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​School Handbook

​Mother Cabrini School Pledge

 I am a child of God,
a citizen of the world
and a member of the
Mother Cabrini Catholic School Community.
I pledge to believe in myself,
achieve my personal best,
respect others, seek peace, fairness
and care for my environment.
With pride and grace, Mother Cabrini, pray for us.

Classroom Rules:

Responsibility – self, others, school
Safety, support each other, support from teacher
Positive school attitude
Community, compassion, cooperation/community
Trust, truth, try

Mother Cabrini Catholic School

We Believe  We Pray  We Achieve


Community is at the heart of all Catholic education,
not simply as a concept to be taught,
but as a reality to be lived.
Pope John Paul II


Mother Cabrini Catholic School strives to create a community where a sense of belonging, ownership and of caring for one another prevails.  Such a community should  be characterized by a safe and harmonious working environment in which the needs and well-being of every individual are paramount.

Discipline and ‘disciple’ share the same linguistic root (Latin discipulus meaning “a learner who learns from a teacher”).  In a Catholic community like Mother Cabrini, we value each child in this light.  With your support and cooperation, we believe each child can achieve his/her personal best in a safe, welcoming and nurturing learning environment.  To this end, we hope this Local School Code of Conduct will outline the school’s mission of helping each child grow toward self- discipline.

Our School Code emphasizes:

  • Respect for God
  • Respect for self​
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for authority
  • Respect for procedures
  • Respect for property​​
The establishment of clear expectations for self-discipline will promote a fair and consistent approach to:
  • classroom management
  • a warm, welcoming and engaging  learning environment
  • support and value each child​

Student Behaviour Code
Please note the following is an extrapolation from the TCDSB Safe Schools Policy.  
Rights :
  • to be respected in both person and conscience as a son or daughter of God;
  • to learn in a safe, orderly and stimulating environment;
  • to have access to the facilities and equipment of the school;
  • to participate in any program offered by the school;
  • to be conscientiously instructed by the teaching staff.


    • ​to respect the person and rights of all members of the school community and ensure that they are free from any type of abuse or harassment;
    • to give respect and cooperation to all adults in positions of responsibility in the school;
    • to comply with particular school expectations and regulations respecting student behaviour;
    • to contribute positively to the Catholic climate of the school;
    • to use language that is appropriate to their dignity as Catholics;
    • to adhere faithfully to the dress code;
    • to respect the property of the school at all times: building, grounds, equipment, materials;
    • to be in attendance at all classes and scheduled activities on time with materials required for full participation;
    • to take part in the service offered by the school to its community;
    • to participate fully in the religious life of the school, including the celebration of liturgy, Religious Education and related activities;
    • to welcome the opportunity to participate, as appropriate to their status and conscience, in the sacramental life of the Church and , inparticular, as it is celebrated in the school context
    • to develop personal skills and talents to serve God, and thereby his/her neighbour.

    Local School Code of Conduct
    The success of Progressive Discipline is highly dependent on the collaboration of teacher, student, and parents. Central to the our core values at Mother Cabrini, is the belief that each person in our school community and beyond has great dignity and is deserving of the highest respect. The following is a clear Code of  Student Behaviour  developed collaboratively with the help of staff , parents, CSAC and students. Our ultimate goal is to assist each child towards self-worth and self-discipline. The first step towards self-discipline in students is providing a clear outline of realistic and effective consequences when students fail to meet Mother Cabrini’s Catholic School  standards. Additional information can be found at the TCDSB website at, “Safe Schools Policy S.S. 09”.

    As a staff, we have addressed and identified the underlying causes of inappropriate behavior in our classrooms, washrooms, hallways, playground and lunchroom. We ask all staff to follow the acceptable approaches below:
    • related to the nature of the behavior, logical consequences will be used by the classroom teacher/supply teacher whenever possible; the consequences should be clearly  understood by the student. Student should be fully aware of the misbehavior that resulted in the discipline /consequences.
    • consequence should be appropriate to the developmental level of the child;
    • consequence administered as soon as possible after the undesirable behavior has occurred;
    • observant of all safety regulations;
    • appropriate to and mindful of the specific child’s emotional and cognitive functioning.​

    With this in mind, Mother Cabrini’s Progressive Discipline addresses three categories of “inappropriate behaviours” as follows:  Minor, Major, Suspendable incidents.
    Minor Incidents may include:
    • Disrupting a class (all teaching staff including supply teachers);
    • Teasing;
    • Failure to come to school  on time and prepared (homework completion and any other materials required to learn);
    • Pushing;
    • Disregard for school yard rules (boundaries for each division); boundaries set on the field/portables);
    • Unfair play ;
    • Spreading rumours;
    • Name calling;
    • Disregarding our “RESPECT Classroom Code of Conduct, School Pledge and “Mother Cabrini Busy Bees”;
    • Any other inappropriate behaviour/incident   deemed by the TCDSB, Ministry of Education , School Administration and Staff of Mother Cabrini. Mitigating circumstances shall be taken into consideration.
    Major Incidents may include:
    • Habitual neglect of duty given several verbal and written warnings;
    • Habitual defiance or non-compliance given previous warnings (includes riding Laidlaw buses);
    • Cyber Bullying and/or offensive messaging (any violation of the TCDSB’s Surf Right Policy);
    • Subtle and overt bullying(physical/verbal);
    • Discrimination;
    • Leaving school property without permission;
    • Vandalism –The willful destruction of school property causing damage to the school or Board property or property on school or Board premises;
    • Use of electronic equipment on school property (iPODS, cell phones, laser lights, handheld games etc); media;
    • Use of profane or improper language;
    • Hate-motivated violence;
    • Extortion;
    • Theft;
    • Malicious physical fighting causing bodily harm;
    • Affecting the moral tone of our school with inappropriate language such as profanity ( verbal/written) in any language as well as hand  gestures; 
    • Harassment. ​

