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 Welcome to Michael Power/St. Josephs International Languages Department!​


We are proud to offer programming in three beautiful languages with a rich culture and history. 


·        Grade 9 Academic and Applied French

·        Grade 10 Academic French

·        Grade 11 University Level French

·        Grade 12 University Level French​


We are very proud to offer Italian in Grades 10, 11 and 12.  

No knowledge of Italian is necessary!  All are welcome! 

Upon completion of the three Italian courses, students will receive an Italian Certificate along with their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.



Michael Power/St. Joseph is also very pleased to offer the following courses in Classics! 

  • Grade 10 Latin
  • Grade 11 Latin 
  • Grade 12 Latin
  • Grade 12 Classical Civilizations
  • Grade 12 Archeology​

Extended French


Michael Power/St. Joseph is one of the TCDSBs first schools to offer an Extended French Program. 

Since the 1980s, the French Department has been committed to offering a rich, experiential and authentic journey towards bilingualism to those Grade 8 Extended French students who have made the wise decision to continue in the Extended French program at the secondary level.  

By being a part of Michael Power/St. Josephs Extended French program, these students have enjoyed the best of two worlds!  As our students say, being in the Extended French program allows you to be part of a smaller community within a larger one.  

So those of you who are currently in a Grade 8 Extended French Program, we hope that you make the right decision!  Stay in French and be a part of our longstanding Extended French Program!



The Extended French Program is available to those students who have completed an Extended French Program in elementary school.


         In Grade 9, Extended French s​tudents will take the following courses in French:

      • ​French
      • ​Religion
      • ​Geography
      • ·​Business

        In Grade 10, Extended French students will take the following courses in French:

  • French
  • Religion
  • History
  • Careers and Civics

           In Grade 11, Extended French students will take the following courses in French:

  •  French
  • World Religions

         In Grade 12, students will take the following course in French and will receive their Extended French Certificate of Specialization.

  •  French​