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Welcome to Week 5 (Oct 1-5)


As we head in October, we celebrate the virtue of Gratitude.  As we say goodbye to September, we can be grateful for having had an opportunity to enjoy some fantastic weather, wonderful school opening events, an amazing community that is supportive of each other in good times and tough times, and we welcome some new members in the recent weeks as well: Joseph Tuccitto (Drama), Dayana Uthayakumar (Math), Ajay DaCosta (Math), Andrea Mackay (Special Ed), and Jason Sahlani (English). We are hoping to have two more new members joining us in the upcoming weeks and then we will be fully staffed.

Meanwhile, we also recognize several essential staff members in our community in October. On Tuesday, October 2nd we recognize National Custodial Workers’ Day. We are grateful to our custodial and maintenance staff for their dedication to maintaining our buildings throughout the school year, and their hard work during the summer months to ensure that our schools, classrooms and playgrounds are ready for September. On Friday, October 5thWorld Teachers’ Day we acknowledge our educators who inspire and encourage our students to succeed to the best of their abilities. We thank them for their continued commitment to student achievement and well-being. Finally, Tuesday, October 16th has been set aside as Early Childhood Educators’ and Childcare Workers’ Appreciation Day. These staff members play a key role in the early growth and development of our youngest students, nurturing and guiding them in the earliest stages of their education. We are thankful for their devotion to the children entrusted to us, and for their partnership in the delivery of our early learning and care programs. At Mary Ward CSS we believe all adults in our building are “educators”, in one form or another,  of the students we encounter. We will all celebrate World Educators’ Day together on Oct 5th!

Thank you for all you do! 


Reminders for the week:


  • Oct 1st is Orange Arm-Band Day at MW – On Sep 28th, TCDSB participated in Orange Shirt Day-Every Child Matters, which is a national movement created so that all Canadians can  acknowledge the issue of Residential Schools and move forward in reconciliation with the hope of creating space for learning about Indigenous peoples in Canada. At Mary Ward CSS, for those who do not have an orange shirt, we are going to provide each person with a strip of orange cloth to tie around the arm instead on Oct 1st. There will be a sheet of information in your mailbox before Monday re: the details of this plan.
  • Grade 8 Open House is on Wednesday, October 3rd! This is a very important opportunity to market our school, attract students, and maintain staffing numbers.
  • Photo Re-take for both staff and students is scheduled for next Tuesday (Oct 9th, right back from Thanksgiving Day).  Please remind students to be in full uniform and go to the back Stage area in the cafeteria between 9-11am to get their photo taken. This is for anyone who have missed the original photo day. 
  • Free Dental Screening by Toronto Public Health has been arranged for students who do not have a dentist that they go to on Oct 9-10. While this screening program has been benefiting youth who cannot afford to pay for dental care, it is also for the new comers who do not have a dentist yet. We open this opportunity up to everyone in our school community for voluntary participation. No parents/custodians’ approval is needed. Please advise your students ahead of time since Oct 9th, the first day of screening, is right after Thanksgiving holiday.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, October 1 – Day 3 – Unit 2 Suggested Target Date - – Orange Arm-band Day

  • Self-Defense Boys (Oct 1-4)
  • HRT3M1/HRT3F1/HRF301 trip to Places of Worship, 9-12:30pm, Morra/Hayes, Gassi, van Rooyen out
  • School visit to St. Aidan @10am, Zabana unavailable
  • School visit to St. Gerald @1pm, R. Wong unavailable
  • Girls' Field Hockey vs SJMP @Ward, 3pm, Coaches:  Visconti/Cunningham-Reimann
  • Possible SLIP planning session 1-3pm, Literacy, Numeracy, Guidance, Special Education, Student Success teachers, and Admin unavailable.


