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Welcome to Week 3 (Sep 18-22)



  • Thanks again for a terrific s​tart-up.  We hope the good ac​ademic routines established during scheduled days will continue as we begin our Day 1 – 10 schedule.



 Reminders for the week:

  • Monday Sept 18th and Tuesday Sept 19th are Extended TA days and have been set aside for continued TA bonding, community building, especially for preparation for our regular self-directed learning days. We will all engage in a TA flag creation (directions will be provided in mailbox on Monday) and TA toolbox activities from the TA Committee.  Additional ideas will be coming in an email from Lisa Weathers.
  • Agenda Book Updates - Please have your TA students correct the followings in their Agenda book - September 18th and 19th are on a Day A  and Day B respectively and both with Extended TA-A schedule
  • TA Interviews – Our bi-weekly interviews begin this week. Please ensure a consistent schedule is established and that the information is communicated with parents/guardians. As a reminder, we ask that all grade 9’s and new students have their first TA interview within the first 2 weeks of our Day 1-10 Schedule.  Please ensure that parental emails are in our system and that parents can access email at work or home.  We are in the process of coordinating a time when Guidance and Admin can set some time aside for the TA review meetings.  We will send this out by email when dates and times are set.
  • Web Marks – Please remember to include your sunset courses when loading your classes into Web Marks. If you are unsure if you have sunset classes or which ones they are, please see your SBAT counsellor. PLEASE DO NOT LOAD CHV, GLC, and GPP until we advise you – these are the W.A.R.D. course and need to be set up first by Nicole Powell.
  • Student Attendance – Please connect with your SBAT administrator if you have any concerns about the attendance of your advisees. Early intervention should help break some bad habits.  We are committed to working with you to address these issues.
  • Annual Learning Plans (ALPs) – All permanent teachers should have their ALPs reviewed by their SBAT administrator and signed off by October 6. Updates can be done throughout the year.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, September 18 – Day A – Extended TA-A


  • Literacy Team meeting (whole day) – Breen, Bailey, Candiotto, Torossian, Tsang-Lee out



Tuesday, September 19 – Day B – Extended TA-A (please note change)


  • Principal meeting (morning) – Magee out
  • Lunch & Learn for our new and LTO teachers - Nicole Powell will be sharing her WebMarks expertise with members of our group this Tuesday at lunch in the Office Conference Room.  Please confirm your attendance before Tuesday with Lisa Bailey for Nicole Powell.

 Ext TA:    8:40-9:45

Period 1: 9:45-10:45

Period 2: 10:50-11:55

LUNCH:  11:55-12:40

Period 3: 12:40-1:40

Period 4: 1:45-2:50​

Wednesday, September 20 – Day 3


  • Parent Council meeting 7pm



Thursday, September 21 – Day 4


  • OASIS Meet the Leaders begins at 1:15pm in the Gym and Caf


 Friday, September 22 – Day 5


  • First Fire Drill in the A.M.







  • Thanks to those staff members who have volunteered to be part of the LSSAC committee!
  • Thanks to Nicole Powell and the Yearbook Team for their outstanding efforts! Students have now received their 2016-2017 yearbooks and can enjoy it with family and friends.




New for this year’s focus on TA will be a weekly TA Tip(s) of the week:


 Tips of the Week.jpg


TA Tip(s) of the week



A reminder that TA interviews start on Wednesday (Day 3). A note to our new staff: In order to create a new interview, click on the “TA Interview” tab on the student profile page and then click the “Add Interview" button.  If you have any questions, you can ask a member of your department or call Lisa Weathers (6043) or Lisa Bailey (6047).​