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Toronto Catholic District School Board

MPSJ New Sports Field Frequently Asked Questions


Can the community use the field?
Yes. The school has exclusive access to the field on school days until 6 p.m. Organizations and individuals from communities across Toronto can use the field on a permit basis.


How late is the field used?
During weekdays, the field is permitted until 10 p.m. On Saturdays, the field can be permitted until 11 p.m., and until 10 p.m. on Sundays.  All permit times are in accordance with City of Toronto by-laws.

What steps is the Board taking to ensure there is no loitering on the field after games?
There will be a dedicated Razor Management staff member on site to ensure all users clear the field and parking lot in a timely manner following the last permit. This person will also be responsible for locking the parking lot gate at the end of each night. In addition, the lights are set to turn off several minutes before the last permit of the day in order to ensure a timely exit from the facility.
Will the Board install signage to help enforce facility rules?
Yes. The Board is committed to having signage in place which will list all facility rules, including that loitering is not permitted and request that noise is kept to a minimum, as well as a code of conduct. The Board will receive a log of any concerns related to facility rules that arise during permit times. This will ensure that the Board can act accordingly if certain teams or individuals are not abiding by the rules.
What time do the lights go out?
The lights are automatically controlled and only on when the field is permitted. The lights are set to turn off several minutes before the last permit of the day in order to ensure a timely exit from the facility.
Isn't the Board breaking City of Toronto by-laws governing noise and light?
The field uses LED lights limiting spillage into surrounding areas. The TCDSB is aware of and will remain compliant with all municipal by-laws related to noise and lighting and will continue to respect these and other by-laws. Permits are issued for after school use from 6 to 11 p.m. which is in compliance with City of Toronto by-laws. The Board will continue to work proactively with Bylaw enforcement officers with respect to City ordinances.
Are permanent washrooms going to be installed in the school for permit holders?
Yes. Construction of accessible public washrooms in the school building is expected to occur in the summer/fall of 2019.
I live in the community and think the field is a wonderful new asset for young families to use. Who should I contact if I have a question or concern about the field?
Please send all feedback, positive or negative to If you wish to express a concern related to a permit holder not following facility rules, please be sure to include the time and date of your concern.
Are there plans to construct a "Dome" over the field for year-long use?
There are NO plans to construct a dome and the field has NOT been renovated with any of the necessary infrastructure to support a dome. This field was only designed for local school, and community use.
Why are the lights so massive?

The light poles are approx 60 feet tall.  The taller light poles were recommended by engineers to ensure that light goes directly onto the field and does not "spill or spray" outside of the field into adjacent properties.  New cutting edge LED lights were selected that will minimize the light cut off at the field edges.


Will there be an electronic scoreboard?

No. As this is a field renovation, not a stadium project​, there are no plans, no budget, and no space on the field to accommodate an electronic sign/scoreboard at this time.​​