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Parents and Students Guide to Reading Course Codes


Are you new to Michael Power St. Joseph and have just received your child’s timetable? Are you confused about how to read the course codes? You’re not alone! High school course codes may look intimating at first but are very easy to decipher.


Course codes are divided into three parts, a three-letter course designator, a numbered grade, and finally a letter to designate the type of course.


  • The first part includes the three letters of the course that your child will take.
    For example: ENG designates a English course while FSF designates French.

  • The second part begins at 1 for Grade 9 and continues sequentially to 4 for a Grade 12 course
  • Finally, the fifth letter designates the type of course. D represents an academic class, while a P designates an applied and O represents an open class.
  • ​The final number is a school designated and is usually set to 1.


By putting these parts together, we can read the course code

For example:  If you child has a course labelled ENG1D1 then they are taking an English Course (ENG), in grade 9 (1) at the academic level.

Common course codes that you will find in grade 9 are:

ENG = English
FSF = French
PPL = Physical Health and Education
HRE = Religion
CGC = Geography
ASM = Music
AVI = Visual Arts
ADA = Drama



This is not an exhaustive list of course offerings. Please contact the school or your child's teacher for more information.