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MPSJ Indigenous Mural

Michael Power/St Joseph students worked with Indigenous artist, Paul Whittam (Star Otter art), on an Indigenous Mural for National Indigenous Month and as part of a Speak Up grant initiated by senior drama students as a follow up to their performance  Debwewin: Honouring the Truth. It was important to the students to leave a legacy piece at the school that would remind our community of our treaty obligations and honour the Indigenous land. We acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who have lived on this territory for thousands and thousands of years and who's culture and presence nurture and continue to nurture this land.
Students learned more about their treaty obligations through workshops with Maurice Switzer (Ontario Human Rights Commissioner)  who brought in and explained wampum belts and the importance of treaty Rights being Human Rights.  Paul Whittam, our amazing artist collaborated with the chosen visual arts and creative team to come up with symbols that would remind us of the importance of working together- Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike, to take care of the land, the waters and each other.
An unveiling ceremony will take place in the fall.  Let us all work towards Reconciliation.
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With thanks to:

Ms J Giancola 

Mariangela Pannozzo (Grade 12 drama student Speak Up grant)


Supported by the POWER Creative team!

Ms. Giancola, Mrs. Cardoso and Mr Cantelmi


Student painters: Tiffany Malcampo, Amber Polk, Francesca Carelli,  Nini Chen,  Felicia Bottos,  Emma Forbes,  Alyssa Baldassare,  Phoebe Thompson, Madison Chambers, Senuli Rajasura​, Juliana Monize, Camila Rivadeniera, Abigail Murree, Justine Santana, Alvin Stanislaus, Silvia Gelfand,  Zoriana  Wankiewicz, Jamie Bernal