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Welcome to Week 7 (Oct 15-19)


Reminders for the week:


Welcome back to Violet Keenan who will be doing supply VP work from Monday Oct 15th to Monday Nov 5th. Louise Brighton is off for a few weeks.


  • Please start speaking to and reminding your advisees that the Unit 4 Conditional Zero date is not too far away (Nov 8). This will be new to some advisees so please be sure to explain the “conditional” nature of this process.
  • ID Badges – Please remind your advisees that all students are required to wear them. Those who have lost their lanyards must ask Mrs. Sousa for a replacement which costs $2. Additionally, students must be handing in their lanyards to their TA at the end of each day.
  • TA Interviews – All advisees should have completed their 2nd interview and are completing their 3rdinterview at this point.  Where there are challenges, please let Admin know.
  • A reminder to all teachers to please review student Agenda books in the mornings to ensure that students are including full details of their daily work.
  • Just a reminder that we have the Niagara Falls Trip and the Manitoulin Island Trip this week where students will be out of the building for a number of days.  A reminder also to TA’s to please speak to your TA Buddy or another Department colleague when considering coverage for your TA check in’s while you are on an excursion. We are entering a busy time for fall sports so please consult the on-line sports calendar for the complete list of sports games!
  • Tuesday, October 16th has been set aside as Early Childhood Educators’ and Childcare Workers’ Appreciation Day. These staff members play a key role in the early growth and development of our youngest students, nurturing and guiding them in the earliest stages of their education. We are thankful for their devotion to the children entrusted to us, and for their partnership in the delivery of our early learning and care programs. At Mary Ward CSS we believe that we all are “educators” of the students we encounter. Hence, we have celebrated World Educators’ Day together on Oct 5th!
  • It is time to start the SBAT process. Be sure to book a time with your counsellor once they connect with you about dates.
  • ​This is Waste Reduction Week. Please stay tuned for more details re: associated activities.


This Week’s Schedule:


Monday, October 15 - Day 1

  • Manitoulin Island with 50 NBE students – Hayes, Morra, Mak out
  • Gr. 8 school visit to St. Victor, 10:30am, Zabana unavailable
  • HFA4U/4C1 trip to Queen St/Kensington Market, meet @location, dismissed from location, Bailey/Bregar unavailable
  • Marshall Mcluhan Visit, Powell out all day
  • Magee unavailable Period 1 for an online meeting
  • Waste Reduction Week


Tuesday, October 16 –– Day 2

  • Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day
  • Manitoulin Island with 50 NBE students - Hayes, Morra, Mak out
  • School visit to St. Rose of Lima @12:15, Burley unavailable
  • First Lego League @St. Edward Elementary, 8am depart, dismissed from location, Emer unavailable
  • Jr. & Sr. Tennis Tournament @York University, all day, Simone unavailable
  • K-12 meeting, Library all day – Magee unavailable in AM only
  • Waste Reduction Week


Wednesday, October 17 – Day 3 – Unit 3 suggested target date – Staff Meeting (1:45pm, Library)

  • Staff Meeting, 1:45pm, Library
  • Manitoulin Island with 50 NBE students - Hayes, Morra, Mak out
  • CGC1D1 Trip to Niagara Falls, ON, 8am-4:30pm, Zidar/Schwan/Malott/A. Carabine unavailable
  • Gr. 10 History Trip to Spadina House, depart 11:15am - 3:15pm, McAndrew & Ward unavailable
  • Waste Reduction Week


Thursday, October 18 – Day 4 - WARD # 1 Ext TA-B

  • Elementary School Math visit – Bullock, Da Costa out all day
  • TSO Trip (Senior) w/Carabine & Chau, all day
  • Social Committee Meet & Greet, Lunch, Staff room
  • VP Retreat – Wong out
  • Waste Reduction Week


Friday, October 19 – Day 5

  • Boardwalk relays, Hayes/M. Carabine out all day
  • AWQ3M1 trip to World Press Photo Exhibit, meet/dismissed @location, Powell unavailable
  • VP Retreat – Wong out
  • Waste Reduction Week





Please check our Google Mary Ward Sports Calendar by clicking on “School Calendar” on the left side panel, then “Calendar of Events”, and “Mary Ward Sports”. Come on out and support our teams!  Because the list can get very long, we’ll try publicizing just the HOME games.  



  • Girls' Field Hockey game @Ward vs Senator O'Connor, 3pm, coaches: Visconti/Cunningham-Reimann



  • Varsity Girls' Basketball vs Loretto Abby @Ward, 3:15pm, Coaches: Rossi, Gintoli, Ventura



  • Girls' Field Hockey Playoffs @Mary Ward, 3pm, Coaches: Cunningham-Reimann



  • Varsity Girls' Basketball vs Newman, 3:15pm, Coaches: Rossi,  Gintoli, Ventura
  • Sr. Boys' Volleyball @Ward vs Charbonnel, 3pm, coaches: Sersanti, Harrison



  • none


Kudos for last week:


  • Thanks for your support and patience with the interruptions of calling for students’ participation in photo re-take as well as the free dental screening on the PA! We have less than ten staff and students who have not taken their photos at the end of the day!
  • Thanks so much to the Social Committee for last week’s Meet and Greet Social!  If you haven’t already, get your social committee fee in ASAP!
  • A special thanks to members of the Guidance Department and the various staff and students for all of their hard work in conducting Grade 8 visits to help promote our school. We realize that this involves many, many visits and we greatly appreciate all of your efforts in helping to spread the good word about Ward!

        Tips of the Week.jpg

TA Tip(s) of the week


  • Detaile​d and fully completed daily plan with TA signature.
  • By Friday Oct 19th, TA’s goal is to review all advisee’s agenda books to ensure teacher floor schedules are completed and up-to-date.

Have a great week, everyone!​