    Any other inappropriate incidents other than the ones deemed “Minor or Suspendable” by the School Administration/Staff, the TCDSB and the Ministry of Education. Any conduct that is injurious to the moral tone of the school on or off school Board property; any conduct injurious to the physical or mental well-being of other. Mitigating circumstances (see next page) shall be taken into consideration.
    Suspendable Incidents may include:
    • Repeated Major Incidence, misconduct;
    • Fighting (committing a physical assault of any kind on another person requiring medical attention);
    • Using a weapon to threaten/cause bodily harm;
    • Bullying (subtle and overt);
    • Cyber bullying;
    • Opposition to authority;
    • Swearing at authority (teachers, supply teachers, guests in the school);
    • Inappropriate/offensive hand gestures;
    • Uttering a death threat to inflict serious bodily harm on another person;
    • Committing an act of vandalism that causes damage to school property;
    • Extortion;
    • Theft;
    • Distribution of hate material;
    • Harassment;
    • Other-defined as any conduct injurious to the  moral tone of the school or to the physical or mental well-being of others.
    • Any other incident deemed to be “Suspendable” by Administration, TCDSB and the Ministry of Education.
    Suspension Pending Expulsion:
    • Possession of a weapon, including a firearm;
    • Using a weapon to cause or threaten bodily harm to another person;
    • Committing physical assault on another person that causes bodily harm requiring treatment by a medical practitioner.
    • Trafficking weapons or illegal drugs;
    • Serious or repeated misconduct.
    Mitigating Factors
    Mitigating circumstances shall be considered with every student. The following outlines a few mitigating factors as outlined by the TCDSB’s Safe School Policy S.S. 09.
    • Pupil does not have the ability to control his or her behaviour;
    • The pupil does not have the ability to understand the foreseeable consequences of his /her behaviour;
    • The pupil’s continuing presence in the school does not create an unacceptable risk to
      the safety of any person.
    Other Factors:
    • Pupil’s history;
    • Whether the Progressive Discipline approach has been used with the pupil;
    • Whether the activity for which the pupil may be or is being suspended or expelled was related to any harassment of the pupil because of his or her race, ethnic origin, religion, disability,
      gender or any other harassment. 
    • Age of pupil;
    • In the case of an IEP (Individual Education plan), whether the behaviour was a manifestation of a disability identified in the pupil’s IEP;
    • Whether appropriate accommodations have been provided;
    • Whether the suspension or expulsion is likely to result in an aggravation or worsening of
      the pupil’s behaviour or conduct.

    Staff Interventions for First Minor Incident:
    • Warning
    • Reminder/review the following:

    Progressive Discipline:  Classroom Behaviour
    Teachers and administration may:
    • use verbal warning /or reminder of appropriate behavior;
    • direct teaching of behavioral expectations through encouragement, challenges      and  rewards for desired behavior/regular routines;
    • review of Local School Code of Conduct ( imbedded in  Mother Cabrini’s acronym, “RESPECT”,  School PLEDGE, Mother  Cabrini ‘BEES’);
    • reflection through one-to-one discussion - striving for metacognition; “Think Papers”-See Appendix  (classroom documentation/tracking);
    • Staff may agree that it is appropriate for a student to have “time out”
    • from the classroom. A temporary withdrawal brings importance to the seriousness of the                           disruptive behaviour while providing the student(s) a period of time to reflect and address the issue(s). During withdrawal, a student will be required to continue working on an assigned task under the supervision of an adult; study carrel in Resource Room.
    • student contract (written);
    • involve Guidance Counselor /School Social Worker for consultation;
    • informing parents/guardian through planner, phone call or written notification;
    • contact parents of student (s) who persist and arrange a meeting with parents;
      documentation in agenda and teacher files;
    • assign detention (s) ;
    • restitution for loss/damages;
    • withdrawal from privileges (sports/clubs/teams) for an extended period of time;
    • written apology may require parent signature;
    • reflection paper may require parent signature;
    • note in the planner;
    • letter to parent;
    • Records of all reported discipline issues to administration are filed in the office;
    • Teachers maintain documentation (Classroom Code of Conduct) for their personal files
      for the duration of the year.
    • modeling of appropriate behavior: prompting,  written contracts provide choices, time-out in a safe, designated and supervised place;
    • restitution;
    • consistent application of school’s code of conduct by all staff;
    • implementation of school’s bullying prevention plan;
    • establish a confidential reporting system;
    • initiate the early identification of high risk areas:  playgrounds, washrooms, hallways, assemblies;
    • send home a daily or weekly checklist to the parent/guardian for repeated misbehaviors;
    • understand each child’s interests and strengths and managing the curriculum in ways
      that promote student engaged learning;
    • Administration and all staff work closely with parent community on an ongoing basis to build a mutually respectful, open partnership. We build community together.
    • Minimize student frustration with ongoing SBST and Case Conferences involving parents
    Second Minor Incident:
    Staff will consider all interventions as above as well as:
    • Document in classroom Code of Conduct notes;
    • Send home a Safe School Incident Report signed by and completed by administration.
    Third Minor Incident:
    Staff will consider all of the above. Student(s) will be sent to the office to speak to administration. Administration will contact parents to notify them of a notice of a suspension.  Parent(s)/Guardians must meet with administration and teache (s) upon return from a suspension.

