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School Handbook & Student Agenda

Click on the link below for a copy of the School Handbook and Agenda. 
You will find information about our school, policies and procedures


School Policies

 Please click here for school policies


Regular attendance and punctuality to all classes is essential for academic success.


Parents are required to notify the Attendance Office at (416) 393-5744 to report full day student absences. If parents are unable to call, they are required to forward a note justifying the full-day absence of the student, upon his/her return to school. Returning students must bring this note to the Attendance Office and obtain an admit slip to class before the start of school.


Students who are late to school in the morning must sign in at the Attendance Office before proceeding to class. Unjustified lates and absences are addressed through our progressive discipline model.

Students who skip classes are reported to the Vice Principals through regular attendance tracking by the classroom teacher. Parents are notified and appropriate consequences for these skips are addressed.
Extended absences due to vacations impact on achievement in individual courses. Parents and students must accept responsibility for making the necessary arrangements with classroom teachers for missed assignments and tests.  Students/parents/guardians considering an extended absence should consult with the student's Vice Principal.

Students who need to leave school prior to dismissal must sign out at the Attendance Office before 8:30 a.m. A parental note is required for all students except for students who are 18 years of age or older.
A student who becomes ill during the day and needs to leave school must report to the Attendance Office to sign out before leaving the school building.

Dress Code

At Michael Power/St. Joseph, the school uniform is worn throughout the school day, including during lunch and spares.

Additional clothing items are not to be worn with the uniform, including, but not limited to: hats, head ties, scarves, sweat shirts that are not the R.J. McCarthy monogrammed polo shirt.

All students will be required to wear the full McCarthy uniform as outlined below.


Required Items:

      • ​​R. J. McCarthy grey pants.
      • ​R. J. McCarthy navy or white short or long sleeve monogrammed golf shirt.
      • ​Black shoes only. Shoes cannot have logos or other colours​
      • ​High cuts/boots/flip flops/sandals are not permitted. Shoes must not be above the ankle.
            • ​​​​Moccasins, slippers, Uggs or construction boots are not permitted.
            •  ​​​​All students must wear socks with their shoes.
Optional Uniform Items:
      • ​R. J. McCarthy monogrammed navy polo sweatshirt. This must be worn with a navy or white golf shirt underneath. 
      • ​Grade 12 students may wear the burgundy grad golf shirt instead of the navy or white one

Summer  Uniform (May, June, September)

 In place of R.J. McCarthy grey pants, students may wear

      • ​R.J. McCarthy navy, knee length, walking shorts. 
            • ​​​​Shorts must be regulation knee length -3 inches above the knee- not shorter. 
      • ​ ​All other items must be worn as above.​

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Tobacco Control Act, 1994
 It’s the Law!
How it Affects You!
What does the Tobacco Control Act (TCA) mean to me?
It is against the law to sell, supply or buy tobacco products (even one cigarette) for anyone under the age of 19.
What happens if I give cigarettes (even one) to someone under the age of 19?
You will be charged and given a $215 ticket or be issued a summons to appear in court. The maximum fine for supplying someone under the age of 19 with tobacco products is $4,000.
How does the TCA affect my School?
Smoking or holding lighted tobacco is not allowed by anyone (staff, students, parents or visitors) in school buildings or on school property at any time.

Smoking or holding lighted tobacco is not allowed in any vehicles on school property.
Supplying cigarettes on school property to anyone under the age of 19 is against the law.
What happens if I smoke on school property?
If you are 16 or older, you will be charged by a tobacco Enforcement Officer and given a $120 ticket or issued a summons to appear in court. The maximum fine for a first offence is $1,000. The maximum fine for a second offence is $5,000.

If you are under the age of 16, a summons will be issued to you and your parent(s)/guardian to appear in court.
Can I be charged for just holding a friend’s cigarette and not actually smoking?
Yes, you will be charged if you are holding a lit cigarette on school property.

Information Technology Network & Internet Policy
 MPSJ’s Agreement of School Year appeared on the reverse side of the Option Planning Sheet. This Agreement was signed by both parents and students, whereby they agreed to bide to the regulations outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) A.29 “Surf Right” of the TCDSB. In September students are given a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy. “Surf Right” may be accessed online at
This agreement clearly outlines expected attitudes and behaviours when accessing computers on the school network. (Personal laptops may not be connected to the network). Students who do not comply with the policy lose their privilege to use school computers.

Library Information Centre Policy
 Students are invited to use the Library Information Centre to:
 Locate and borrow books and videos;
Use computer resources (Electronic Databases, Internet, Online Library Catalogue, Word Processing, Power Point etc.)
Do research, homework, study or quiet reading.
General Policies
 MPSJ’s library maintains a quiet atmosphere for reading and study. We support each student’s right to succeed: to read, study, work on assignments and prepare class work. The library is NOT a student lounge. Anyone eating, drinking, playing games or disturbing others will be asked to leave. Electronic headsets and cell phones are not allowed in the library. Full uniform is required.

Plagiarism Policy
 Plagiarism takes many shapes and forms in an academic community. Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s work as your own. It is a dishonest activity – an obviousform of cheating – that is not accepted in the school system or the workplace. For thepurposes of clarity, NINE types of plagiarism may result in a mark of zero at MPSJ.
Plagiarism includes:
 1. Copying and pasting text, images, and/or graphs from an on-line media, such as encyclopedias;

 2. Copying and pasting text, images, and/or graphs from any web site or database;

 3. Transcribing text from any printed material such as books, magazines, encyclopedia, or newspapers

 4. Simply modifying text from any of the above sources

 5. Merely replacing a few select words from a source by using a thesaurus;
6. Copying all or part of another student’s work and claiming it as your own;
7. Using all or part another student’s work and claiming it as your own, even with permission; this is academically unethical on both students’ parts and is known as collusion;
8. Using an essay/ piece you wrote for another class or another purpose without getting permission from the teacher of both the current class and the class for which the original work was used; this is also referred to as self-plagiarism;
9. Use of another student’s collection of data and calling it your own.
In conclusion, submit your own work and document all sources that you integrate in your writing by including properly quoted evidences in your assignments in the form of in-text citations/endnotes/footnotes. Use a Works Cited page at the end of the assignment. Take all research notes in a careful manner to avoid plagiarism. Be prepared to hand in rough notes/drafts of your research and a hard copy of any electronic sources if requested. Believe in your ability to complete the task. If you are unsure how to proceed ask your teacher. Do not risk your good reputation and academic standing by plagiarizing.​