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Alternative Education Program: Age 16-18

The Alternative program meets the needs of students who are experiencing challenges in a community school. It offers small, personalized environments and honours individual learning styles. Students can earn up to 3 full credits every nine weeks. Applicants must be referred by their current school.
Locations: Isabella, Annex, Midland, Norfinch

18-20 Program: Age 18-20

The 18-21 program to meets the needs of students continuing or returning to secondary education.  It offers the opportunity to earn 3 full credits every nine weeks in a variety of courses at each level of study.  Students obtain credits toward the completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)  or as upgrades for post-secondary acceptance.
Locations: Isabella, Midland, Norfinch

Transition2Work Program: Age 18-20

The T2W program offers students with special needs the development of life skills toward independence, the development of work skills and attitudes, access to a network of community resources for support and recreation and the exploration of alternative strategies for individual learning needs. Students transition to employment, training, college vocational, apprenticeship and volunteerism. Courses are non-credit bearing.
Locations: Isabella, Midland, Norfinch

O.P.S. Learn and Work Program: Age 16-20

The OPS Learn and Work Program re-engages youth ages 16 to 20 from priority communities by offering them meaningful cooperative education work experiences in the Ontario government and its related agencies.
Location: Norfinch

Fraser at George Brown, Humber and Seneca Age 18-20

In co-operation with partners at George Brown, Humber and Seneca Colleges we offer “School within A College” programs.  Students earn up to 5 credits towards their OSSD, in these are one-semester programs. At least one of these credits must be a Dual Credit through the partnering College. Courses are taught by a Fraser teachers and College faculty. These programs allow students to take OSSD credits and Dual Credits while enjoying all the privileges and experiences of being a college student full-time.
Locations: All Campuses

Continuing Education Program: 21 and Over

Day School Adult Education
Students have an opportunity to earn two (2) full credits in a day school program. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are available to students new to Canada to further develop their literacy skills in preparation for post-secondary education or workplace transition. All courses lead to the accumulation of credits towards the OSSD.
Locations: Isabella, Midland

Orientation Centre: Age 14-20

Reception Centre for New Canadians
The Orientation Centre is the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s (TCDSB) reception centre for new Canadian students and students from outside the province of Ontario. It provides students with an educational evaluation and placement in secondary schools in the TCDSB.
Location: Annex

SAL (Supervised Alternative Learning): Age 14-18

Transition Program for Students with Attendance Challenges
SAL is a support transition program for students who are not attending their community school. Prospective students must apply through their local school social worker. Enrollment is limited. A caring network of staff support students as they overcome the barriers to school attendance, and when ready, the students then return to their community school. Students may work on credits toward their OSSD while in the SAL program. It is the parent’s decision to apply to SAL, in consultation with the school social worker and administration. They do so by completing an application and creating a SAL Plan (SALP).
APPLY by referral from original school