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Michael Power St. Joseph High School

Return to School Procedures


In order to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students in the building, we have put a series of procedures in place.

Students will receive information to follow, regarding:

o   The two courses they will be taking, Period 1 and Period 2
o   The codes for the online platform that the teacher will be using – either Google classroom or D2L
o   The teacher, room number, and designated entry door for that classroom
o   The days to be in school for face to face learning and times to be online for Synchronous learning with the teacher

Protection Against COVID-19

o   Self-Screen: Staff and students who are not feeling well need to stay home. This is our greatest form of defense against the virus. 

Students will conduct a self-screen before entering the building and will confirm completion of test before they enter.

o   Mandatory masks will be worn in the school building at all times and requested in line up at school entry and bus line up.

o   Wash hands, when possible, and use sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizers will be available throughout the school and at designated entry and exit points.

o   Physical distancing

-          Approximately 15 students per cohort.

-          Students will remain in their cohort at all times. will not be any mixing of cohorts in the building. In order to avoid mixing of cohorts, common areas such as cafeteria, forum and hallways will not be available at this time.

-          Students are to walk on right side of hallway.

-          Students will enter through designated doorway and will have designated bathrooms.

-          Students are asked to maintain physical distancing in line before entering and at bus stops.

Before arriving at school:

o   Students will complete a COVID-19 self-screening and will come to school only if they are symptom free. Students must conduct the each day before arriving at a TCDSB facility and affirm to staff at the door that they have done this.

o   Please ensure that your child eats breakfast or brings a snack to eat before coming to school or upon dismissal at 11:00 am. Food will not be consumed in the building. As per TPH protocol, to avoid mixing cohorts, at this time, students will not be permitted to leave the premises to purchase food throughout the morning and then re-enter the building.

o   Prepare a mask, water bottle, knapsack, and snack for 11:00 am dismissal

o   Prepare two bags for storing masks, one labelled "clean" and one "dirty." Pack several masks each day. Instruct your child to put their mask in the "dirty" bag if it gets wet or soiled, and to use a new, clean mask. Wash the masks at the end of each day for reuse.

Scheduling by Cohort:

o   Classes have been divided into two half classes. Each ½ class of approximately 15 students is called a cohort. Every course will have Cohort A and Cohort B. students.

o    In a cohort, students should still practice physical distancing as much as possible, and wear a mask when they are indoors and also outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. (as per Toronto Public Health).


o   Masks are a primary source of protection against the COVID-19 Virus.

o   Masks are mandatory in the building at all times.

o   Students should wear masks when in line to enter the building , at the bus stop, or at any other time when physical distancing is not possible.

o   The best mask is the one that fits comfortably.

o   Masks may be disposable masks or cloth masks.

o   Disposable masks will be available for students who require one.

o   Cloth mask should be made with two or more layers of fabric and be easy to breathe through.

o    It should be large enough to cover the nose, mouth and chin without gapping. Gaitor scarfs or bandanas do not meet the requirement of proper masking.

o   Plastic masks or face shields are not a substitute for cloth masks.

o   Masks may not contain any material that is obscene or that contradicts our code of conduct.


The School Building has been cleaned and prepared for student safety

o   Caretaking staff will continue to perform routine cleaning of general facilities through the day and will conduct enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces.

o   Washrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day with a special attendance to high touch surfaces. Shared items will be used minimally and will be disinfected between users.

o   Students will have access to the school building from 8:15 am to 11:00 am on the days of their Cohort in-person class

o   Students will have a designated door entry, and designated bathrooms, depending on their course room location

o   The cafeteria, lockers, and common areas will not be available for the time being.

o   Each student will be required to bring their own drink bottle that is labeled, filled at home, and kept with them during the day and not shared. Water bottle filling stations will be available; but water fountains will not be available.

o   Posters and floor decals have been placed throughout the building to ensure directional flow of traffic and spaced line up at water bottle filling stations; and offices, when necessary

Entry into the building:

o   Students may begin entering the building at 8:15 am.

o   Staff will screen students as they enter.

