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Community Service Hours

MPSJ Community Involvement Forms

​Please print off the two forms below and have them filled out, signed by all parties, and submitted to the guidance office via email.  Please send your email to the appropriate guidance secretary based on your last name.

Last Name (A - L) - Ms. Querin

Last Name: (M - Z) - Ms. Hashem 

MPSJ Community Involvement Forms - Pink pg1.JPG

 MPSJ Community Involvement Forms - Pink pg2.JPG

 ​MPSJ Community Involvement Forms - Pink.pdfMPSJ Community Involvement Forms - Pink.pdf

Students who began high school on Sept 1999 or afterwards must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service activities as part of the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The purpose of the student community service requirement is to foster an awareness and understanding of social and civic responsibility and to grow in Christian calling to service and reflection.
Students can begin to accumulate volunteer hours during the summer break before they enter Grade 9.
For opportunities please follow us on twitter @MPSJGuidance, like us on facebook MPSJ Student Services or visit the noticeboard in Guidance. You may also find resources, information and volunteer opportunities on the TCDSB website found below

 Once the student completes all or a significant part of the 40 hours, the completed Tracking form (available in Guidance) should be returned to the Guidance secretary.
 Information for grade 12 students

Grade 12 students should pay particular attention to this requirement. Conferral of the OSSD diploma is contingent on completion of the 18 mandatory subjects, total of 30 credits and the 40 hours of community service.


Students who are in their graduating year are strongly encouraged to finish their hours by May 1st, 2015, to ensure that this information is available to both the University and College Application Centres. Any hours completed after the end of June are too late to be sent to the application centres and conditional acceptances could be revoked.

Conferral of the OSSD diploma is contingent on completion of the 18 mandatory subjects, total of 30 credits, passing the Literacy Test, and the 40 hours of community service.

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