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Welcome to Week 33!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend celebrating the Gift of Mothers.
Sunday, May 9 marked the beginning of Respect for Life Week.  It is not a coincidence that this annual recognition coincides with the celebration of Mother’s Day.  What better way to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of our mothers than to celebrate the very life that they give to their children.
God, you have given me my life and made me in your image. I thank you.  Help me to remember always that life is a gift to enjoy, to respect, to celebrate, to protect and to love.  (Grade 4, Fully Alive, Page 7)
Congratulations to the Art Department for their week long celebration of Tempest.  The films, performances, art, and tech exhibitions were extremely impressive and gave us an opportunity to appreciate the talent of our students and staff.  The show also brought back many graduates and former staff, making for some enjoyable time to reminisce.  Thanks to Mary-Lynn, Dave, Sylvia, Sal, Marissa, John, Nicole, and Vida for giving of their time and sharing their expertise to allow our students to shine.  You made us proud!
If you didn’t get a chance to purchase the May 9 Toronto Sun, make sure you view the copy in the main office.  The GTA High School Report Card 12-page Special Section features a review on Mary Ward’s self-directed learning model and its high ranking in the latest Fraser Report.  You can also review the article and video clip on the  Kudos to all for being recognized for the hard work that you do!
The Mary Ward Planet has done it again.  The school newspaper team broke their record by receiving 9 Toronto Star High School Newspaper Awards.  Congratulations to the entire team, especially the award winners, including: Nairy Khodabakhshian (grade 9, Column/Opinion Writing, 2nd place),  Mariah Llanes (grade 12, Comics, 1st Place),  Adrian Amado (grade 12, Comics, 2nd Place),  Tara Azadeh (graduate,  Feature Writing Long, 1st Place),  Jan Cruz (grade 12, Illustration, 1st Place), Danielle Roche (graduate, Illustration, 2nd Place),  John Austin Ng Lee (graduate, Sports Photography, 1st Place),  Adrian Kania (grade 12, Sports Writing, Feature, 2nd Place), and Samantha Lui (grade 12, Sports Writing, Reporting, 2nd Place).  Congratulations, as well, to staff moderators Michelle Albert, Marissa, and Nicole for their guidance along the way that helped our students develop a quality school newspaper that demonstrates strength in art, photo, and writing.  The awards will be presented at a special lunch event on Thursday, May 27 at the Toronto Star Press Centre.
The cafeteria will be opened for service, but not for seating from Monday through Thursday as the music students prepare for the 20th Annual Spring Concert.  The concert will feature 350 Grade 9 – 12 students in five groups – Junior Band, Intermediate Band, Senior Band, Senior Stage Band, and the Concert Choir.  Tickets are $7 and can be purchased in the Music Department or on the night of the concert.  This event is always a highlight of the year as we marvel at the musical talent of our students.  Thanks to Vince, Peter Hathway, Rick, and Maura, along with assistance from pianist Anne Bolger and conductor Len Volpe, for training our students and allowing them to showcase their talent.  We look forward to the event!
Thanks to all new staff who met with the admin. team for the June Rush Lunch ‘n Learn session.  We appreciate the tips from Kathy Saran, as well as input from Christa, Patrick, and Lucy.  Your advice will assist all during this hectic time.
Alfred Chen has done us proud again!  He was in the top three for the first round of the Gr. 11/12 Core in the French Speech competition at the Concours d’Art Oratoire at Glendon College on Saturday. Alfred advanced to the second round and secured third place in the province for the bronze medal and a $250 prize.  Congratulations Alfred, and thanks to Mme. Wisniowski for giving of her time to prepare Alfred and accompany him to the competition.
Thanks to all Department Heads who met with Violet to discuss scheduling issues.  Any Department Heads that have not yet met with Violet are asked to do so ASAP to facilitate the 2010-2011 scheduling process.
The test centre has been extremely busy the last few weeks with 2,338 tests being written during the month of April, bringing the yearly total to 16,211.  Thanks to Lucy, Angela, and Anna Luciano for your patience, attention, and efficiency.  We’re hoping this steady flow will ease the rush in June.  Our fingers are crossed!
Please take note of the request to advise Bea and/or Erwin if you are connecting any device to the network.  Problems may occur as a result of the extra connection, and they need to be aware of all computer equipment being used in the school.
The teams in the Mary Ward Hockey Pool continue to juggle for top spot and saw Cerver’s (Cerre and F. Dever) 74 points bump Steland (Ste. Croix and Ireland) out of top spot.  The middle of the pack continues to hang on and hopes to challenge the leaders for top position and, of course, weekly bragging rights.
Thanks to all teachers for participating in Friday’s Faculty Meeting.  Our appreciation to the Business Department for the delicious snacks and leading the prayer, and to all Educational Assistants, Instructional Assistants, Antonella, Wendy Jones, and Liz for supervising areas and halls to allow our meeting to happen.
