparations for next week’s Winter Activity Day.
A special thank you to Mary Louise and Peter Petrasek for organizing a most successful fundraising effort for the Haiti relief fund and orchestrating such an enjoyable and thought-provoking assembly in honour of our founder, Mary Ward.  Sr. Evanne certainly left us with much to contemplate, and effectively tied in our efforts to assist Haiti with Mary Ward’s mission of empowering the poor.  Thanks also to Len, Peter Hathway, and their student crew for set-up, audio-visual, sound, and clean-up.  The quick and efficient transformation of our cafetorium from auditorium to cafeteria resembled the Toronto Blue Jays grounds crew during their fifth-inning cleanup dash.  They were quite impressive!  Congratulations to all TAs who entered the birthday cake contest.  SAC members awarded first place to Patrick’s TA #31.  I can personally attest to its beauty and delicious taste.  Honourable mention goes to the following TAs:  2nd place – Ryan’s TA #64; 3rd place – Peter Petrasek’s TA #8; 4th place – Notten’s TA # 33; 5th place – Poole’s TA #24; and 6th place - McGroarty’s TA #27. 
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week:  Lee and Lisa’s HHS4M1 trip to the Toronto Reference Library; Tony, Fred, Keith, Grant, Meghan, Anna Sersanti, Brian Vecchiarelli, and Eileen’s PPL2O3 trip to  Snow Valley; Michael Waud and Antonella’s excursion to Henry Carr’s Justice Fair; Maria Scarano and Pamela’s Gr. 10 retreat at Scott Mission and Good Shepherd; Mary Louise, Sandra, Marion, Nicole, and Kara’s Student Success planning meeting; and Marissa and Nicole’s Gr. 11 and 12 trip to the Toronto Star and CBC.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
Congratulations to Marissa Largo on her successful opening night of “An Atlas of Scarborough”.  Marissa and her partners’ exhibition will be featured at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts through January 31 and is well worth visiting.  You will learn more about Marissa and her acrobatic talents if you take the time to visit the show.  Please see Violet for detailed directions.
Thank you to all TAs for leading our students through WARD #6, and a special thanks to Jen Hayes and Cathy Schwan for preparing the material.
Academic Alert letters were mailed home Friday thanks to the hard work of our secretarial team.  Thanks to all for adhering to the timelines.
The Grade 9 EQAO Mathematics Assessment ran smoothly last Thursday thanks to the expertise of Halyna and Bogdan.  The majority of Grade 9 students will be writing their assessment in June.
Thanks to Lynda for organizing The Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presentation for our senior students.  Although the presentation was disturbing in sections, the message was clear.  Thanks also to Len, Peter Hathway, and their crew for assisting with set-up, audio-visual, sound, and clean-up.
Monday, January 25 is Day 10.  Silvia and Vida travel with their AWD3M1 students to the Textile Museum and Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, and Lisa and Lucy are off to the Toronto Reference Library with their HHS4M1 students.
Mark A., Arlene, Angela C., Bea, Rosie, Loretta, Heather G., Keith, Peter H., Lynn, Anna L., Maria M., Maria P., Zita, Eileen, Marg, and Susanna S. travel to the Metro Convention Centre for a special Professional Development session on health and wellness with keynote speaker Barbara Coloroso.  We hope they enjoy their day!
Ward’s Free the Children leaders will deliver all items collected through the W.U.T. (Warming Up Toronto) Campaign today.  Please extend a big congratulations and thank you to your TAs for their generous contributions. The amount collected was much more than the organizers had expected!  Thanks to Maureen McAndrew and student leaders Nicole Caguiat, Jan Cruz, and Stephanie Sarmiento for co-ordinating this most worthy activity. 
Patricia is out in the morning.
Tuesday, January 26 is Day 1 and Unit 9 Target Date.  We will follow the modified schedule outlined below to facilitate Winter Activity Day Money Collection.  Students will be called to the gym by activity.  Please keep them in TA until their activity is called, and expect them to return after sign-up is complete.
TA Check-in      8:40 –   8:55 
Period 1            9:00 –   9:45
Period 2            9:45 – 10:30
Period 3           10:30 – 11:15
Period 4           11:15 – 12:00
Lunch              12:00 – 12:45
Period 5           12:45 –   1:30
Extended TA     1:30 –    2:50
Some students selected by Derek, Wendy Jones, and Lucy will have an opportunity to participate in Toronto Public Health’s dental program.  Len, Karen Heisz, and Pamela will take a group of Grade 10 students on their retreat to Good Shepherd and Scott Mission. 
Pierre’s SPH3U1 students will lead fifty-five Grade 7 and 8 students from St. Aidan’s through a Science Discovery Day that will connect the Intermediate Science curriculum to the Winter Olympic Games.  All Science Labs and the library will be closed to facilitate the activities.
All new teachers are asked to join the admin. team in the Office Conference Room at lunch for a brief meeting.
Wednesday, January 27 is Day 2.  We will follow the modified schedule outlined below to facilitate our final day of Winter Activity Day Money Collection.  Students will once again be called to the gym by activity.  Please keep them in TA until their activity is called and expect them to return after sign-up is complete.
Extended TA    8:40 – 10:00 
Period 1          10:00 – 10:50
Period 2          10:50 – 11:40
Period 3          11:40 – 12:25
Lunch             12:25 – 1:15
Period 4           1:15 – 2:05 
Period 5           2:05 – 2:50
Toronto Public Health will offer a second day of the dental program to selected students, and Erwin and Michael Waud will travel to Old City Hall with their CLU3M1 students.
Thursday, January 28 is Day 3.  Joanna and Marie Ventura will participate in DECA training, and Pierre, Maureen McAndrew, and Angela Zabana will travel to Scott Mission and Good Shepherd for the Grade 10 Retreat.
Violet is out scheduling and Patricia is out in the afternoon.
Tune into David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things on CBC at 8 p.m. for the featured documentary “The Downside of High” that investigates the science behind marijuana and mental illness.  If you would like a package outlining the documentary please see Paul Cerre, Patricia, Derek, or Violet.
Friday, January 29 is Day 4 and OUAC Unit 8 Deadline without tests.  Tony D’Agostino and Meghan will travel to St. Michael’s Hospital with their PAF4U1 students for the Think First Injury Prevention Strategy for Youth (TIPSY) program.  Members of the Science department will undergo training in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System from 9 – 11:30 a.m.
The week will conclude with the much anticipated SAC Semi-Formal at Ellas Banquet hall from 7 – 11 p.m.  The lunch line-up that you witnessed last Friday proves how popular this event is to our students.  Perhaps the excitement is due to the rumour that the Jonas Sisters are making an appearance.  Only those that attend will be able to substantiate the rumour.
While most of us are enjoying our weekend and resting up for next Friday’s Winter Activities, Suzie and Kara will be with their curlers at the High Park Curling Club for the Gore Mutual Schoolgirl Regional Playdowns.  Good luck to both coaches and the team.
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!