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 Music ​


 MPSJ's INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PROGRAM is diverse and built to accommodate students’ interests in various genres. Students can pursue the study of music on instruments of their choice and enroll in any of the courses offered: Instrumental Band,  Strings, Guitar and Keyboard. Given the specifics of the program, group rehearsals and individual practice are core components of the program. Instrumental Music students participate in various large and small ensembles. They play in concert band, orchestra, jazz combos, show and/or stage bands, rock bands.

MPSJ's VOCAL MUSIC PROGRAM is open to anyone who wants to pursue voice, to grow as soloist, to be part of a vocal/music ensemble or to improve their overall musicianship. Singers work on vocal technique, learn microphone technique, and explore singing in a wide-range of musical styles including traditional choral music, contemporary, pop, rock and musical theatre.

Through the IB Music Course students develop their knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively. Involving aspects of the composition, performance and critical analysis of music, the course exposes students to forms, styles and functions of music from a wide range of historical and socio-cultural contexts. Students create, participate in, and reflect upon music from their own background and those of others. They develop practical and communicative skills which provide them with the opportunity to engage in music for further study, as well as for lifetime enjoyment.

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