Thanks to all staff who participated in professional development sessions, or took our students on trips last week: Tawnee, Ann Marie, Derek, Sal, Christa, Patrick, Kathy, Lucy, and Lisa’s New Teacher Induction Program Conference, Cathy Schwan’s CGC3O1 trip to the Zoo, Peter Petrasek’s ACTS/TCDSB Day of Service, Karen Heisz and Kathy Saran’s two-day planting excursion at Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, Wendy Jones’ ESP forum, Marie Ventura’s No Limits Business Conference,  Michelle Albert’s Holy Spirit PLN with the Grade 12 College Math Students, and Dave Emer’s Fast Forward Construction students’ trip to Niagara Health Care.
Thanks, also, to the staff that remained behind and covered areas to allow these events to happen.
Monday, May 10 is Day 2.  Today marks the beginning of Early Exams during Block Times.  Patricia is at St. Bonaventure in the morning for a Succession Planning session with keynote speaker Patrick Duignan, and Derek will participate in the same session during the afternoon.  Violet will need to wait until next week to hear Dr. Duignan.  Our star Adrenalyn team will celebrate this year’s success with a lunch celebration with moderators Nicole and Amy.  All staff involved with OASIS will meet after school to select the student leaders for next year’s events.   Please see Jen Hayes for details on meeting location.  Prior to leaving for the day, please stop by the L’Amoreaux field to cheer on the Girls’ Soccer team in their match against St. Joseph’s Morrow Park.  The girls and Coaches Emer, Rossi, and Zabana appreciate your support.
Tuesday, May 11 is Day 3.  Len, Judy, Lee, and Tamara will travel to Lorraine Kimsa Theatre with the ADA2O1 students to view “In this World” and our Special Program students will travel to Downsview Park to take part in St. Patrick’s Mini Olympics.  Sal, Violet, and Joanna will join in on the festivities.  Play fair, Violet!  The Girls’ Softball team will travel to Etobicoke to participate in Bishop Allen’s Annual tournament.  Good luck to the players and Coaches Ireland and McAlpine.  Patricia is at Blessed Mother Teresa for the K – 12 Principals’ Meeting, and Kara will join her for the morning session focusing on Smart Goal Target Setting: Using Individual Student Data.  Karen Heisz and Kathy Saran will meet with inspectors in the afternoon to determine our Eco School status.  Good luck to you both!  Before heading home for the day, please take time to join the Art Department in the staff room for Silvia Fortura’s baby shower and the opportunity to meet her beautiful baby girl, Gabrielle.  
Wednesday, May 12 is Day 4.  We will raise funds for Respect for Life with a $2 civvies day.  Thanks to Wendy Cassibault for facilitating money collection for the charity “Aid to Women”.  Please refer to Wendy’s email for further details.
Good luck to the track team and Coaches D’Agostino and Davies as they travel to Etobicoke Centennial Stadium to participate in the two-day TDCAA Championships.  Sal and Heather Hagarty will celebrate the year with TA #54 at Jack Astor’s, and Pierre will take the Orienteering Club to Morningside Park for an evening activity.  You have another opportunity to cheer on the Girls’ Soccer Team and Coaches Emer, Rossi, and Zabana as they host Senator O’Connor at L’Amoreaux Park.
Thursday, May 13 is Day 5.  The TDCAA Track and Field Championships continue at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium with Coaches D’Agostino and Davies, Karen Heisz, Meghan, Kathy Saran, and Anna Sersanti participate in the two-day OFSAA Women’s Sports School at Humber College, and Fred and Jerry take the Girls’ Flag Football team to the two-day Toronto Invitational Tournament.  Wendy Jones will take thirty students to the ESP Walk for Unity, LSSAC will meet in the Office Conference Room at 3 p.m., and make sure you have your tickets for the 20th Annual Spring Concert that begins at 7:30 p.m.  As always, you will not be disappointed! 
Friday, May 14 is Day 6.  Today marks the last day for trips/events for the 2009-2010 school year.  Both the OFSAA Women’s Sports School and the Toronto Invitational Girls’ Flag Football Tournament continue today.  Len, Peter, Tamara, and Amy escort their ADA1O1 students to “In this World” production at the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre, Dave Emer travels to Local 183 with his Grade 11 and 12 students for Fall Protection Certification, and Pierre, Bea, and Anna Sersanti will travel with the SPH4U1 students to Buttonville Airport and enjoy Captain Cuschieri’s expert flying skills.   Lise and Jen Wisniowski will enjoy a French culinary presentation with the FSF4U1 students at Auberge du Pommier, and Derek and Violet will be at the CEC in the morning for a presentation by Director of Education, Ann Perron on the theme “Our Journey of Transformation”.
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!