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Congratulations to MPSJs Major Athletic Award Winners



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Winterhoff, Arnold (Facilities Man-NY)

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Congratulations to MPSJs Major Athletic Award Winners

Clara Guadagni, Olivia Marinig, Kiaa Smith and Taylor Facchin.

Junior Girls (from top left clockwise): Clara Guadagni (Athlete of the Year), Olivia Marinig (Christian Athlete), Kiaa Smith (Leadership), Taylor Facchin (Joe Cindric)

Madison Barry, Madeline McWilliam and Jasmine Broderick-Bobadilla.

Senior Girls (from top left clockwise): Madison Barry (Athlete of the Year), Madeline McWilliam (Christian Athlete), Jasmine Broderick-Bobadilla (Leadership)

Aman Sharma, Nathaniel Barton Savage and Shawn Driedger.

Senior Boys (from top left clockwise): Derrick Amponsa (Leadership), Javae Hall (Christian Athlete), Nino Nikolovski (Athlete of the Year)​

Derrick Amponsa, Javae Hall and Nino Nikolovski.

Junior Boys (from top left clockwise): Aman Sharma (Leadership), Nathaniel Barton Savage (Athlete of the Year), Shawn Driedger (Christian Athlete)

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