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About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Catholic environment
Both at the local department level and at the global school level, programs and courses at Michael Power/St. Joseph are continually assessed and reviewed. Modifications are made to best serve the diversified needs of the student body. The historical Catholic tradition of service and commitment to Gospel values are demonstrated by our founding orders are clearly visible in all aspects of school life. Theology classes are a yearly requirement on student timetables with full credit courses mandatory in the grade 9 and 10 academic years. Each day begins with the anthem, morning prayer and reflection. Homeroom masses are held in the chapel every morning giving all students opportunity to celebrate God's word with their peers at a more intimate and personal level. Peer turning, peer minister and mentorship programs for staff and students are available for those who are called to volunteer Christian service to others. These programs are not limited to the school but reach out to others in the community as well.
Safe and welcoming environment
A relevant and practical behaviour code is reviewed annually with input by student, parent and staff representatives. Modifications are made if needed and are communicated to all parties with clear and defined expectations. The physical layout of the school facility extends a warm and friendly invitation to all who enter. The chapel within the larger forum was intentionally designed as the focal point of the school. The colours and decor, the principal's gallery, the graduate's hall, the athletic wing, the honour roll and the scholarship list all contribute to the celebration of positive student achievement. The police liaison program with 22 division reinforces our safe school environment.
Michael Power/St. Joseph offers a multitude of programs and services to meet the needs and interests of its student. The special education department services students totally dependent on adult supervision, offers resource classes to identified special needs students, gives life skills instruction to developmentally disabled and multiple exceptionality students, and provides enrichment opportunities for the gifted.
Each year discussions are held with all department heads and teaching staff to review and assess programming and to offer suggestions and new course proposals. The mid 1990s saw new courses in the following areas of study: arts and technology, computer/business, extended French, languages and the social sciences.
Through the business, computer and tech courses students are exposed to relevant and current technological skills and information. Greater interdisciplinary communication and co-operation have resulted in the creation and increased use of a cross-curricular computer lab. Plans are currently being formulated to provide for a second lab, the completion of a local area network, the feasibility of introducing a web site and possible connection to the internet. As well, cooperative education programs integrate a classroom theory and workplace experience for students at all levels of difficulty.
Co-curricular activities
High standards of excellence are the tradition and continue to be the norm at Power. The athletic and extra-curricular achievements are too numerous to list. The 1994-95 years saw no fewer than nine TDCAA championship teams. From swimming to skiing, golfing to wrestling, from the Afro-Caribbean club to the science club, chess to weight lifting, there is a sport or activity that is sure to catch the interest of the most discerning student; the list is almost endless.
Extra-curricular activities and involvement play an important role in the development and education of a Power student. They promote a spirit of cooperation, teamwork, competitiveness, achievement and Power pride! Every student is expected to take part in at least one co-curricular activity.

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