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Welcome to Week 8 (Oct 23-27)


As we are getting close to the end of October, we look forward to some key events!


 Reminders for the week



  • Welcome back to Mark Morra.




  • Last day to submit units with test – All students should be reminded in TA and in subject areas of this important date that will be upon us soon – Nov. 2!  Also, before you create a conditional zero for your subject students, please be sure to consult the Special Education Department and/or be aware of your subject student’s IEP.  If you have questions or concerns about a particular student, please consult with Guidance for extenuating circumstance issues. There will be a conditional zero memo coming later this week.




  • Awards Night is Monday, Oct. 23rd - we ask for all staff that are presenting awards be here for 6:45 p.m. Please be sure that we have representation from each department.




  •  Take Your Kids to Work Day - A reminder to all TA’s to please encourage your Grade 9 advisees to return their forms for TYKTW Day. Guidance has asked that all Grade 9 students return these forms by October 27th so we can have accurate attendance for November 1. Where possible, please see if your Grade 9 International Students can be incorporated into this day.



This Week’s Schedule:


 Monday, October 23 – Day 3 - Waste Reduction Week Begins!!!!


  • CHC2D1-02 Trip to Spadina House, leaving 11:15am – McAndrew/Schwan
  • Gr. 8 Visit – St. Aidan @9:45, Arturi St. Maria Goretti @12:30, French TBA
  • Awards Night @ 7 p.m. – Caf – Molloy, Filazzola, Visconti, Rayman
  • Code 94 – Bullock out all day
  • Leslie Cusack out all day






Tuesday, October 24 – Day 4 - WARD #1 Extended-TA-B

·       Winter Coaches Meeting at lunch in room #110B.  Pizza lunch provided!


  •  Grade 8 Visit at 12:15pm at St. Rose of Lima – Ireland
  •  Code 83 – Albert/Davies unavailable after Extended TA
  • Leslie Cusack out all day
  • ASSIST Training – Breen out all day





Wednesday, October 25 – Day 5


  • Gr. 8 Visit at St. Marguerite Bourgeoys at 12:45pm – R. Wong
  • Senior Trip to Killarney – Notten, Arturi, Powell
  • Storytelling Writing Workshop by Guest Speakers in ESL during Period 1 & 2 - Valentini​
  • English Department Heads Meeting – Holmes out 1 pm
  • Secondary Principals’ Meeting – Magee out all day
  • SHSM Health & Wellness Trip – Engalla/Molloy out all day
  • Skills Canada meeting at Humber College (Code 83) - Emer, DeRose all day​
  • ASSIST Training – Breen out all day
  • Parent Council Meeting – 7 p.m. in the Library






Thursday, October 26 – Day 6


  • Senior Trip to Killarney – Notten, Arturi, Powell
  • Business/Math Marketplace & Research Trip - Pezzatta/Scarano/Bullock/Marzewski out all day
  • ​ONSIS - Breen/Cardinale out all day
  • Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Forum – Mak out all day
  • Health Week Roadshow Peer Training at L'Amoreaux Community Centre, 4:30-7pm - Sersanti



Friday, October 27 – Day 7 - PLC Meeting


  • Senior Trip to Killarney – Notten, Arturi, Powell
  • Storytelling Writing Workshop by Guest Speakers in ESL during Period 1 & 2 - Valentini
  • When Faith Meets Pedagogy Conference – Mak out all day
  • TCDAA Cross Country Meet - McAndrew/Carabine/Hayes out all day



Sports/Clubs (Home Games):


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  





  • Boys' Volleyball Game vs. Choir 3pm



Kudos for last week:



  • Thanks for all the experiential education that is going on.  Plenty of trips, travel and PD!  A special thanks to those staff who attended the CCSDL last week.
  • Thanks to those staff who are supporting the teams/clubs that are currently running and competing.  We appreciate you stepping forward to help.
  • Thanks to Ryan, presenters, and all departments for coordinating our Grade 8 Open House! The turnout was outstanding!





 Tips of the Week.jpg


TA Tip(s) of the week


Are your TA's getting involved?


Mary Ward has a wide range of clubs and teams that students can participate in. Involvement in these activities help the students build their support network at this school, thus strengthens our community. This week, try and ask each advisee which clubs/teams they are involved, or plan to be involved, in this year. For the ones that do not plan to participate in activities, try to encourage them to do so. Other students in the TA group can help provide information about particular activities. A list of all of the clubs and teams we offer, and their teacher moderators, will be in your mailboxes soon.


Have a great week, everyone!