    In the case of a First Major Incident:
    • Office intervention;
    • Suspension;
    • Case Conference with student and parents.
    In the case of Second Major incident:
    • Suspension;
    • Case Conference with student, parents and staff;
    • Consult with Guidance Counsellor and Social Based Social Worker.
    In the case of a Third Major Incident:
    • Suspension;
    • Case Conference as above;
    • Behaviour Action Plan documented for student file (OSR) and alternative programming considered by team of specialists from the TCDSB Behavioural Team, Social Worker and  school Psychologist.
    When the Principal ascertains that an incident has occurred where police involvement is necessary, parents shall be notified and asked to be present during police intervention.
    Review of Ammendments
    The Mother Cabrini Catholic School Safe School Committee shall review and amend the Local School Code of Conduct annually when necessary.
    Acceptable disciplinary practices should be motivated by the desire to assist the child to learn from the experience.
    ​Expectations for Student Behaviour ​

    1. Respect for God
    We cherish our faith and traditions. The staff of Mother Cabrini endeavours to encourage a lived faith through the development of the seven essential virtues of Moral intelligence and Strong Character:
    1. Empathy: Building sensitivity, caring and moral community; bully     proofing.
    2. Conscience: Defined limits, moral awareness, honesty, trustworthiness.
    3. Self-Control: Stop –Think - Act; responsibility for behaviour; anger management; consequences.
    4. Respect Courtesy and civility; active listening; respectful resolution.
    5. Kindness: Cooperative learning; sharing; gratitude; concern for others.
    6. Tolerance: Appreciation for differences, diversity; learning to disagree politely.
    7. Fairness: Citizenship, equity, inner responsibility.
      (Extrapolated from Michele Borba’s, Building Moral Intelligence)
    Mass/Liturgies are celebrated on a monthly basis for the entire school community in our Gym. Parents are welcome to attend. Students are expected to actively participate with reverence.

    2. Respect for Self
    All students are expected to be courteous and co-operative at all times and to exhibit respect for the rights and property of others. 
    Students are encouraged  to:
    • be prepared for classes with the appropriate books, equipment and materials;
    • follow established routines;
    • follow classroom and school behaviour expectations: “RESPECT”;PLEDGE;MOTHER CABRINI’S “BEE’S”;
    • participate fully in all class activities;
    • seek additional support when experiencing difficulties;
    • refrain from defacing notebooks, textbooks and desks; keep them clean and neat at all times.
    • borrow and return all library books, textbooks, musical instruments;
    • textbooks/consumables are the responsibility of a student; repairs/replacement of lost/defaced library books will be discussed with student and parents by staff;
    • complete homework (incomplete classroom work assigned throughout the school day);
    • be responsible when absent from school by seeking assignments and teacher-directed learning through a peer or the teacher upon student’s return to class;
    • tests, agenda books, reflection papers must be returned to the school promptly with parent signature when requested by the classroom teacher or administration.
    3. Respect for Others
    Respectful Workplace Policy- Fall of 2007
    Administration endeavours to foster a supportive learning and  working environment where each person is valued and respected. As a school community, staff and administration believe in and are committed to fostering a caring and supportive environment. Every effort is made to support and value one another.  To this end, The Respectful Work Policy was developed to outline the policies and guidelines that are in place to foster an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

    Harassment constitutes behavior which undermines the maintenance of a professional workplace.
    Physical, verbal, social and electronic bullying by students will not be tolerated. Any form of bullying involving criminal behavior, such as sexual assault, harassment, use of a weapon or a verbal threat shall be reported immediately to administration.
    As part of the school’s bullying prevention program, teachers are asked to teach students how to recognize bullying in the school yard/classroom and how to respond to bullying behaviour. All teachers and administration are expected to make every effort to fully investigate concerns, while protecting students’ privacy.
    School’s Action Plan:
    Provincial Definition of Bullying
    Bullying is typically a form of repeated, persistent, and aggressive behavior directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and /or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, or reputation.
    Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance.
    Bullying Behaviour
    • Physical Bullying
    • Verbal Bullying
    • Social Bullying (excluding someone from a group, spreading gossip,
      rumours or manipulating the social order).
    • Electronic Bullying
    Please see TCDSB Bullying Pamphlet and Mother Cabrini’s Bullying Action Plan in the Appendix.

