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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Internationalism and the IB at MPSJ


MPSJ's commitment to international education starts with the belief that the only way to appreciate someone else's culture is first to be confident in your own and then to learn about the world around you. To that end students at MPSJ have many opportunities, through course work, school fairs, local field trips and international trips, to become immersed in their own culture and open themselves to the world beyond.

In May 2007, the IB students from Michael Power-St. Joseph High School travelled to Oxford to continue their studies there in an atmosphere that is steeped in history and scholarship. This opportunity was pursued because experience teaches that it is not only the subject matter, or 'content' that stimulates students, but also the ambiance in which the subjects are taught. In Oxford, Michael Power-St. Joseph High School students had the opportunity to be taught some of the courses which they would had in Toronto but enhanced and magnified in a rich, international and multi-layered environment. It is the international character of this experience that is consistent with the overall philosophy of the IB Diploma Programme which encourages a global perspective.
Every year, Power is energized by teachers and students planning and experiencing international travels. Annually, students have the opportunity to take part in the excitement of New York City. March Break journeys have included trips to France and WW1 and WW2 battlefields, trips to Paris, southern France and Italy, a journey with a Classical feel that has taken students to Rome, Sicily and Greece, and, in 2015, a guided trip to Japan. In March 2016, 13 students will travel to Prague for a CAS project.