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Toronto Catholic District School Board



Monsignor Fraser College Alternative Programs  
Alternative Education Program Age 16-18
The Annex, Midland North, Norfinch
and Midtown​
This program is designed to meet the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty achieving success at their present high school. It offers students a small, personalized environment which recognizes student's unique learning styles. Students also have the opportunity to earn two (2) full credits every nine weeks. Potential students must be referred by their secondary school and may complete and academic assessment to determine appropriate programming.  ​ ​​
18-20 Program Age 18-20​ Isabella, Midland & Norfinch
This program is designed to meet the needs of students continuing or returning to secondary education. It offers students the opportunity to earn two (2) full credits every nine weeks in a variety of multi-level course offerings. Each campus offers specific courses to meet community needs. Students can obtain credits in order to complete their OSSD requirements or upgrade for their post-secondary pathway. ​
Transition Resource Co-op Age 18-20​ Isabella & Midland
This program provides students with an opportunity to promote life skills for personal independence, develop work related skills and attitudes, develop a network of community resources for support and recreation as well as explore alternative strategies for individual learning needs. From this program, students may transition to employment, training, college vocational, apprenticeship and volunteerism.
Continuing Education Program 21 and Over​ Isabella & Midland
Day School Adult Education
This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to earn two (2) full credits in a day school program. In addition, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are available to students new to Canada to further develop their literacy skills in preparation for post-secondary education or workplace transition. All courses lead to the accumulation of credits towards the OSSD.
Orientation Centre 14-21​ The Annex
Interim Day School for New Canadians
The Orientation Centre is the Toronto Catholic District School Board's (TCDSB) reception centre for new Canadian students and students from outside the province of Ontario. The Orientation Centre provides new students with an education evaluation and a placement in secondary schools within the TCDSB. The Orientation Centre also provides credit classes in ESL and other subjects in October and March. At the end of each semester, students are transferred to their respective high schools.
Community In Community Out (C.I.C.O.) Gr. 10 & 11​ The Annex
This program welcomes all students seeking a different approach to learning and earning credits toward a high school diploma. It offers students the opportunity to meet curriculum expectations through community based learning opportunities in the classroom and in the surrounding community. Curriculum is presented in small modules and intertwined with community-service projects. A central component of the program is the opportunity for students to re-build a positive relationship with school and learning environment while developing a positive image of themselves as learners. This program is especially designed to meet the needs of those students who might otherwise become early school leavers.