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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Skills Development and the IB Programme

MPSJ Pre-IB Programme


In the MPSJ Pre-IB Programme stress is placed on developing the skills necessary to ultimately succeed in the IB Diploma Programme. Specifically students will have the opportunity to develop writing skills which will stand them in good stead in all the IB courses, but particularly in the languages, history, ToK and EE. Also, students will learn research skills both in the context of the humanities and the sciences and for the purpose of preparation of research for the EE.


The common objectives which run through these MPSJ Pre-IB courses are as follows:
  • Encourage students to solve problems, pose questions, explore alternative explanations and justify reasoning
  • Develop proficiency in those particular skills for each course necessary to complete successfully the Standard and /or Higher Level IB Diploma courses
  • Make the students feel part of a learning community that encourages meaningful discourse and promotes a love of learning
  • Teach the students basic skills in written and spoken language, composition of essays in coherent form, research skills and the efficient use of library resources
During the MPSJ Pre-IB year there will be an emphasis on the following skills:
  • How to work with original documents (research)
  • How to write effectively and efficiently
  • How to design and carry out experiments
  • How to discuss issues, not argue about them
  • How to make effective classroom presentations
  • How to avoid procrastination and prioritize
  • How to deal with perfectionism
The faculty will assist MPSJ Pre-IB students with time management, study and organizational skills and will provide counselling in course selection in the MPSJ Pre-IB and IB Programmes.