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Welcome to Week 29 (Apr 9-13)


As we dive into the Spring Season, Week 29 brings another important week with a big emphasis on Literacy, the annual writing of the OSSLT assessment! Also, time is flying with only nine weeks left for students to submit units! 


This week is a busy one, with several events occurring including our Marks due by 9am on Tuesday, Apr 10.


Reminders for the week: 

  • A reminder that Marks are due Tuesday, April 10, by 9am. Mark Verifications in mailbox by 10 am and marks verification to be done by 2pm on Wednesday, April 11.  Please refer to the Reporting Cycle Memo that was sent previously for further details.
  • Reminder supervisor from OSSLT/EQAO will be here observing our OSSLT procedures for morning.
  • Also a reminder that on Tuesday, Grade 10’s and previously eligible students will be writing the OSSLT.  Please refer to the special schedule outlined below and also please take note of your responsibilities on the supervision schedule in Kelly’s for specific duties for the day.
  • Nicole Powell continues to accept articles and photos for the next addition of the Happeningsnewsletter. The deadline for articles is Monday morning at 9am.
  • This is the last week for Super TA’s.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, April 9 – Day 3

·       Fire Drill at 9:15am (Fire Marshal on site)

·       Gr. 9 SNC1D1/1P1 trip to Science Centre, all day, Filazzola & Molloy unavailable

·       TDCAA Rec. Curling Tournament @Leaside Curling Club, all day, Zidar, Ste. Croix, Mak unavailable

·       Lunch & Learn - Office Conference Room 


Tuesday, April 10 – Day C (OSSLT Schedule) – Departments can follow a Day 6 Floor Schedule

  •  Marks due (entered in Web Marks by 9am)
  • Please refer to VP Breen re: schedule of the day


Wednesday, April 11 – Day 4 – International Day of Pink! Wear pink T-shirt to raise awareness – No money donation/collection required!

  • Marks verification (in mailbox by 10am; verified before 2pm)
  • LSSAC meeting Part 1, 2pm, Office conference room
  • Gr. 10 Retreat to Scott Mission, all day, Davies unavailable
  • Co-op Writer workshop - Ventura out 11:45am onwards​
  • Bantam Badminton Championship @Humber College, all day, Kennedy unavailable


 Thursday, April 12 – Day 5 - Unit 13 Suggested Target Date

  • Spring Regional Student Success, Library, whole day - Nika, Bailey, Emer, Burley, Davies, Zidar, Candiotto, Tsang-Lee, Magee unvailable
  • Exchange of Info @St.Rose of Lima/Nicholas/Goretti, all day, R.Wong, Torossian unavailable
  • FEF2D1 Trip to Glendon College, all day, Walker unavailable
  • Jr. Boys' Volleyball @OCS, 3:30pm, Sersanti, Harrison unavailable
  • LSSAC meeting Part 2, 2pm, Office conference room


Friday, April 13 – Day 6 – Super TA ends

  • Exchange of Info @St.Gerald/Kateri/Timothy, all day, R.Wong, Torossian unavailable
  • Grad Photo Re-take, half day, Conference Room
  • SHSM Trip-Treetop Trekking, all day, Engalla & Loconte unavailable
  • AEAC Math meeting, 9am – Nika, Bullock, Wong, Magee unavilable


Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



·       Junior Boys Volleyball – MW vs. Lamarche, 3:30pm, gym

  • Varsity Table Tennis game vs SJMP/Brebeuf, 3pm, Coach: Notten




  • A huge thank you to Cathy Schwan, Lisa Weathers, Josee Molloy and the members of OKOF for the co-ordination and organization of the “Be Rumble” event which, as always, was a fun event. Our team of Davies, Walker, Harrison, Fleischacker, Bullock, McAlpine, Vechiarelli, Tumibay, Coleman, Artymowycz, and Wong represented us well! In addition to coaching the students, Bailey joined Artymowycz, Nika, Titus, Rayman, and Magee for the free throw as well! It was a fantastic event!
  • ​We appreciate the work that Sue, Mary Louise, JP, Jason, and Len and all their crew did to help make our Easter Liturgy one of the highlights last week.  Their efforts always allow us to focus on the true meaning of this special season.  Thank you!

Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week

Tuesday is the OSSLT test. Please ensure that all advisees who are writing know what location there are to report to. Information will be distributed on Monday, April 9th.


Have a blessed and joyous week, everyone!​