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SSLN PLAN FOR 2016-2017 Area 2

Main Goal
Ease transition in grade 9 mathematics in terms of assessment with the 4 main pillars of learning as focus.  Knowledge, Thinking, Communication and Application.

Co-plan a unit test with an intermediate and secondary teachers. Format the test to depict what a student would see in high school. 

Unit test will be labelled with K,T,C,A accordingly with the consensus of the group.

•      Initial meeting : Thursday Dec. 1, 2016 to choose chapter(s) to assess from the grade 8 Nelson text.  Pair schools to ideally prepare 3 unit tests, listed below. 

Chapter 10 – Angles and Triangles
Sherri Ludlow (OLP) /Donna Tulino (St. Elizabeth) with Carol-Ann Benincasa 

Chapter 8 – Equations and Relationships
Nicole Macri (St. Marcellus)/Anthony  De Medeiros (St. Gregs)/ Deanna Perricone (St. Eugene) with Dan Bissada

Chapter 11- Geometry and Measurement
Michael O’Neill (St. Clement)/Melissa Hlady (Mother Cabrini)/Roman Jozwik (Nativity) with Claudia Prospero

Full Co-planning day Tuesday Jan. 17, 2017. Secondary and intermediate teacher co-write a unit test with solutions. All schools will share the unit test written by each group. Bring a memory stick. 

All elementary schools will administer the three tests to their students from February to
May of 2017 and mark them. 


End of May (half day/date TBD). Bring in sample tests of successes/failures. Intermediate teachers should photocopy the tests they wish to share with the network before handing them back to their students. Please white-out names.

Identify gaps in learning; especially for the students recommended to take applied mathematics in grade 9.  

Reflection and next steps. Ideas shared will be compiled and distributed via email.