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Student Job Fair


 Student Job Fair


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Student Reference Manual 
Student Testimonials
"...attending fashion shows and assisting on photo-shoots was an experience I will never forget."
-- Barbara Hrymowicz, Lorena Visual Communications

"The most exciting and valuable experience for me was sorting through the maps from an old Jerusalem dig site and examining the artifacts."
-- Jennifer Millete, Royal Ontario Museum

"The experience I received at my co-op placement helped me get my summer job."
-- Darek Budka, The Toronto Flight Centre

"Children's smiling faces made my co-op experience worth it."
-- Christine Lacsina, Briarcrest Daycare

"...going to family court for a client trial was gave me a perspective I had never before felt possible."
-- Margaret Zborowski, CCAS of Metro Toronto


EmPOWERing Connections
What is EmPOWERing Connections?

EmPOWERing Connections is a reference guide and resource book to provide MPSJ staff and students access to parent and alumni personal and professional experiences. This booklet, compiled by the Cooperative Education Department, is designed to be used as a tool for:
- Initiating cooperative education placements
- Establishing career mentoring relationships
- Listed career related speakers
- Organizing career related workshops
- Sourcing rewarding volunteer opportunities

The book will list, by area of expertise, the name, employer and relevant personal information for contact. Each listing will also indicate the level of involvement, at which the individual wishes to be involved.

What are the different levels of involvement?
Short-term – guest speaking, job shadowing
Medium-term –career workshops, volunteer experience
Long-term – cooperative education placements, mentorships



OYAP Information


The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) promotes careers in the skilled professions. It meets the needs of students who are considering apprenticeship as a pathway to full-time, life-long employment immediately after graduating. Click on the following link to go to their website.
In Grade 11 and/or 12, you can explore a carere opportunity at a co-operative education placement. You may begin your apprenticeship in any of the skilled professions by registering to a training agreement/contract in either grade. In addition, you can apply to a centrally-co-ordinated program in Grade 12 that will provide industry-recognized instruction and prepare you for employment in one of seven occupations: General Carpenter, Drywall and Acoustical Applicator, Cook, Automotive or Truck and Coach Technician, Network Cabling Specialist, Child and Youth Worker, and early Childhood Educator. These intensive programs are usually 4-credits in nature and are offered in Semester II.



ADULT VOLUNTEER JOB COACHES NEEDED FOR 2004-2005Ms. Rossana DeRubeis, from the co operative education department, works with exceptional students and finds them workplace opportunities within the community. She has found that embracing the challenge of working with students with varying abilities contributes greatly to the health of the community it serves and that each participant is rewarded as a result of the experience. Over the years many businesses and organizations have been willing to take on students and give them the opportunity to learn and grow.
Unfortunately, this particular co op program does not have job coaches to guide and support some of the students who may need assistance in learning how to perform certain duties while at work. Ms. DeRubeis would like to invite the members of our community to help a young person develop his/her potential to lead a meaningful life and to contribute to society.
For more information please contact Ms. DeRubeis at (416)393-5861.
Social Justice CO-OP
Teacher: Mr. Abbruzzese
Love God and love your neighbour.” According to Jesus, this is the most fundamental component of our faith. “Social Justice” is a two-credit Grade Eleven Theology Co-op course that examines how individually and as a society we love God and our neighbour. What happens when love is not offered freely? Why do “people in need” exist? What can we do to help? In our classroom we examine these questions. At our placement we put into practice our Christian ideals. We not only “talk the talk”, but also “walk the walk.” Placements include seniors’ homes, day-care nurseries, special-needs schools, elementary schools, hospitals, and agencies aiding the homeless. One credit will be awarded for the in-school Social Justice Theology Course. A co-op credit will be based on the related workplace experience. A retreat and field trip are centred on the theme of “helping those in need.”