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Open House 
Msgr. Fraser continues to examine the role that Msgr. Fraser has in providing alternative programming – particularly as we look at the possibilities for an Etobicoke site.
Msgr Fraser is hosting an Open House on Friday November 23 from 9:00-1:00 for staff who are interested in learning more about the programs and services that are offered.
The Open House will involve a tour to 3 of Fraser’s campuses – Isabella, Midtown and Annex.  We will be chartering a bus to ensure that we keep to our schedule.  The “tour” will start at Isabella Campus and conclude with a student-prepared lunch to be served at about 12:30.
Thanks for your ongoing interest and support of the Fraser Network.
Schedule for the day:
French Toast & Fruit Breakfast at Isabella at 8:30
Isabella Presentation begins at 9:00
Midtown Presentation to begin at 10:15
Annex Presentation to begin at 11:30
Lunch at Annex at 12:15
Return to Isabella 1:30
Transportation between campuses and return to Isabella to be provided via bus.
Interested staff should contact John Wujek to register: or 416-393-5533.