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Toronto Catholic District School Board

MPSJ's New Sports Field

Meeting a Growing Community Need

As one of the City of Toronto’s leaders in providing open access to its facilities for recreational and community use, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is replacing the current grass field at Michael Power - St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School with a synthetic turf field for its high school students. This is part of the TCDSB’s plan to improve and revitalize sports fields at our schools across the City of Toronto over the next 2 years. For example: Our Lady of Sorrows ($900K) and St. Patrick CSS ($750K).
Currently, the exploding demand for high quality sports fields greatly exceeds the supply of usable recreational community field space (soccer, cricket, multi-purpose) available in the City of Toronto. There are currently less than 300 City-owned sports fields for over 2.8 million residents. To even meet the current needs of Torontonians, it is estimated the City requires immediate access to 90 additional sports fields.​

World-Class FIFA-Standard Field – An Investment in the Community

An investment of more than $1.5 million is being made for a new FIFA-Standard soccer field at Michael Power - St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School. The new field will be limited to use by MPSJ students during regular school hours, and the remaining time will be available for community use. It should be noted that community use indicates both permit use, as well as free community use. Community and permit use times will be posted on a Community Bulletin Board.
The new field will feature state of the art – anti-glare and anti-spill hooded LED lights to prevent unwanted intrusion outside the field. The field will also extend use into months of the year when it has been traditionally too wet or muddy to use. For general safety, a perimeter fence will keep balls inside the field, however the plan calls for the field to be unlocked to allow general community access outside of permit hours.
The renovation is for a new field only. There are NO plans to construct a dome and the field will NOT be renovated with any of the necessary infrastructure to support a dome. There will be NO stadium bleachers or a Clubhouse.
For more information, you can review our FAQ page.


The Toronto Catholic District School Board tendered for a replacement field for MPSJ and has subsequently entered into an agreement with a private company to supply, install and maintain an artificial sports field, running track and field lighting.

Through mutual agreement, the private company will be allowed to permit the sports field to external users during non-school and/or community use hours. The school will have full use of the playing field during the regular school day and for school athletic events. 

The new playing field will support the outstanding athletics program at MPSJ, as well as the physical education program at the school. The surrounding community will also benefit from access to a professional track and playing field to support neighbourhood sports programming.