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Letter to Grade 9 Parents  September 12 2020 

Dear Parents and Guardians of Grade 9 Students,

We are honoured to welcome your sons and daughters to the  2020-2021 school year at Michael Power-St. Joseph HS. We realize that the students have been home since March Break, and we are making every effort to create a smooth and safe re-entry into the school building.  We are especially aware that Grade 9 students have missed out on some of the rites of passage such as Grade 8 Graduation and saying goodbye to their school. While at this time the health and safety protocols will be first in our minds, we will make every effort to welcome the students warmly and to take time for proper orientation as we go through the first weeks of school.

The current reality informs our procedures to ensure the health and mental well-being of everyone in the building, as guided by Toronto Public Health. At the same time, Michael Power-St. Joseph staff is a Catholic high school, committed to continuing to nurture the faith life of the community and to foster academic achievement for all of our students. Our staff continuously reviews pedagogical practices to engage students in their learning. While enforcing strict safety measures, our goal is to support students in the joy of lifelong learning.

Health and Safety Information and School Procedures and Policies Attached File:

There will be a great deal of new information related to the MPSJ schedule, school policies, and COVID procedures that requires reading before the students enter the building this week.

Please review carefully, the attached information with your children to ensure that they are prepared for success in this current reality.  The links to COVID screening are embedded in this information.

Also, I am including information on how you will learn where and when to be in class this week:

  1. On the weekend:

·        Each Grade 9 parent will receive an email shortly, including

·        a) Student Course 1 (Homeroom course)

·        b) The Teacher’s name  

·        c) Whether they are in  Cohort A or B,

·        d) Designated Entry Door


Cohort A Grade 9 Students   will come to school on Monday, September 14

Cohort B Grade 9 Students   will come to school on Tuesday, September 15

On their first day of class, either Monday or Tuesday depending on Cohort:

  • Students will arrive at school by 8:15 am and  will go to their designated door for entry. Please make sure to review entry protocols on attached form so that your child is prepared for the day.
  • Students must conduct the a COVID self-assessment each day before arriving at a TCDSB facility and affirm to staff at the door that they have done this.
  • There will be staff to assist and direct students to their classes.
  • Grade 9 Teachers will greet students in the classroom and will instruct as to next steps.
  • Grade 9  teachers will provide Quad 1 Timetable with both Course 1 and Course 2 included.
  • Teachers will instruct students with next steps for logging into their classes.
  • Teachers will review the schedule for the first two weeks as well as safety protocols.
  • At 11:00 am, teachers will escort their students to the designated door.

This school opening will certainly be a new experience for all of us, and we are conscious of the fact that it can be even more confusing for students. We will make every effort to answer student questions and make them at ease with the current learning situation.

The two school mottos of the Sisters of St. Joseph and of the Basilian Fathers have never been truer, and will provide wise guidance to all of us in the year ahead.  The attributes of the Basilian Fathers, “Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge” are guideposts for important virtues that will lead us to spiritual wellbeing and achievement. The Sisters of St. Joseph teach us that “The love of Christ has gathered us into one”. While we will not be gathering physically in the next weeks, our focus on coming together spiritually, intellectually and yes, even socially by way of our online platforms, has never been more important for continuing to foster the Michael Power-St. Joseph spirit that has been passed down to us from those who have gone before.

May God bless you and your family as you make a smooth transition to the new school year. We are here to support you in any way we can.​

Rose Mary Rossetti