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Welcome to Week 26 (Mar 18-22)


Spring has sprung! We hope everyone had a fantastic Break as the dark days of winter are slowly giving way. We hope everyone had an opportunity to rest and re-charge!


 Reminders for the week:


  • Super TA begins (Mar 18 – Apr 12). A printed copy regarding the process has been put into your mailbox before March Break. An email with tools to support the process has also been sent. Please feel free to ask for clarification from admin if needed.
  • There are only 12 weeks remaining for students to submit units.  We ask that you remind your advisees and subject students of this key information.  If any of your graduating students are in jeopardy of not attaining 30 credits, you are reminded to bring this to the attention of your SBAT guidance counsellor immediately.
  • Some students are not attending TA check out for TA3. If students are absent, please make them accountable for the absence. They should be providing you with a sign out slip or should be considered a skip if they cannot account for their absence (i.e. team game, etc.)
  • Band trip to Italy returns March 21 at 6pm.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, March 18 – Day 1 – Super TA begins (Mar 18 – Apr 12)

  • Gr. 10 Retreats to Scott Mission/Good Shepherd, be @school @7:15, depart @7:30am, return @2:30pm, Rosseel, McAndrew unavailable
  • Reach for the Top Competition @Birchmount C.I., depart @2:15pm, dismissed from site Holmes, Simone unavailable
  • SHSM Ice Training Workshop, depart @8:15am - 3:15pm, Engalla, Filazzola unavailable
  • IPRC’s for gifted students in co-op office
  • Magee out with Band


Tuesday, March 19 – Day 2

  • Gr. 10 Retreats to Scott Mission/Good Shepherd, be @school @7:15, depart @7:30am, return @2:30pm, Harnum, Burley unavailable
  • Spring Jr. Boys; Volleyball Coaches Meeting @Neil McNeil, 3:30pm; Coaches:  Sersanti, Harrison
  • OSSLT Literacy Leads, Loretto Abbey, 2-4pm, Bailey out
  • Interfaith event through Chaplaincy, Mak out (tentative)
  •  Parent Council Meeting, 7pm, Library
  •  Magee out with Band
  • ud out on code 83


Wednesday, March 20 – Day 3

  •  DD/ME workshop at OLMC, Adourian out all day on code 83
  • MW Spring Coaches' Mtg @lunch, Rm #110, lunch provided
  •  Marketing Fair set up Period 4-5, event is 3-4pm – Ventura, Pezzetta unavailable
  • Magee out with Band
  • Holmes and van Rooyen on code 83
  • OSSLT - Mak unavailable, code 83
  • OSSLT - Zidar unvailable Period 4


Thursday, March 21 – Day 4

  • Literacy Days, Int'l Students - K. Zidar out on Code 83
  • Marketing Fair set up Period 4-5, event is 3-4pm – Ventura, Pezzetta unavailable
  •  Magee out with Band
  • Stone soup program, Family Studies area, 3pm


Friday, March 22 – Day 5 - Last day to hand in units WITH tests

  • Sr. Phys-Ed Trip to Ryerson University, depart@10am, Dismissed from site,  Peets unavailable
  • First Robotics Competition@York University, Depart @12pm, dismissed from location @8pm, Emer, D'Addario unavailable
  • ONSIS - Cardinale, Burns out all day at OLMC


Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  


Monday - Friday

  • None this week



  • Thanks so much to Nadia Lena and JP Dabbagh for organizing the semiformal with SAC on March 7! Thanks also to Pezzetta, Powell, Parise-Bullock, Simone, Rayman, Ragell, Harnum, Reid, and Ignatius for helping with last night's semiformal - from jumping into the coat check, to helping with the centerpieces, to using their cars to transport items, to their overall efforts to help ensure a safe and fun experience for our students. A lot of planning went into a night like that and it would not have been possible without Lena, Dabbagh, SAC, and everyone’s assistance. Thank-you again for your generous contribution of time and efforts! Thanks again!
  • Congratulation to Powell and the newspaper exec on another great issue! A lot of work went into writing, editing, proof-reading, and the other process of publication! Thanks to all those who have contributed to make this newspaper being able to be released in a timely manner as per usual!
  •  Kudos to the sportsmanship displayed by the staff team at the OKOF Rumble! Weathers, Vecchiarelli, A. Carabine, Kennedy, Harrison, Tuccitto, McAlpine, Ferrante, Largo, Da Costa, William F-Y, K. Wong showed great teamwork! Teachers who played at half-time included Parise-Bullock, Bailey, Engalla, Filazzola, and Ignatius! Fun was had by all! Thanks to McAndrew, Schwan, and Weathers for putting this together to raise funds for OKOF!
  •   Congratulations to Ms. Chan's ICS/TEJ – Computer Studies and Computer Engineering students team (Raymond Ma, Justin Magdae, Lara Gomez, Henry Tran)! They competed at the I4 Competition organized by Industry4team@University of Waterloo and won first place! This is not an easy win - The students had to use an engineering approach to analyze the process, layout, and efficiency of a production line. Then they prepared a short report with their analysis and a PowerPoint presentation with their recommendations for how the plant management could improve, e.g. double the production rate within the given constraints. The monetary reward is jaw-dropping! Please ask Ms. Chan should you be interested!!!!​
  • On Friday, we welcome back our students and colleagues from the Music Department who had the opportunity to travel to Italy over the March Break.  We are certain that they had a successful and enjoyable time​

Tips of the Week.jpg

TA Tip(s) of the week

Super TA interviews begin this week and run until April 12th! Please refer to printout distributed in your mailbox and emails re: the process of these interviews and tools to assist you with them. 


Have a great week, everyone!