    Teachers/School Staff Action Plan
    • Provide students with opportunities to talk about bullying/harassment and enlist their support in defining bullying /harassment as unacceptable behavior.
    • Support Guidance Counsellor and Officer Keith’s in-class programs.
    • Develop a classroom action plan to ensure that students know what to do when they observe a bully/victim confrontation.
    • Teach cooperation by assigning projects that require collaboration. Teachers monitor s interaction of participants in each group.  Focus on improving behavior in the classroom and beyond. Use teachable moments.
    • Teachers will use verbal reminders of appropriate behavior.
    • Take immediate action when bullying/harassment is observed. All staff must let students know that they care and they will not allow anyone to be mistreated. Victim must feel supported at all times.
    • Bullies will be questioned one-on-one initially.
    • Documentation in writing for all investigations.
    • Notify parents of both victims and bullies when a confrontation occurs, and seek to resolve the problem expeditiously at school.
    • Refer both victims and bullies to counseling whenever appropriate.
    • Provide protection for victims (buddy system) when necessary.
    • Listen receptively to parents who report bullying/harassment and investigate reported circumstances.
    • Teachers will at all times, report bullying to administration. Administration will mediate a bullying/harassment situation when a teacher is not comfortable doing so.
    • Conference with student/teacher/parents;
    • Formative consequences;
    • Contact parents;
    • Meeting with school support team;
    • Referral to support team/community agencies;
    • Supervised withdrawal from class;
    • Restitution;
    • School behavioural action plan;
    • Suspension;
    • Expulsion.
    • Mitigating circumstances;
    • Severity of the situation;
    • Impact on the school culture.
    Parents’ “Look –For
    • Fear of going to school;
    • School work problems;
    • Missing possessions;
    • Injuries;
    • Withdrawal (quiet, sullen, daydreaming);
    • Depressed;
    • Argumentative;
    • (Message: Everyone is picking on me);
    • Nightmares/disturbed sleep;
    • Low self esteem. 
    No matter what a child’s age, we can help by giving him/her the following advice:
    1. Walk away from the situation immediately.
    2. Don’t hit back and don’t talk back, don’t e-mail back.
    3. Tell an adult whom you trust-a teacher, bus driver, lunchroom supervisor, principal.
    4. Talk about it; don’t feel you are alone.
    5. Find a friend to be with in the places where you don’t feel safe.
    6. Call Kids Help Phone, at 1-800-668-6868.
    Sports Events and Behaviour
    The role of spectators is to support all team members in a positive, respectful manner. Students are expected to be supervised by a parent/guardian or an adult when attending a sports event outside of the school as a spectator. Written consent must be forwarded to the office well in advance of the sports event.
    Restricted from sports events; removal from representing our school on a  sports team/event. Written reflection paper, parents notified.
    Athletic Participation
    All staff expect and encourage a strong academic performance from all of their student athletes. A student-athlete will not only maintain a good academic standing, but will also uphold the School Code of Behaviour.
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    Lunch Room Community
    All students remaining for lunch are asked to observe our school’s lunch routines and rules:
    • please remain seated while eating your lunch;
    • maintain a conversational level voice;
    • Students are encouraged to eat in community each and everyday;
    • please request permission for hall pass/washroom pass from one of two supervisors;
    • please be responsible for cleaning up your area;
    • students throwing food across the gym shall be seated in close proximity to one of the two adult supervisors.
    • students hitting, yelling, bothering others shall be immediately removed from the table and seated in a designated area under the supervision of an adult;
    • lunch bags and reusable containers will be encouraged;
    • all students are expected to bring a litter-less lunch to school. Good citizenship and thinking green begin here;
    • many students throw a great deal of uneaten food on a daily basis. The staff at Mother Cabrini would like all parents to be aware of the quantity and selection of food given to your child;
    • healthy snacks  are eaten in the classroom 5 minutes prior to the recess bells. In this way, litter and the number of seagulls flying into the school yard are limited.
    • lunch begins at 11:35 a.m.-11:55 a.m.; lunch recess begins at 11:55 a.m.-12:35 p.m.
    • students are permitted additional time to eat their lunch upon request.
    Lunch Delivery
    Parents wishing to drop off lunch, will be asked to leave the food items on a table designated in the main office area. Parents are asked not to walk through the hallways to interrupt classroom instruction for a lunch delivery.

    Parking Lot Safety!
    Effective October 29, 2008, no student shall be allowed in the parking lot area. Parents dropping off their children should be using the loop in front of the school. Parent will be notified in writing through the November 2008 Newsletter of this added precaution to ensure student safety.

    Bus Safety
    Safety consciousness is critical to everyone.

