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Welcome to Week 36!  This week we welcome in the month of June and celebrate the virtue of Faithfulness. The quote of the month comes from
John 20:29:
Happy are those who have not seen, yet still believe.
Last week’s end of year liturgy certainly allowed us an opportunity to celebrate our faithfulness.  Thanks to Mary Louise and Peter Petrasek for ensuring our gathering on the hill was reverent, communal, and memorable. Thanks also to Peter Hathway and crew for ensuring a working sound system, and Len and his “following students” for assisting with set-up and clean-up.
Thanks, also, to the Student Council for organizing a great lunch and enjoyable afternoon on Thursday.  The members of the Student Council put a lot of work into ensuring all staff and students were served in record time and that the Talent Show and Basketball Tournament ran smoothly.  Thanks to all staff that lent their time and support during the events, especially our SAC moderators, Michelle Albert, Mary-Lynn Arturi, and Sandra Pezzetta.
Thanks to Vince Gassi for welcoming visitors from Midland C.I. into his TA interviews and to all who answered questions during their visit.  Thanks, also, to John Notten for organizing the visit from the Professionally Speaking photographers and to all who gave of their time for pictures.  The article on Mary Ward’s self-directed learning model is expected to appear in the summer issue of Professionally Speaking.
We are hoping the high numbers in the test centre will result in smaller line-ups over the next six days.  The total number of tests written in May now totals 2 983 bringing the yearly total to 19 194.  Thanks to Lucy, Angela Bufalini, and Anna Luciano for their hard work and dedication to our students.
Please take time to visit the staff room at lunch on Monday to participate in The Angel Foundation for Learning’s Appreciation Event.  A representative of Appreciation Events will have a display of program cards that staff may wish to take advantage of.  The Angel Foundation provides assistance to students in many ways, including subsidizing class trips, bursaries, and awards. All staff will have an opportunity to give back to the Foundation and raise funds for our school on Monday, as part of the proceeds will go toward The Angel Foundation and another portion to our school.  Please see flyers posted on the mailroom door for further information.
All teachers are reminded of Monday’s Grade 12 Promotion Meetings that will begin at 3 p.m. in the Office Conference Room.  Please ensure you make yourself available to discuss your Grade 12 advisees and/or students in your subject area.  The Guidance Department will alert all staff required for these meetings by Monday afternoon.
The sidewalks near the community centre are being re-paved on
June 2 – 4 that will prevent access to the school from the south doors.  Please advise your advisees that no one will be permitted to enter or exit these doors during this period.
All coaches are reminded to take note of Fred’s email regarding the TDCAA Coaches’ Appreciation Awards Dinner on June 10 at Father Redmond beginning at 4 p.m.  The event is a great way to end off the sports season and to gather with other coaches in celebration of the endless hours you devote to providing our students with opportunities to participate in school sport.  Mary Ward would like to have a strong contingent represented.  Please let Fred know of your intentions as he must advise the organizers by June 4.
Congratulations to the Girls’ and Boys’ Rugby teams who ended their season last week.  Both teams developed immensely throughout the season and worked especially hard due to their small numbers.  The girls were edged out of the playoffs but the boys advanced to the semi-finals where they lost to JPII, who went on to win the B Championships.  Thanks to Meghan for devoting her time to fielding both teams.
Good luck to Tony, Anne Marie, and the members of the Track Team who will participate in the OFSAA Championships from June 3 – 5 at the University of Western Ontario.  We hope you achieve personal bests and enjoy your time competing against the best in Ontario.  Enjoy!
Monday, May 31 is Day 5.  Today marks the last day for students to write Early Exams during Block Time, and also the last day for students to submit units with tests.  The Angel Foundation Staff Appreciation Event will be held in the staff room during lunch, and the Grade 12 Promotion Meetings will begin at 3 p.m. in the Office Conference Room.  Good luck to the Varsity Girls’ Softball team and Coaches Ireland and McAlpine as they compete in the “final 4” B championship tournament at Centennial Park.  Good luck and have fun!
Tuesday, June 1 is Day 6 and Unit 17 Target Date.  Mary Louise, Violet, and Kara participate in the Student Success School Effectiveness Framework planning session at Villa Collumbo. 
Wednesday, June 2 is Day 7.  All members of the WARD committee are reminded of their lunch time planning meeting in the Office Conference Room. 
Thursday, June 3 is Day 8.  The Track team departs for the OFSAA Championships, and Derek and Violet participate in the year-end Vice Principal Celebration.  In the morning, Derek will be at the CEC to plan the final exams schedule. 
Friday, June 4 is Day 9.  Violet continues her good work with scheduling, and Mike Kennedy will lead a Ward contingent to the Rogers Centre for the Jays vs. Yankees game.
Good luck to members of our five Dragon Boat teams who participate in the Pickering Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday, June 6.  The regatta will take place on Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering.  Good luck to all team members along with Coaches Christa Hall, Joanna Morra, Peter Petrasek and head coach, Ryan Wong. 
All staff are asked to take note of the Archdiocese “sign up Sunday” during weekend masses.  This initiative is aimed at ensuring all Catholic taxpayers have their property taxes indicate support of our publicly funded Catholic Schools.  Your support is appreciated. 
That’s all folks. Enjoy your week!