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In the Driver’s Seat (ITDS) Program
 Driver's Seat Students
The “In the Driver’s Seat” (ITDS) Program consists of a group of Power students that are dedicated to making a difference in our school and community by helping to reduce and prevent injuries and deaths related to unsafe and impaired driving.
Throughout the year, the ITDS Team plans, organizes and implements interesting, interactive activities that promote safe and sober driving, with the guidance and support of Ms. Nancy Martins, Staff Advisor. We would like to thank this year’s team members for driving home the message: Byron Alfaro, Rebecca Byers, Gina Carnovale, Jillian Colucci, Jessica Couto, Angelo Fallico, Danielle Fallico, Megan Ianiri, Alessia Lista and Ana Pantic. It is the work of these students that truly makes a difference!