    We have been served well by the Transportation Company that brings your children to and from school. To assist the drivers and to ensure the SAFETY of our children, please review the following safety rules with your child (ren). Administration reserves the right to suspend a child’s bus privileges or revoke bus privileges for a period of time when students repeatedly disregard the well being of others or whose actions/words pose a direct threat to the driver and fellow students. Parents will be contacted in such an event.

    Your assistance in drilling the following abbreviated Safety Rules, would be greatly appreciated:
    • Students are to line up quietly at the designated waiting areas;
    • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop;
    • No food or drinks on the while riding the bus;
    • Keep the aisle free of knapsacks or other objects;
    • Ask the driver’s permission to open the window;
    • No hands, arms projecting from the bus window;
    • Disorderly conduct will not be permitted;
    • Use of excessive noise that may distract the driver;
    • No objects are to be thrown out of the bus windows.
    • Never cross the road behind a school bus.​

    Internet Access and Computer Use Policy
    Access to and use of the TCDSB’s internet connection is primarily educational.  Students are required to sign the Surf Right Contract each year (Internet Access and Computer Policy).  Any student using the internet for non-educational purposes shall face immediate suspension of the internet and /or computer privileges, pending administrative review.

    Protecting our children begins with knowledge.  As educators and parents, we need to effectively guide and positively influence our students’ online safety. Please review the following with your child (ren) during the month of September 2008.
    • Review the TCDSB’s Surf Right Form with your students prior to distribution
    • Remind students never to give out personal information such as their name, home, address, school name, or telephone number online.
    • Never respond to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    • Always tell an adult you trust right away if you read or see anything on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    • Never meet someone or have that person visit you without a parent’s permission.
    • Always remember that people on-line may not be who they pretend to be.
    • While online, always use a gender-neutral nickname that is easy to remember and hard to guess.
    • NEVER open a file, picture or game from people you do not trust or know well.
    • When in doubt, ask your parents.​
    ​Administration will be arranging in-servicing for all students either through IT, Toronto Police Dept. or Guidance Dept. this year. Administration will also be highlighting in the September Newsletter the following for parents:
    Parents will be asked to visit
    • Parents will be encouraged to spend time online with their children and let them
      know they are nearby. Parents need to be involved.
    • If parents see inappropriate material or practices, contact their Internet Provider and
      go to to report the site or suspected activity.
    4.  Respecting the Mother Cabrini School Community
    Our neighbours have the right to their privacy. Students will not approach the fence lining the yards of our neighbours. They must not only respect our school property but also that of our neighbours. When students shout, insult or throw anything onto our neighbour’s property , parents shall be notified immediately. Restitution for damaged property will be discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved.
    5. Respect for School Procedures
    Daily Expectations:
    • All students are expected to come to school prepared;
    • be prompt and in attendance to minimize learning gaps;
    • be respectful of others;
    • notebooks and textbooks are a representation of oneself. Keep them clean, neat and intact;
    • use “Writer’s Notebook” to doodle or jot down thoughts; avoid writing on texts and /or notebook covers;
    • all tests that are sent home by the teacher shall be signed by parents and returned to the teacher promptly for filing;
    • follow all  school procedures to the best of one’s ability;
    • actively participate in school activities both in the classroom and beyond;
    • achieve his/her personal best;​

    Bell Schedule
    Entry and Dismissal
    Morning Entry ​   8:40 a.m. ​​
    Recess ​​ ​​​10:10 a.m.
    ​11:35 a.m.-12:35p.m.
    Recess ​ ​​ ​  1:50 p.m.
    Dismissal    ​3:10 p.m.
    Supervision is provided from 8:15 a.m.-3:25 p.m. Please do not drop off your child at school prior to 8:15 a.m. or leave your child on school property following 3:25 p.m.  No child may play unattended on school property following dismissal. Playing with balls is strictly forbidden in the vicinity of the bus loading zone or loop where vehicles are parked or in motion.

    School Safe Arrival Program
    The safety of your children is our primary concern! It is the TCDSB’s Policy that should your child not arrive at school on time, the school is required to contact parents/guardians at home or at work.

    Attendance and Punctuality
    We are very particular about punctuality. School begins promptly at 8:40 a.m. and 12:35 p.m.  Students are expected to arrive on time for community morning prayers at 8:45 a.m. Please assist your child in arriving to school on time each and every day.
    • Should your child be absent from school, please contact the school using our 24 hour answering machine.
    • Administration is required to contact parents should a child be absent without notification to the school. The school will contact the parents to ensure their child is in a safe place with adult supervision.
    • Should a change of information be required to update our files, please complete the enclosed form or call the office at 416-393-5340.
    • Late students must report directly to the office. Tardiness is recorded in our Ministry of Education Attendance Registers on a daily basis. A student is deemed late once morning announcements have begun. During morning announcements, students who are late will remain in the office until the closing of prayers and announcements. In this way, student attention to the Opening Exercises remains uninterrupted.
    • Admittance into a classroom following the morning entry bell, requires a late slip
      issued by our School secretary.
    • To report your child’s absence please:
      - Leave your child’s first and last name
      - Teacher’s name
      - Reason for absence and if possible, duration.

