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Michael Power•St. Joseph, a co-educational school of 2000 students, was founded by two religious communities: the Basilian Fathers and the Sisters of St. Joseph. In our school community, students meet Christ sacramentally in school and class liturgies, and come to know the "good news" in their theology classes. In pursuing scholarship, they come to an awareness and appreciation of God's creation.

The school year is divided into two full semesters. Our Special Education program is based on an inclusive model of support for students with a wide variety of learning needs including both developmentally disabled and gifted students. Other important programs are Extended French, Co-operative Education, and English as a Second Language.

The athletic program encourages physical fitness and desirable attitudes towards sports and recreation. Art and Technology students have several opportunities to participate in exhibits and performances. The student newspaper, the yearbook, peer ministry are popular activities. Students participate in many other clubs and a variety of sports. Involvement is characteristic of this school and new students should plan to participate.
Students wear a grey, white and navy uniform. The school colours are garnet and gold.

Special Programs
Special Programs Offered at Michael Power/St. Joseph High School Special Needs Programs:

Students requiring specialized programs to achieve their learning potential are enrolled in courses which include life skills, computer adaptations, nutrition, math for everyday life and literacy development. Integration is arranged according to peer appropriate levels, interests and needs.


Students enrolled in the Resource program are those who have been officially identified as needing assistance to achieve success in their academic program. The Resource class is a credited course focusing on study skills, learning styles, remediation and organizational skills.

Students enrolled in the Gifted program are those who have been officially identified through an IPRC process. This non-credit program provides many differentiated learning experiences beyond those normally provided in the regular school program. The gifted learner has many opportunities to develop an individualized program which suit his/her personal interests.
Our Gifted Program at MPSJ offers various opportunities for students to become involved in many activities in conjunction with their Academic pursuits. To learn more about these programs and other initiatives please visit our Gifted Web Site. Thank you to Serge Kholodar for starting the Web design and a special Thank you to Adam Odziemkowski who spent many hours during his summer vacation designing and completing the Gifted Web Site.

Extended French Program
Français, Math, Géographie, Science, Théologie, Initiation aux Affaires, English.
Choose One Of:
Music, Phys-Ed/Health, Visual Arts.

Other Opportunities
Historica/Encounters with Canada button to website reading "Engaging Canadian youth for 25 years" Historica/Encounters with Canada
In this program for 14-17 year olds you can learn more about your country while investigating careers. Click the button on your left to learn more, then contact Mrs. Peers for more information.