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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Welcome to Week 10 (Nov 5-9)


We wish the Grade 10 Canadian and World Studies students and staff the best of luck as they venture off to Ottawa!  We hope they have a safe and enjoyable excursion.


Reminders for the week:

·       Carryover Exams is Monday November 12 – Please submit lists of students who are taking carryover exams to your Department Head(s) as soon as you can but no later than November 8 (Thurs) so we can arrange for students who write two exams and compile a final list for forwarding to the Test Center in good time. See the Oct 24th e-mail from Kathleen for more details. As referenced in a previous email from Andrea, please send any name of students who are NOT writing on Nov 12 to Kathleen providing the extenuating reasno for the deferral.

·       Please submit your articles/photos to Nicole Powell for the upcoming edition of Happenings.  This is an excellent opportunity to highlight and promote your department, club, teams, and activities. Nicole will need the articles/photos by Fri, Nov 9th.

·       Lanyards – Please ensure all lanyards are collected at the end of the day and distributed during morning TA.  Your assistance in having your TAs wear their lanyards properly for the entire school day is most appreciated. If students have lost their lanyards they can buy a new one from Paulette Sousa for $1.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, November 5 – Day 6 – GSA Week Begins

·       Gr. 11 & 12 SHSM trip to Cedar Glen, depart @8am, return @3:30pm, Engalla & Bozek unavailable

·       Spec. Ed. Trip to Royal Winter Fair, depart @9am, return @2:45pm, Parise-Bullock/Mackay unavailable

·       U of T's International Students' Group to speak with international students at MW during Period 5 in room 319b – Zidar unavailable

·       OSCA Conference – Burley out all day


Tuesday, November 6 – Day 7

·       Honor Roll Breakfast – Period 1 in the Caf – Keenan

·       Fire Drill #2 (11:10am tentative)

·       Respect for Life Conference @Brennan Hall, meet @9am, dismiss from location @2pm, Dabbagh & Waud unavailable

·       OSCA Conference – Burley out all day

  • ​​​​ Data Review - Hayes and Magee out all day​


Wednesday, November 7 – Day 8

·       A Catholic Call to Serve Conference, meet @site 8:30am, dismissed @4:45pm, Dabbagh unavailable

·       MW University & College Fair @Ward, 2-4pm

·       Religion ROM Trip (Sr) - Maljian/Morra out

·       Co-op in-service at Norfinch - Pezzetta and Ventura out all day

·       Parent Info Night @Ward, 6-7pm


Thursday, November 8 – Day 9 (Civvies Day for GSA)

·       Civvies Day for GSA

·       Last Day to Submit Units & Write Tests for Report Cards

·       CHC2D/2P/2F to Ottawa, depart Nov 8 @7:15, return Nov. 9 @8pm, McAndrew/Morra/Coleman/Agopian unavailable

·       Best Buddies Leadership Conf @ Red Rose Convention Ctre, depart @8, return @5pm, Tharshan unavailable 

·       EA meeting at 2pm


Friday, November 9 – Day 10 - Remembrance Day Assembly - Ext.d TA "B"

·       Web Marks Open for Report Cards

·       Principal at Equity in-service – Magee out all day

·       CHC2D/2P/2F to Ottawa, depart Nov 8 @7:15, return Nov. 9 @8pm, McAndrew/Morra/Coleman/Agopian unavailable



Sports/Clubs (Home Games Noted): 


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



  • None on-site this week




  • ·       We had a fantastic Halloween celebration last week.  Thanks to Nadia, JP, SAC and the teacher moderators for organizing the Halloween Movie, TA Costume Raffle, Student Costume Contest, and the Pumpkin Decorating Contest. A special thanks to those staff who helped supervise the Halloween movie during their prep period, including van Rooyen, Zidar, McAndrew, Frair, Maljian, Kennedy, Dabbagh, Lena, Cunningham-Reimann, Carabine, and Gintoli! Thanks again to all for supporting the series of fun yet hectic celebration!
  • ·       The SLIP’s PD Committee (Bailey, Bullock, Da Costa, Hayes, Lena, and Mak) has locked themselves away for a day with our Literacy and Numeracy Coaches this week to work on a PD session on our SLIP for us. We greatly appreciate their time, effort, and leadership in this PD planning/facilitation process!

Tips of the Week.jpg


TA Tip(s) of the week


Conducting TA interviews is a great way to get to know your advisees. We might tend to focus on the number of units completed in interviews, but another important aspect to cover is, "what are you learning?" One tip is to have your advisees engage in conversations about their learning is to ask them questions such as: " What is the most exciting part of this course so far?" or " What is the main concept you are learning in this unit? " etc. 


That’s all for now; have a great week!​