    Signing Out
    Administration will no longer be accepting over the phone requests for students to leave school property. Effective September 2, 2008 the safety and supervision of children leaving school property during regular school hours requires a parent/guardian sign a student out in the office. The school will no longer assume responsibility for the safety of any student who has not been signed out by an adult supervisor. Again, no child will be allowed off of school property without the written consent (sign-out binder) and direct supervision of an adult.

    The Toronto Catholic District School Board recognizes the value of homework that furthers students’ learning in relation to the curriculum.
    Homework should:
    • be an assigned independent study project;
    • be unfinished work assigned throughout the day;
    • encourage reading a book/novel of student’s choice;
    • foster a positive attitude towards independence;
    • assist students in preparing for subsequent learning activities;
    • encourage self-discipline, good work habits and time management;​
    Please keep in mind that homework assists students in assuming responsibility for their own learning.  Parents are asked to contact their child’s teacher when homework reaches a frustration level 
    • Grade One - 10 minutes
    • Grade Two - 20 minutes
    • Grade Three - 30 minutes
    • Grade Four - up to 40 minutes
    • Grade Five - up to 50 minutes
    • Grade Six - up to 60 minutes
    • Grade Seven - 70 minutes
    • Grade Eight - ​80 minutes​

    School Appropriate Dress Code
    We would like all our children to dress appropriately and in a manner that reflects the aims and atmosphere of a Catholic School and promotes a positive learning environment. Clothing should not distract the attention of others from the learning process.
    • clothes should be neat, clean and without tears/holes;
    • T-shirts with respectful and appropriate imprints are encouraged;
    • violent, disrespectful logos,  bandanas and hats are considered inappropriate in the classroom or school building.
    • during warm weather months, we ask that no halter tops, tube tops, revealing undergarments or mesh shirts be worn. Our goal is to ensure a common sense of respect and decency. Clothing is a subtle vehicle that can promote a positive learning environment.
    • we strongly discourage our students from  wearing make-up;
    • dangling necklaces and earrings can become a safety issue when playing in the school yard or in physical education. We strongly discourage children from wearing jewelry.

    Intermediate students:
    • First offense: written warning with an opportunity to rewrite assignment. Parents shall be notified.  Second offense: a mark of “0” will be assigned. Parents shall be notified.
    Student Organizational Skills
    Students need to be taught organizational skills. Please reinforce organizational skills at home and in the classroom. Students do not require binders and/or large pencil containers in the classroom. Classroom desks cannot accommodate these items. All supplies necessary for learning are provided by the school. It is the responsibility of administration to provide consumables and textbooks for every child. It is the responsibility of each child to be respectful of these materials.
    Students are asked not to use liquid paper products on school property. All students from Grades 4-8 write in ink, in cursive writing for all subjects save Mathematics.
    Daily Physical Activity
    As mandated by the Ministry of Education, all students are supervised by a classroom teacher during DPA. All students are expected to actively participate on a daily basis immediately following Morning Announcements and prayers.

    Physical Education
    Students are encouraged to wear loose clothing and running shoes (no black soles). All students are expected to listen attentively to instruction and participate actively. Teachers are asked to review all safety precautions prior to engaging students in team activities.

    Students are supervised by the classroom teacher upon entry and dismissals throughout the day. Should a child be given permission to leave the classroom at any time, a Hall Pass is required.

    School Yard Safety
    Each teacher has been assigned yard supervision on a  rotating basis. We ask that parents do not wait with their child in the school yard as the teacher assigned supervision duty should be in clear view of all children. Parents are asked to drop off and meet their child at the yard’s entrance or an alternate designated location.

    Written Permission
    This year, parents are required  to provide administration with written consent when a student leaves the school during regular hours.  With safety in mind, the staff of Mother Cabrini strongly discourage our Grade 7 and 8 students from leaving school property at lunchtime. Your child must have written permission from a parent/guardian to leave school property.

    Reporting to Parents
    The cornerstone of our reporting procedure is the formal Parent-Teacher Interviews. We encourage all parents to attend the first term reporting interviews.
    First term
    Reports to be sent home on Monday, December 1st, 2008.
    Interviews will be held on Thursday, December 4th (evening) and on Friday, December 5th
    from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m..
    Second Term
    Reports to be sent home on  Monday, March 9th, 2009.
    Evening interviews will be held on Thursday, March  12th (evening) and on Friday, March 13th,
    from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    Third Term
    Reports will be sent home on Monday, June 22nd, 2009.​

    Media Literacy
    Media Literacy is concerned with the process of understanding and using the mass media.  It is concerned with helping students develop an informed and critical understanding of the nature of the mass media, the techniques used by them, and the impact of these techniques. The computer lab is to be used to analyze, comprehend, relate and understand the media. Key concepts can be taught and reinforced. Media literacy can stimulate discussion and offers students an opportunity to make independent media-related decisions. For the visual learner, media literacy is an ideal vehicle for integration and differentiation

    School Safety~Parking
    We kindly remind all parents to please use every precaution to prevent injury from occurring! Children use the driveway as passage to and from the parking zone designated for our buses. Buses entering our loading zone should not be obstructed in any way by parked cars. The busses routinely service other neighbouring schools on a fixed schedule. Please allow a driver to safely enter and park without difficulty. Let us all set a good example and be good citizens for the safety of all children.