Tuesday, October 2 – Day 4

  • National Custodial Workers Day
  • Self-Defense Boys (Oct 1-4)
  • SBSLT at 10am, Adourian, Magee, Burley unavailable
  • SBSLT at 1pm, Adourian, K. Wong, Zabana unavailable
  • AVI101 trip to Woodland Trails, 9:15-2pm, Notten/Largo/Sahlani unavailable
  • Stratford Festival trip, leave @9am, Oct. 2 - return @9pm, Oct. 4, Cormier, Tuccitto, Rayman unavailable
  • PD at OLMC in AM, K. Wong out (tentative)


Wednesday, October 3 – Day 5  (Open House)

  • Self-Defense Boys (Oct 1-4)
  • Stratford Festival trip, dept @9am, Oct. 2 - return @9pm, Oct. 4, Cormier, Tuccitto, Rayman unavailable
  • TDCAA Golf @Station Creek G.C., all day, Emer unavailable
  • Cross Country, M. Carabine & Hayes out all day​
  •  Gr. 8 Open House, 7pm


Thursday, October 4 – Day 6

  • Self-Defense Boys (Oct 1-4)
  • Stratford Festival trip, dept @9am, Oct. 2 - return @9pm, Oct. 4, Cormier, Tuccitto, Rayman unavailable
  • Marketplace Trip to St. Lawrence Market and Eaton Center (BMX3E1) – Pezetta, Ventura, D’Addario out all day
  • IDC4U2 trip to Yorkdale & Imagine Carlton Theatre, Depart @9:30 - 3pm, Bailey, Weathers unavailable
  • Jr. Tennis team game @York University, depart @7am, Return 3pm, via TTC Simone unavailable
  • Sisters-in-Spirit Vigil (Chapel/Front Foyer, invitational, details will be on Daily Announcement Sheet)
  • SSLN at Mary Ward, 9am – 3pm, library conference room, Lena/Bullock unavailable
  • School visit to St. Henry @12:15pm, Zabana unavailable
  • School visit to St. Kateri @10am, Dabbagh unavailable
  • Lunch and Learn in office conference room (tentative)
  • Gr. 9 Girls' Flag Football Tournament @Mary Ward, 8-3pm, Adourian unavailable
  • Safe and Accepting Schools Team meeting, office conference room, 3pm – De Silva, Sersanti, K. Wong unavailable


Friday, October 5 – PA Day – Faith Day Staff Retreat & World Teacher Day


Sports/Clubs (home games noted):


Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



  •  Jr. Boys' Soccer game @Ward vs PPL, 3:30pm - 5pm coaches: D'Addario, Vecchiarelli
  • Varsity Girls' Basketball vs St. Patrick @MW, 3:15, Coaches: Rossi, Gintoli, Ventura



  • Girls' Field Hockey game @Ward vs SJC, 3pm, coaches: Visconti/Cunningham-Reimann



  • Gr. 9 Girls' Flag Football Tournament @Mary Ward, 8-3pm, Adourian unavailable
  • Jr. Boys' Soccer game @Ward vs Brebeuf, 3:30pm - 5pm coaches: D'Addario, Vecchiarelli




  • Hayes, Coleman, Candiotto, Mak, van Rooyen, OASIS teachers, Thursday Evening Academic Program teachers, and student teams who organized a fun-filled welcoming for our Gr. 9 students!   We are hugely appreciative for the teacher volunteers who supervised Thursday afternoon, evening and on Friday and a big thank you to our staff back at Ward who helped enable these OASIS activities to take place. 
  • Mak, Dabbagh, Harnum, Zabana, and Malott for their leadership in putting on a fantastic opening liturgy on Thursday.  Father Michael Lehman was great as usual and the kids were incredible.  Thanks for all of your hard work!
  • Chau, Dabbagh, Tuccitto & the Tech Crew for their assistance in the set up and take down of the opening liturgy equipment.  You and your team make this challenging work look very easy.  Thank you!
  • Dabbagh, Comier, & the choir for their beautiful voices at the liturgy.
  • Thanks to TA committee and John Notten for their creativity in the TA flag initiative, and all TAs for their support in continuing with this initiative! The parade of the flags at the liturgy is going to be a great tradition for years to come!
  • Thanks also go to Notten and Emer for the Wooden Tree Panel that was presented at the opening liturgy! It was a beautiful piece of collaborative artwork!
  • Lena, Dabbagh, SAC and Staff Assistants for organizing our BBQ and various activities.  Your kids worked hard to pull of such a large event so close to the start of the school year.  Thanks for your leadership!
  • A big thank you to all TA’s for encouraging good attendance for Thursday’s Mass and for encouraging great participation in SAC activities


Tips of the Week.jpg 

TA Tip(s) of the week 


On Friday, October 5th we will be having our Staff Faith Day. It is a good time to come together to share our faith and continue to support each other in a relaxed environment. Try to leave worldly concerns behind and enjoy the day in our community of faith.


Have a great week, everyone!​