o   Designated doors have been assigned to reduce traffic in all areas of the school. A colour-coded door pass will be issued to students on the first day of In-Person class for each of their courses. After the first day, students will show this pass as they enter.  Door entry will be communicated by email with class information.

o   Students must confirm that they have completed  the COVID-19 self-assessment each day before arriving at a TCDSB facility and must affirm that they are symptom-free before entering the building. Parents do not need to sign passports for secondary students as they are old enough to self-affirm.

o   Masks are required before entering the building. Disposable masks will be available for those who do not have one.

o   Students will go directly to their classroom, where the teacher will be waiting to greet them. For the time being, common areas of the school will not be available for socializing.

o   Students who arrive late will wait at the front door to be admitted and screened.

o   Once they have entered the building, students will not be permitted to leave the school until dismissal at 11:00 am. This is to avoid mixing of cohorts throughout the school day. This is a new requirement as per our School Reopening Guidelines and should be noted.


o   Students will be dismissed at 11:00 am. Teachers will escort their classes, by grade, out of the building


The Michael Power St. Joseph High School uniform

The School Agenda Book:

  • MPSJ is moving to an online app which will be available to students once it goes live
  • The agenda app will include important information about the school’s organization, policies, and expectations for students. In the meantime, the policies and expectations can be found on the MPSJ website. The Admin will be reviewing these expectations with students at virtual grade assemblies in the second week of school.
  • The agenda app will be an excellent organizational tool to help students manage homework, assignments, tests and school events. 
  • The Agenda App will also provide a calendar of the school year, including Quad beginning and end days, Exam Days and Cohort Days for In-Person learning.

The Michael Power-St. Joseph HS Uniform

At MPSJ the school uniform is worn throughout the school day, including lunch hour and spares, (when we resume the regular schedule).  All students will be required to wear full McCarthy uniform as outlined below:

·        R. J. McCarthy grey pants.

·        R. J. McCarthy navy or white short or long sleeve monogrammed polo shirt.

·        All black shoes without logos or other colours. High cuts/ boots/ slippers/ sandals/  Moccasins/ UGG or construction boots are not permitted

·        All students must wear socks with their shoes.

Optional Uniform Items

·        R. J. McCarthy monogrammed navy polo sweater. This must be worn with a polo shirt.

·        Black dress shoes. High cuts/boots/flip flops/sandals are not permitted.

·        Grade 12 students may wear the burgundy grad golf shirt or burgundy polo ¾ zip instead of the navy or white one.

Summer Uniform (May, June, September)

·        In place of R.J McCarthy grey pants, students may wear R.J. McCarthy navy, knee length, walking shorts. Shorts must be regulation knee length, 3 inches above the knee. Students are not to roll up shorts.

·        All other items are as above


Physical Education:

o   Students who have been scheduled into a Healthy Active Living (PHE) course in the first semester, will receive the school athletic clothing uniform in the first week of school from their teacher.

o   The Physical Education department teachers have been reviewing COVID-19 safety procedures and will communicate these to students on the first day of class:

Music Education:

o   Students who have been scheduled into a music class will review safety procedures pertinent to music study on the first day of class.

Quad Start and End Dates:

Quad 1 -  September 14 – November 18

Quad 2 – November 19 – February 5

Quad 3- February 8 – April 23

Quad 4- April 26- June 29

PA Days: September 1, 2 and 3, 2020, November 20 (or 13), 2020 February 12, 2021, June 28 and 29, 2021

Michael Power-St. Joseph Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC)

At MPSJ, the staff believes education is a partnership between the school, families, parishes and the larger community.  Genuine collaboration between all of the partners will enhance the educational opportunities for students at Michael Power - St. Joseph High School.  By remaining involved in your daughter/son’s education, you will help ensure that she/he has many opportunities to set and fulfill her/his goals.

I invite you to attend the first meeting of our Catholic School Parent Council on September 30, at 7:00 pm. At 5 pm on September 30,

This initial meeting is the AGM, where elections for the executive positions on CSPC will be held. We will post a notice of all positions and what they entail on the MPSJ website.

I will look forward to seeing you there.

Rose Mary Rossetti