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​MPSJ Science



Our Science Department prides itself on the rich learning experience that we can provide for our students.  We offer a variety of hands-on activities as well as labs, demos and the opportunity for field trips. Some of our favourite experiences include the Birds of Prey presentation, the Algonquin Park trip, and dissections of different specimens including fetal pigs, frogs, and rabbits. We are also one of the few schools in the TCDSB with equipment to run a gel electrophoresis lab. This lab allows students to reconstruct a crime scene using DNA evidence - a true CSI experience!


In grades 11 and 12, students may elect to take Chemistry, Biology and Physics at both the college or the university level. We also offer a number of specialty science courses including  SNC4M which focuses on medical technologies, pathogens and diseases and nutrition. We also offer a variety of IB science courses at both the standard and the higher level. We are happy to announce a new IB science course this year called Environmental Systems and Societies. Our science department also supports students who participate in the SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program in Health and Wellness.


MPSJ offers science students a variety of ways to get involved in science beyond the classroom. Some examples of these extra-curricular activities are listed below:


HOSA (@mpsjhosachapter) - Future health professionals, an enrichment club for students interested in health sciences


Robotics Club - Students build robots to compete in province-wide competitions


Biology and Chemistry Competition - students write a test and compete with other high school students across the country to win prizes and scholarships


Green Power - Students are involved in making power a "greener" place.


MAS (Mad About Science) - Students learn about different science concepts and participate in experiments that they would not get a chance to do in their regular classes


 For more information about our department, please visit us on Twitter and Instagram:


Twitter: @mpsjscience

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Instagram: @mpsj_science


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