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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Ukrainian Canadian 2019 Poster Competition Winner


Poster in traditional Ukrainian style

Congratulations to Grade 12 student Zoriana Wankiewicz from Michael Power/St Joseph who created an amazing poster and won the Ukrainian Canadian Poster Competition!

The embroidered patterns serve more than just a decorative and religious purpose – they convey a history of traditions, tailored to a specific geographical region or a family name, which gets inherited by mothers and daughters from their grandmothers. Hence, the image of the grandmother holding her granddaughter as she admires the poppies stitched onto a cloth heightens the value of needlework as a reservoir of invaluable knowledge and intergenerational relations. That’s why the older woman’s blouse transitions into the blue river beyond her, as she, too, acts as a bedrock of identity and a life-giving repository of nourishment. The river and the transitioning oak tree (in the shape of Ukraine) also represent the fluid passage of time/cycles of life that impart wisdom through changing experiences. From the roots that create a solid foundation for the dancers, to the branches that interconnect multiple cosmic realities, this tree celebrates the hope that’s embedded in artistic expression. Finally, the young boy excitedly holding a painted Easter egg in a sunflower field reinforces the eternal life and mythological power of symbols - encouraging viewers to embrace multiple forms of communication! Because in the process of sharing our collective story, symbols are vital in discovering ourselves.
Her beautiful work and accurate representation of the Ukrainian Heritage in her rendition were very well received and praised by the judges
She was awarded a prize and a certificate of participation.