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Graffiti Removal (Eradication) Program
Purpose of Monsignor Fraser Secondary School’s participation:
This is an initiative which was organized to assist the community in beautifying the city as well as building partnerships with the community and assisting Monsignor Fraser Secondary School Isabella campus student in acquiring their 40 hour community service.
Why and How Monsignor Fraser Secondary School participated:
At the school I realized that due the student population and their obstacles, it was difficult for our student to acquire the 40 hours community service outside of the school due to their conflicting home/work schedules.  In addition, many students consistently would talk about the police in a negative manner. Therefore, the need to build relationships with the police was very evident.  Therefore, I contacted Janet Sherbanowski from the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto to see how we could build community and whether there were events that our students could be part of to not only build community with the police but also get their hours.  Janet was very enthusiastic about this initiative and put me in contact with Private Constable Isabelle Cotton who is part of CPAT’s association as well as 51 Division which is in our community.  We discussed Monsignor Fraser Secondary School taking part in the City and Police Department’s Graffiti removal program. 
At this point, Isabelle then put me in contact with Private Constable Martin McLaughlin who is the Coordinator of this Program.  We discussed how the student would participate in the initiative and their roles and responsibilities.  According to Martin, our student would paint over existing Graffiti and our artists would create a mural which would incorporate things that the community wanted. After getting school administration approval, and many teachers to help supervise the event, we went ahead and began advertising the initiative with the student. After some encouraging, sixteen students signed up.  Also, Home Depot and Needle Ships Hardware (Cabbage town) have sponsored all the paint and brushes for the students.  Finally, I then coordinated and recruited a few artistic students as well as partnered with the Art teacher (Donna Sistilli) to help the students create a mural for an Italian Restaurant on 12 Amelia St. All the students created their designs and the art teacher Donna Sistilli assisted them to combine their designs for the mural.
The group has already gone out to paint and it has been an enriching experience.  Just having gone out once with them, word has spread among the students and the list has grown from 15 students up to 28 students and many more are showing interest.  The 6 artists will be participating on Thursday April 25 to paint the mural at 12 Amelia St. and the rest of the group will be going to Parliament to continue the beautification of covering up the tags and graffiti. As this program grows Private Constable Martin has invited all local media to witness the great work that the students are doing this Thursday April 25.  Therefore, I have included some information about this day.    
Who will be present?
P.C. Martin McLaughlin (Coordinator of the Project – Canvassed donations, organized locations)
P. C. Brent Larmour
P. C. Marcel Luis
P. C. Isabelle Cotton ( Liaison for C.P.A.T)
Staff Sergeant John Spanton
Pam McConnel (Area Councillor)
Janet Sherbanowski (Chair of C.P.A.T)
Matt Dillon (Home Depot)
Don Taggart (Needle Ships Hardware Cabbage town)
Local Media has been invited by P.C. Martin McLaughlin
Student from Monsignor Fraser Secondary School
Principal: John Wujek
V.P.: Erica Wilson
Santina Bruno Damiani (School program liaison) – present on April25
Donna Sistilli (mural design) - present on April 25
(Julianna Choi, Jelena Balic, Rob Repricky, Christina Nissan) –teacher supervisors on following Thursdays
Reason for this program:
  • Neighbour beautification
  • Hours for student (Volunteering)
  • Student Artists can display their talents
  • Strengthening and building relationships and community with the Police
12 Amelia St. –F’Amelia Restaurant
Thursday April 25, 2013
2013-04-25 MsgrFraser DeGraffiti (75).JPG