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Toronto Catholic District School Board


IB and the MPSJ Advantage

Fun Facts for the IB-Minded at MPSJ: Our IB ADVANTAGE

  • Michael Power IB students have exceeded the world average in their results in EACH of the past ELEVEN  consecutive years. In 2013 - 2016, MPSJ exceeded the world average in EVERY academic discipline.


  • The MPSJ IB class of 2013 achieved the highest overall average in the school's history   and FOUR of the top IB class results have occurred in the past FIVE years.


  • Over the last six years, Power IB students have received scholarship offers totalling $3.34 MILLION.


  • Students who earn a FIVE or higher (80+) in their HL IB courses can receive first-year university credit (with courses at just over $1000.00 per courses this can represent a savings of over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. From 2011-2016, students have earned the potential of 724 first-year university credits).


  • The AVERAGE mark in their top six university application courses for the class of 2016 is 90.4%.


  • Over 93% of the IB classes of 2011-2016 applied to university with a top six average over 80%.


  • In the 2016 IB grad class survey, 98.7% of all students felt well-prepared for the next level of their academic studies.


  • 71% of our IB graduates have entered university post-graduate studies or professional schools.


  • A study of American Universities indicates that 88.6% of students who have attempted the IB diploma programme COMPLETE four years of university (the four year graduation percentage for all students who start university is 51.3%).


  • In each graduating IB class from MPSJ our top students have scored in the top 5% of the ENTIRE IB world. 72 students from the classes of 2013 - 2016 have finished in the top 20% of the IB world. In 2016, 18 of our students scored in the top 20% in the IB world! This represents 34% of our IB graduates. In 2010 one student achieved Power’s first “PERFECT” 45 point score.


  • The AVERAGE diploma score for MPSJ IB diploma recipients, over the past eleven classes is 32.4 points.  The average score for candidates earning a diploma in 2016 is 33 points (second highest in school history after 2013). The University of British Columbia’s tracking of IB students on their campuses indicates that a 31 point IB student achieves first and second year grades at the same level as an 89% student from the BC regular high school stream. UBC parallels a bare IB pass score of 24 points with a 79% regular high school average.


  • Many universities offer automatic entrance scholarships for IB graduates who earn diplomas higher than 29-30 points. 241 MPSJ students in the classes of 2011-2016 earned above this level. 92% of the students in the IB class of 2016 received scholarship offers.


  • The Health Sci programme at McMaster has 160 places and receives approximately 3600 applications. FIVE members of the MPSJ IB class of 2013 earned an offer to Mac Health Sci. Programme. FIVE MPSJ IB grads are currently studying medicine in U of T second and third year.


  • Power IB graduates are studying in 6 provinces and 11 different countries.


  • In eight of the last ten years, a Power IB student has been accepted by Schulich Business or Rotman Business undergraduate programme.


  • The class of 2016 students entered Engineering/Pure Maths/Architecture/ Fine Arts/International Development/Business/Commerce programmes as well as ARTS/LIFE Sci/Physical Applied Sci university studies.


  • When tested by the U of Toronto, Power IB grads planning to complete French courses are often scored at the Third Year Equivalency level.


  • Last year, the IB class received an average of 4.67 university acceptances and 92% received their first or second programme choice.


  • The university acceptance rate for MPSJ IB students over the history of the programme is 99.2%.


  • Students from over 86 different elementary schools comprise the IB at Power.


  • Only 60% of all applicants are offered a spot within Power’s IB programme.


  • 92% of students offered entrance into MPSJ IB and an AP programme chose Power IB.


  • Last year, though representing 15 % of the total class of 2016, Power IB students earned 50% of the TOP 50 accumulated MPSJ four year averages and were awarded over 50% of the graduation awards of “Distinction” and the awards of “Excellence”.


  • In 2016 MPSJ students dominated the Etobicoke-York region in achieving the highest overall point total in the Waterloo math contests.


  • Martha Piper, former president of UBC, describes IB students “terrific…inquisitive learners”.


  • Wendy Loat, former chair of the University of Toronto University Recruitment team, says   completing IB courses “is a very important consideration in admission decisions. It is to a student’s distinct advantage to have completed the IB diploma”.


  • 96% of the IB students surveyed at Power describe their IB classmates and teachers as supportive and friendly.


  • Where do we find Power IB students?  On school teams/in the musical/on SAC/ in Leadership/ Peer Ministry/Best Buddies/Debate/IB EXEC/ Robotics/Fashion Show/Green Power /FTC!


  • Where do we find Power IB students? Wherever good things are happening within our community!


  • POWER IB STUDENTS: Inquisitive, Hard-working and Involved


  • Power IB: Finding Tomorrow’s Leaders Today