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Michael Power St. Joseph Specialist High Skills Major graphic
​                 Specialist High Skills Major In Sports
This is a ministry approved specialized program that allows students to concentrate their learning on a sport focused sector, while meeting requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This program is designed to make an easier transition to post-secondary education (apprenticeship training, collage and university programs). Students will gain skills in Kinesiology, sports therapy, management leisure services, physiotherapy, fitness and lifestyle, personal training, and Physical Education Teaching. These are just a few of the post-secondary programs related to training and careers in this sector.

There are 5 components of the SHSM diploma, which gives students a rich and varied range of curriculum based and experimental learning experiences
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Component 1:
 -4 Health Wellness major credits
-3 credits in English, Math and Science
-2 Co-op Credits that provides authentic learning experiences in a workplace setting, enabling students to refine, extend, apply and practice.
Component 2:
– 7 Sector (Sport) Certifications
-4 compulsory: CPR/First Aid. AED, WHMIS
-3 electives: Taping and Wrapping, Volleyball referring, NCCP coaching, Fitness
Instructor, Paddling, Self-Defense, Boating License, etc.
Component 3 and 4:
Experimental Learning and Reach Ahead experiences. Tours, Exploration, Opportunities to visit university/collage programs. Kinesiology Lab tours/ interactive sessions. Observations, volunteer work, coaching in elementary setting.
Experiences connect students with post sec. partners, apprenticeship, collage/university/ workplace visits. eg. University of Waterloo Anatomy Cadaver Lab; Which students are actively involved in learning specific detail on the human body.
Component 5:
Contextualized Learning Assignments: 3 assignments to be completed in the classroom in the subjected area, relating to the sport sector. Eg. Science (major subject area: physics) The CLA is " What biomechanical factors affect the accuracy of basketball shot."
SHSM students who successfully complete this program will receive an embossed red seal and formal recognition on their OSSD. A SHSM designation enables students to gain sport sector skill and knowledge in the context of engaging career-related learning environments and helps them focus on graduation and pursing their post-secondary goals. The knowledge, skills, and experiences may also be advantageous in application process for post secondary destinations.
For futher information please contact Guidance
( 416) 393-5794 or (416) 393-5529 press "3"
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