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A Green Vision for Monsignor Fraser College



Vision for Monsignor Fraser College’s Green Space


To support and extend project based and experiential learning at the school through programming in Green Technologies, Food and Nutrition, Design, Technology and Art.
To form mutual beneficial relationship with the Community through collaboration in using and maintaining the green space.

Getting Involved



Donations are not designated to any specific elements (Except Memorial donations); they are used to raise as much as possible  to ideally to complete the entire project or to complete the highest priority Items first
Tax deductible  receipts will be issued. Contributions of any amount are welcome
All donation will be acknowledged  by name or anonymously.
The level of donations  are :
Donor         $1 -  499
Supported  $500 - 1,999
Associate   $2,000 - 4,999
Patron        $5,000 - 9,999
Benefactor  $10,000 - 24,999
Endower      $25,000+
All Patron, Benefactor and Endower level contributions will be acknowledged on a permanent engraved plaque on site, located at the  sculptural element at the reflective space (or similar prominent Location). 


In Memorial Donations

As a lasting tribute, donation can be made in memory of an individual who was fond of TCDSB or our Annex community. Memorial plaque opportunities on site include;

3 new benches at the community parkette

2 new benches at the east staging area

4 seats in the reflective space

10+ Trees


In Memorial donations may be made in the amount of $10,000 and include the installation of one new bench or tree, one engraved memorial plaque (3" x 8") affixed to the bench  or tree with the honored individual's name and information, as well as maintenance of the element  and plaque for a period of 10 Years.




Fraser College – Annex Campus Greening 

The City of Toronto and Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) are partnering to improve the Monsignor Fraser College (Annex Campus) asphalt schoolyard.