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Health & Physical Education Deptartment




Ms. L. Preston, Department Head of Health & Physical Education, Track & Field Coach

Ms. J. Wasiuk, Volleyball Coach

Mr. J. Brook, Hockey Coach

Mr. L. Modi, Basketball Coach, Fitness Club Supervisor

Mr. M. Kuczuk, Baseball and Golf Coach

Mr. C. Martinuzzi, Soccer Coach

Ms. J. McNamara, Fitness Club Coordinator, Dance Instructor

Ms. V. Tesolin, SHSM Lead, Cheer & Spirit Team Coach

Mr. D. Giovinazzo, Program Lead of Fitness Studies, Athletic Director, Volleyball Coach








* M = male, F = female

Healthy Active Living - Open
PPL 10U (M)
PPL 10V (F)
PPL 20U (M)
PPL 20V (F)
PPL 301
PPL 401

Healt​hy Living & Individual & Small Group Activities - Open

PAI 401

Healt​hy Living & Large Group Activities - Court Sports

PAL 20V (F)

Healt​hy Living & Large Group Activities - Territory Games​

PAL 20U (M)

Healthy Living & Personal Fitness Activities - Open

PAF 30U (M)
PAF 30V (F)
PAF 40V (F)

Healthy Living & Rhythm & Movement - Open

PAR 30V (F)

Healthy For Life - College


Introductory Kinesiology - University

​PSK 4U1
* For information on the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programmes in Sport & Health & Wellness, please refer to SHSM tab on home page.


Grade 9, PPL1OU, Volleyball Unit:
Grade 10, PAL2OV, Large Group Activities - Court Sports:
court sports.jpg

Grade 11, PAF3OU, Personal Fitness Circuit:
Grade 10, PPL20V, Outdoor Education at YMCA Cedar Glen:
Cedar Glen 1.jpg
Cedar Glen 2.jpg
Cedar Glen 3.jpg
Cedar Glen 4.jpg
Grade 11, PPL3O1, YMCA Cedar Glen:
Cedar Glen Archery 1.JPG
Cedar Glen Archery 2.JPGrock 2.JPG
Grade 12, PSK4U, Kinesiology, Cadaver Lab at University of Waterloo:
cadaver lab.jpg
Grade 11, PAR30V, Rhythm and Movement:















​ ​​​​​