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  • Welcome to Week 31 (Apr 23-27)


    On Wednesday, we thank and honor our incredible, hard-working administrative assistants/secretaries on Administrative Professionals' Day.  Please take some time to stop by and thank them in the main office and in Student Services!


    Reminders for the week: 

    ·       Thanks once again for having completed the Report Card process in a timely manner!  Please make an effort to follow up with your TAs and be sure to try and receive acknowledgment that parents have seen the last Report Card.

    ·       Only 7 weeks to go until the last day to submit units and write tests! 

    ·       Please refer to the Early Exam Schedule (Apr 24-May 23) which has been e-mailed to all teachers on April 16 (last Monday).  We ask that you please pass this information along to your students as you normally do if you haven’t already done so.

    ·       Earth Week events include lunch activities in the foyer--each day will have a different theme. The civvies day will take place on Wednesday- wear green for $2.  Friday (weather permitting) we will have our annual MW clean up P4-5. A message will be sent out to all TA's to give name of 2 volunteers from each TA to help come out and clean up any garbage around the outside of the school.


    This Week’s Schedule:


    Monday, April 23 – Day 2 - Earth Week Begins

    ·       International Education Agents visit MW, 10-11am, K. Wong unavailable

    ·       Green Quest presents Earth Week: Bring a reusable water bottle to the front foyer to get it infused with fresh flavor!

    ·       DECA International Career Development Conference (DECA) at Atlanta - Bullock out

    ·       Canadian & World Studies Fair, in CWS Dept., all day

    ·       Department Heads' Meeting - Library Conference Room, 2pm


     Tuesday, April 24– Day 3

    ·       Early Exam Begins (ends May 23)

    ·       Green Quest presents Earth Week: Buy a seed and plant a life in the front foyer at lunch!

    ·       Calendar Committee Meeting, Office Conference Room, lunch time

    ·       DECA International Career Development Conference (DECA) at Atlanta - Bullock out

    ·       Canadian & World Studies Fair, in CWS Dept., all day

    ·       ONSIS - Breen/Cardinale out all day


     Wednesday, April 25 – Day 4 - Green Quest Civvies Day – Wear Green for $2

    ·       Administrative Professionals' Day

    ·       Green Quest presents Earth Week: Hula Hoop Kahoot in the front foyer at lunch

    ·       DECA International Career Development Conference (DECA) at Atlanta - Bullock out

    ·       Jr. Boys' Volleyball Tournament @Power, all day, Sersanti/Harrison unavailable

    ·       Parent Council meeting 7pm Library

    ·       SSVPA Meeting – Andrea out


    Thursday, April 26 – Day 5 – Unit 14 Suggested Target Date

    ·       Green Quest presents Earth Week: Bake Sale after school!

    ·       DECA International Career Development Conference (DECA) at Atlanta - Bullock out

    ·       Secondary Guidance Heads' Meeting @OLMC, 9-2:30pm, Burley unavailable

    ·       Exchange of Info @St.Albert/Victor/Richard, all day, Wong, Adourian unavailable

    ·       Jr. Boys' Volleyball Game @Charbonnel, 3pm, Coaches:  Sersanti/Harrison


    Friday, April 27 – Day 6

    ·       Earth Week Annual MW clean up Period 4.

    ·       Exchange of Info @Divine Infant/St. Bartholomew,St. Lawrence, all day, R.Wong, Adourian unavailable

    ·       Spec. Ed. trip to Variety Village, 9am depart - 2:30pm, Sersanti, Parise-Bullock, Buck unavailable

    ·       Gr. 10 Science Trip to Toronto Zoo, 9am-2:50pm, Lena & Khalil unavailable

    ·       Sr. Phys-Ed Trip to Birchmount Gymnastics Club, depart 12pm, Peets unavailable

    ·       Girls' Varsity Soccer Tourn. @Seneca College, Depart: 8:45am - 3pm, Rossi, Gintoli, Ventura unavailable

    ·       SPCC mandatory SHSM Workshop, Seminar Room, all day, Engalla unavailable


    Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


    Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  


    Monday (May be cancelled depending on weather condition and if the field is open)

    ·       Jr. Boys' Volleyball @Mary Ward vs Choir, 3pm, Coaches:  Sersanti/Harrison

    ·       Boys' Soccer Game vs OCS @Ward, 3pm, Coaches:  DeRose, Vecchiarelli

    ·       Girls' Soccer Game @Ward vs Newman, 4:30pm start, Coaches: Rossi, Emer, Ventura, Gintoli



    ·       Boys' Rugby Game @Ward, 4pm, Coaches:  Peets, Kennedy

    ·       Girls' Rugby Game @Ward, 3pm, Coaches:  Peets, Kennedy





    ·       Thanks to all of the teachers who gave of their time to meet with parents/guardians of their subject students during the second Parent Teacher Interview Session this past week. Your preparation and honest conversations with parents/guardians were greatly appreciated. We hope you found the evening to be productive.

    ·       Special thanks also go to Eileen, Jan and the custodians/caretakers team for setting the gym up for the interview and then getting it ready again for the next day promptly!

    A huge congratulations to the Drama Department for their fantastic work with “9 to 5 The Musical”. This year’s production brought together the Dramatic Arts, Music and Dance as well as our Construction Department and the able and generous hands of many talented members of our school community. A very special thanks to the list of “Behind the Scenes” colleagues – L. Dalton, L. Pius, M. Carabine, S. Cormier, K. Chau, A. Tsang-Lee, K. Aquino, E. Rayman, M. Shanks, D. Simone, D. Emer, K. Harrison, H. Gintoli, and L. Weathers. We are so fortunate to have such amazing staff and students who can exhibit their incredible talents.  Well done!
  • ·       Adrenalyn came FIRST on Friday's Notre Dame's Dance OFF!!! YAAY!! The students were absolutely brilliant, the crowd was singing and energized by their dancing and presence.  The judges were so blown away, that they didn't know what to say! Congratulations to Amy and her students!!​

Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week

Spring excursions are a fun way to celebrate the end of year with your TA group! Some TAs have planned to go to Wonderland, some to various activities downtown. If you are planning a spring excursion, just a reminder that the last day for these trips are May 11th.​


Have a blessed and joyous week, everyone!​