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Welcome to Week 2 (Sep 10- 14)


Congratulations on a very successful first week! Thank you for all that you do to ensure a wonderful educational experience for our students.  We greatly appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to the weeks to come!


We would like to welcome back our fantastic Student Supervisor Antonella! She is already single-handedly managing the cafeteria and hallways as we are off to full-swing in full-speed.


Meanwhile, thank you everyone for your focus and efforts especially during this challenging time in our community! Let’s keep each other in our prayers that we shall overcome.


Please continue to remind Grade 9 students to remind them to bring in their OASIS forms.


Reminders for the week:


  • Unit 1 Suggested Target Date is September 17 - all students should aim to have a good start to the school year by completing Unit 1 in all their subjects by this date.
  • Fall Sport Schedules - please submit to Josie as soon as you receive your schedules for inclusion in on-line calendar.
  • Steering Committee – Please stay tuned for more information from Andrea.
  • Special Event Fundraiser Days – requests to be considered for one of the ten exemption days should be submitted to Andrea a.s.a.p.


Monday, September 10 

  • Day A
  • Very brief LSSAC meeting, Conference room, Lunch time
  • Mass with Fr. Mike in Chapel for our colleague, Lunch time
  • Jr/Sr Varsity Boys'/Girls' Rugby Tryouts/Practice, MW field, 3-4:30pm, Kennedy/Peets


Tuesday, September 11 

·        Day B

·       Fall Coaches Meeting @ Lunch in Room 110B; Pizza Provided! – Sersanti

·       Jr/Sr Varsity Boys'/Girls' Rugby Tryouts/Practice, MW field, 3-4:30pm, Kennedy/Peets


Wednesday, September 12 – Photo Day!  

·        Day 1

·        Photo Day Procedure - Students will be called down to the Gym (by TA) beginning at 9 a.m. Staff - please take photo between 9am-12noon as when available.

·        Department Heads Meeting for Floor schedule – 2pm, Library

·        TDCAA Athletic Director Meeting - Brebeuf – 1:30pm – Sersanti

·       TDCAA Fall Coaches' Meeting - Brebeuf - 4pm

·       Meet the Leader (OASIS) – 1pm – Hayes/Candiotto

·       AWR3/4M TIFF Trip in the afternoon after photos were taken – Arturi


Thursday, September 13

  • Day A
  • Jr/Sr Varsity Boys'/Girls' Rugby Tryouts/Practice, MW field, 3-4:30pm, Kennedy/Peets


Friday, September 14

  • Day B




  • Mike, Marina and team for treating us to a delicious "welcome" lunch on the first day of school. Thank you for taking care of us so well!
  • Thanks also to Kara Zidar who will be helping support the international students through Student Success this year!
  • Thank you to Lisa Bailey and Lisa Weather for a very informative and great first Lunch and Learn session with our New Staff.  The next Lunch and Learn is scheduled for October 4th in the Office Conference Room.


That’s all everyone. Please take good care of yourself and have a revitalizing week!​​