    Encouraging Community and Citizenship
    Students have been asked to be mindful and respectful of our neighbors backing onto our school yard. Students are not allowed to play near the fenced areas throughout the year.
    • Students observe boundaries set out (pylons) for safe play;
    • Students are mindful of litter and care for their environment;
    • Students welcome and respect all guests  visiting our school.
    The school assumes no responsibility for lost items such as toys, jewelry, portable CD players, lunch money, or any object of sentimental value. This ensures that the students, family and school will not be caused unnecessary anxieties because of lost, stolen or damaged property.
    • Students are responsible for their instruments on and off school property;
    • Student assigned mouthpieces are the responsibility of each student.
    • Skateboards, imitation toy guns, roller blades, collector cards, handheld games, cell phones, IPODS/ CD players, laser pens, large sums of money, taping devices, plastic knives items deemed as weapons (chains) are strictly forbidden on school property. For obvious safety reasons and educational purposes, all items listed or related to this list will be confiscated by administration and returned only  to parents/guardians.
    Lost and Found
    Our bins overflow throughout the school year with expensive unclaimed  shoes, boots, scarves, gloves, sports wear, sweaters and lunch bags. We encourage all parents to label students’ clothing and personal possessions. The Lost and Found bins are located in our Community Room across from the main office. Any unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.

    Emergency Situations/Illness
    It is the policy of the school to make a sick child feel as comfortable as possible while parents are being contacted. In the case of an emergency, the principal or designate may take the child to the hospital emergency. An ambulance is called where appropriate. In all cases, we do our best to contact parents or designated emergency contacts.
    Children who are ill should remain at home until completely recovered. If you are unsure about your child’s readiness to return, please consult with your family physician. The office cannot accommodate requests for children to remain indoors at recess and lunch periods, as required supervision is unavailable.

    Medical Problems and Allergies
    Please inform your child’s teacher/school office of any medical problems or conditions. The Toronto District School Board Policy on the Administration of Medication clearly asks that principals, teachers and support staff not administer any type of prescription medication during the school day, unless written authorization by the parent and attending physician has been obtained. The forms to dispense any medication must be updated on a regular basis and are available from the school principal.
    An Allergy Alert Bulletin Board is located in the staff room and office area. Each student Alert Form
    indicates an Action Plan.
    Should you require additional information or have any questions about this protocol please contact the
    school principal or the Special Services Department at 222-8282 Ext. 2358.  We thank you in advance for
    your co-operation.
    Outbreaks of lice are common among school children.  They are not considered a health problem.  Children may become infected by exposure to other infected persons or their belongings (clothing, scarves, hats, combs and brushes).  Parents are advised to look for lice when their children are observed excessively scratching their heads.  Please inform the school should your child have head lice.  The school will contact the TCDSB as follow up. An outside agency will be sent to the school to check classes where students with head lice have been identified. Confidential written letters are sent home to parents advising them of possible exposure to head lice.  Students with head lice are to remain at home until all treatments have been completed. Parents must sign a letter indicating all treatments for head lice were administered successfully.
    Food Allergies
    Mother Cabrini is a peanut and scent aware school.
    Many children at Mother Cabrini have been diagnosed with a particularly life-threatening food allergy (ies). Mother Cabrini is a Peanut Aware School Environment. As a precaution, we ask parents to avoid sending to school food products containing peanuts or peanut oils. Please see the classroom teacher prior to bringing in any food products intended for class distribution.
    On September 24th, all staff, students and any interested parents will be invited to attend in-servicing on Asthma, Anaphylaxis and a Scent Aware Environment . The presentation will be hosted by the Toronto Public Health Department.  More information will be forthcoming as we approach mid-September.

    Textbooks/Student Materials
    The school will provide your child with all the necessary materials for learning. Notebooks, pencil crayons, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils are distributed on the first day of school. We discourage children from purchasing binders and large quantities of markers and crayons. The average student desk cannot accommodate the additional materials.

    Abuse Policy
    Every year, thousands of cases of abuse are reported to the child welfare and police authorities in Toronto. Both the Ontario Child and Family Services Act and Criminal Code of Canada demonstrate society’s commitment in protecting students from abuse.
    The staff at Mother Cabrini will fully co-operate in any investigation undertaken by the Catholic Children’s Aid Society and or Toronto Police Services. Staff members who have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child has suffered, is suffering, or is likely to suffer any form of abuse is obligated to report the suspicion of abuse to the Children’s Aid Society.  The report of suspected child abuse must be made directly by the individual having suspicion.  Failing to report suspected child abuse, may be guilty of an offense under the Child and Family Services Act.
    School Telephone
    Students are not permitted to use the school telephone without a teacher or administration’s approval. Should a child require to call home, Mrs. Bonetti will call on the child’s behalf.

