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Welcome to Week 36 (May 28-June 1)


Only two weeks left to submit school work! Please remind students that the last day to submit units with tests is Thursday, May 31 and the last day to submit units and write tests is Thursday, June 7.  Also, please do NOT accept any units beyond this date (i.e. on Scheduled Days or Tutorial Days) unless the request has come from Admin for extenuating circumstances.


This week, we look forward to many important end of year events and celebrations including the Loretto Sisters Visit,  Special Olympics Day and Wolverine Run!


Finally, all the best to our spring teams who are competing in their respective finals and tournaments. 


Reminders for the week:  


  • Please send any dates for activities and events for next year’s calendar to Kathleen. 
  • Department Heads are reminded to submit the exam booklets and completed table to Kathleen by Monday, May 28
  • A reminder that if you have articles that you would like to submit for the 3rd issue of the Happenings Newsletter, please forward them to Nicole as soon as possible and definitely before June 15. 
  • An email will come out soon with regards to June 13th EQAO whole day Boot Camp. This is the first time we try this at Mary Ward. It has been proven to be helpful elsewhere in our school board in increasing student achievement on the actual EQAO Exam. Please watch out for the email and advise your advisees that the session on June 13th is mandatory. An assembly will be held at 12:45am on May 29th for the Grade 9 students to further explain the details of the Boot Camp.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, May 28 - Day 4

  •  LSSAC meeting, 2pm, Office Conference Room


Tuesday, May 29 – Day 5 - Staff Meeting (early dismissal)

  • K-12 meeting, library until 1:45pm
  • Calendar Committee Meeting, 12-1pm, Office conference room
  • Staff Pasta Luncheon in Family Studies - min $5 donation to Ms. Cardinale
  • Grade 9 EQAO Assembly in cafeteria right after Lunch TA check-in at 12:45pm
  • IDC301/IDC4U1 Journalism Awards trip to Toronto Star, depart @12:45pm, Powell unavailable
  • Special Olympics Day – Parise-Bullock, Buck, all EAs out


 Wednesday, May 30 – Day 6

  • ·       Loretto Sisters Visit to Mary Ward, 9am - 1pm

    ·       Chaplains' Day of Reflection - Code 83, depart @9am, Mak unavailable​

  • HSE 4M Equity and Social Justice students’ Fundraising for Loretto Sisters’ Water Project via TA/Staff Fashion Show at lunch in Cafeteria, $2 admission
  • Principal’s meeting – Andrea out in PM
  • Boys' Softball Game Ward vs Libermann @Iroquois Pk, 1 & 3pm, Coaches:  Walker, Harrison unavailable
  • TCDSB Cricket Tournament @Centennial Pk., all day, Titus unavailable
  • Metro Region Track & Field Championships, all day, Coleman unavailable
  • Music Department Parent meeting for Italy 2019 in PM


 Thursday, May 31 – Day 7 - Last day to submit units with tests!!

  • Exam Scheduling - OLMC, K Wong out all day
  • PPL301/401 Trip to Cresthaven Golf Course, depart @12pm, Kennedy unavailable
  • Metro Region Track & Field Championships, Coleman unavailable after lunch


Friday, June 1 – Day 8

  • Wolverine Run (P.M.)
  • Social Committee pizza and ice-cream lunch


Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



  •  No home game on calendar this week




·       Huge thanks to all staff involved in planning for the Loretto Sisters Global Experience visit to Mary Ward! We understand this is a busy time of the year and greatly appreciate the big efforts you have put into ensuring a wonderful experience for both visitors and our students at this time of the year!

·       Thanks to Mary Louise, JP, and Sue for spearheading the Water Project campaign! Thanks also to all TA’s for your efforts in urging your advisees to participate and contribute! Heart-felt thanks to everyone in this community for getting behind this very important and worthy cause, e.g. thanks to those staff members who volunteered for the TA Fashion Show Fundraiser! We reached our goal because of you!

·       More thanks to Sue, JP and Mary Louis along with Len, his tech crew, the student choir, Sheri, Kirk, Staff musicians and all of those who assisted with the closing liturgy.  We have truly had some amazing liturgies this year and we give our recognition and gratitude to our Chaplains and all of those staff and students who worked behind the scenes to assist in putting together our catholic celebrations.  Well done!

·       Congratulations to SAC on a great day Friday and also thanks to Nadia, and colleagues who helped out in these capacities:

- Organizers and General Helpers: Ms. Rayman, Mrs. Ferrante, Mrs. Pezzetta

- Grill/BBQ: Mr. Emer, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Simone

- Dunk Tank Participants: Mrs. Magee, Mr. Buck, Mr. Adourian, Mr. Yan

- Dunk Tank Nominees: Mr. Coleman, Mr. Wong, Ms. Davies, Mr. Walker

- Toronto Slang Spelling Bee Contestants: 1. Mrs. Weathers (winner), 2. Mr. Dabbagh, 3. Mr. Carabine, 4. Mr. Adourian 

- Special Thanks to our caretakers team Yan and Tania 

 and all the other staff who assisted/supported the day in various ways! What an amazing day! Well done!​

·       Congratulations to Nicole Powell, under whose leadership that these students have won six (6) - 2018 Toronto Star High School Journalism Awards in the following categories:

o   Critical Writing – 1st Place: MADELEINE MACISAAC-SUN

o   Sports Writing-Column – 1st Place: ANJULI JOACHIM

o   Sports Writing-Column – Runner-up: NICOLE FERNANDES

o   Editorial Writing – Runner-up: JULIA D’SILVA          

o   Photography-News – Runner-up: ANAIAH REYES

                • Ph​​​​​​​​otography-Sports – 1st Place: DALTON CHRISTIAN

Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week

  • It is time to start printing out Stamp Sheets for students! If you need instructions on how to print, please ask your colleagues, department heads, refer to Kathleen’s email dated May 14th or use the printed copy put into our mailbox on May 25th.​

Have a blessed and joyous week, everyone!​