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History &  Tradition

Mother Cabrini Catholic School was named after Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. Mother Cabrini founded the missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Italy, and traveled throughout the country opening orphanages and convents.

In 1888, she was sent to America to work among the Italians in the new land by Pope Leo XIII. She began her work in New York and opened schools, orphanages and hospitals all across the U.S. She became an American citizen in 1909 and died in 1917 at the age of 67. In 1938, she became the first American citizen to be canonized.
She is known as the Patron Saint of Immigrants. 
Mother Cabrini School was opened in 1969 in portables at St. Gregory and Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Schools.
The present building was opened on June 30, 1970.
Mother Cabrini School is part of Nativity of Our Lord Parish community.