    Once again, please note that all cell phone use is strictly forbidden on school property.
    In the event of a Lockdown, communication with police may be conducted by staff only.

    Surf Right
    Please read the TCDSB’s Acceptable Use Policy. The pamphlet informs parents and students about the rules governing the use of our electronic communication system. Please read the Policy carefully prior to providing the written consent required for your child to use our school’s electronic communication system including the Internet, Intranet and Email. Violation of our policy will require disciplinary action tailored to meet the concerns related to the violation. Parents will be provided with a written notice of violation prior to meeting with the school’s administration. Please complete the consent form enclosed indicating awareness of our Board policy.

    Health and Safety
    Accidents and Illnesses
    a) When a child sustains an injury, or becomes ill during school hours, teachers should report these to the office as soon as possible.
    b) Student Accident report will be completed immediately following injuries of serious nature. Teachers will be asked to complete a report if an injury is sustained in class or in the school yard while on yard duty. All completed Accident Forms are faxed to the CEC.
    Review of Playground Safety Rules
    • Befriend someone playing alone;
    • Report students not following the rules re: Primary/Junior/Intermediate yards;
    • Hands off;
    • Show good sportsmanship;
    • Only soft foam balls will be allowed in the yard;
    • Respect and return all borrowed equipment;
    • Permission to enter the school is required for washroom/drinks ( door monitors allow entry);
    • Injuries are to be reported immediately to all supervisors;
    • Students who misbehave shall be removed from the playground immediately;
    • Snowball throwing is disallowed given the potential for serious injury;
    • Play fighting, wrestling, martial arts and other physically aggressive; activities/games are strictly forbidden on school grounds;
    • Students shall remain indoors on inclement weather days. During winter months, where ice patches pose a risk for potential injury, administration may deem the yard unsafe for outdoor play.
    Playground  Safety Rules: Grades JK-8
    • Walk away from the situation.
    • Don’t hit back, don’t talk back, don’t e-mail back.
    • Tell an adult who you trust- a teacher, the school bus driver, or the lunchroom supervisor.
    • Talk about it; report it.
    • Find a friend to be with when you fell unsafe.
    • Call KIDS HELP PHONE at 1-800-668-6868.​
    Teachers are required to carry and Emergency First Aid Kit for all outdoor excursions. (Please ask Mrs. Bonetti for the portable kits available in the office.)  Parents of students with medical conditions should be encouraged to attend the trip when possible.
    No child shall be left behind due to the inability to pay the cost of an excursion. Please ensure that all students participate; no exceptions can made without consulting the school’s administrator.
    Please complete two forms per excursion. The Board requires The TCDSB’s Parental Approval Form be completed by a parent or legal guardian. An additional letter is required to outline the purpose and curriculum related programming the excursion. The letter should also inform parents of entrance fees, bus fee (if applicable), duration of time and lunch accommodations. Please see administration should you have any questions.

    Video Surveillance
    Video surveillance cameras are located on school property outside our front doors. All visitors must identify themselves to gain access into the school building.
    All visitors must report to the main office and sign-in. All visitors are required to wear an identification badge while on school property.

    Visitors in the School
    The safety of your child is our utmost concern this year. The TCDSB policy on visitors, including parents, requests that all visitors and parents report to the office when entering the school building. Our newly enrolled children do not readily recognize our parent community. We therefore, need to ensure that all visitors have been acknowledged by our office staff.  Lunches, messages, homework assignments etc. will be passed on to your child via the office.  As a courtesy, please be aware that your child’s time in school is extremely valuable. Parents are invited to arrange an appointment with their child’s teacher to address any inquiries or concerns. Confidentiality in exchanging  information about a child’s progress can be ensured when issues are addressed privately with all concerned. We welcome and encourage pre-arranged appointments with the school principal and classroom teacher (s).  Thank you in advance for your support.

    6.  Respect for School Property
    Vandalism/School Property/Violence Prevention
    The Toronto Catholic District School Board does not tolerate violence.  The TCDSB, including staff, students, parents, and trustee is committed to the Board’s mission of providing a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of Christian Community.” (Violence Prevention Policy Register- V.p. 02)
    We expect all students to respect and uphold this policy. This policy applies to school property and that in the community. ( Bill 212 – February 1st, 2008)
    Parents, trustee and superintendent are notified for any incident involving violence. Restitution, counseling, possible suspension/expulsion are possible consequences.

    Please review the following expectations with your child. Detach the form below indicating that you have read and reviewed the contents with your child. Please offer us your comments regarding this current Local School Code of Conduct.
    Parent /Student Comments: __________________________________________​
    Name of parents/guardians: __________________________________________
    Child (ren)’s name (s):  _____________________________________________
    Have read and reviewed the contents of Mother Cabrini’s Local School Code of Conduct for the 2008-2009 school year.
    Parents’/Guardian’s signature
    Student signature:
    We welcome your comments/questions/concerns:
    Please return this form to your child’s classroom teacher by November 14th, 2008.