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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Our Graduates Speak


"The IB Conference is a fun and eventful day that I look forward to every year. It is both an informative and exciting day where we meet and bond with each other, learn more about our future years in IB, and get to know our fellow IBs better through activities and game. For me, this day has become an annual celebration of our achievements in the MPSJ community, both individually and as a family."

-Maryam Khan, IB Class of 2017



“IB prepared me and definitely gave me an edge when it came to knowing how study and prepare for examinations in a university setting.”
-Alexandra Barany, IB Class of 2011, University of Toronto, Doctor of Pharmacy Student
“With your IB experience, you will learn how to manage your time and deal with ‘high pressure’ assessment --- what a foundation for university success!”
-Vinyas Harish, IB Class of 2013, Queen’s University, Biomedical Computing
“My IB program prepared me for a life path. It helped become a more informed human being able to make responsible decisions.”
-Anja Boskovic, IB Class of 2008, McGill University, Bioinformatics Masters
“The IB pathway helped me learn early on what learning style served me best! My transfer credit eased my journey and allowed me to focus on the courses needed for Grad School entrance.”
-Julia Hee Won Ma, IB Class of 2011. University of Waterloo, Optometry
“Do not forget what you learn! Do not be afraid of the perceived toughness of the programme. It prepares you to be your best. I have absolutely no regrets about being in the IB programme.”
-Jelena Tanic, IB Class of Class of 2011, University of Toronto, Life Science, Lab Medicine and Pathobiology Specialist