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About Us

 Mission Statement:

Operating within the Toronto Catholic District School Board's mandate to strive for excellence and demonstrable Catholicity, Monsignor Fraser College today is a haven for the marginalized student.

Expecting from each, excellence according to individual potential, Msgr. Fraser College welcomes, without question or judgment, all eligible applicants seeking a new beginning.

In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our Mission is to empower students to their full potential by providing:

• Partnership in the shared responsibility for education that exists among the school, the student, the family, the parish and the community;
• A Christian learning environment in a non-traditional setting;
• Role models of Gospel Values, Catholic teachings and beliefs.

 Our Mandate

Monsignor Fraser College provides an alternative to the traditional school setting for high school students and for adults new to Canada.

Specific programs provided include:
16-18 Program: Developed to meet the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty achieving success at their present high school this program offers students:

• a small personalized environment
• an individualized program which meets students’ unique learning styles
• the opportunity to accumulate credits towards the completion of secondary school
• the ability to accelerate study in order to complete diploma requirements sooner than in a traditional school setting


18-21 Program: Developed for students 18 – 20 years of age who wish to complete their secondary education in an adult education environment.  This program offers students:
• the opportunity to earn 2 full credits every 9 weeks (8 credits per year)
• a variety of multi-level course offerings
• 4 entry points annually
• a flexible learning environment


21+ Program:  This program is designed for adults over the age of 21 who still need to complete their secondary education or new Canadians who are seeking an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate, knowledge of the English language and/or a gateway to either the workplace or post-secondary school education.


Transition Resource Co-Operative Education Program:  This program provides an opportunity for students with specific identified needs to explore the workplace with the assistance of job coaches and educational assistants. Students are prepared for the transition to the world of work and if required, to supported independent living.


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Monsignor Fraser College responds to the needs of a diverse population.
Adults returning to complete their secondary school diploma requirements.
New Canadians seeking high school completion, skills, English and work experience.
Intellectually challenged adults seeing the dignity of employment or volunteer work or, in some cases, classroom training for fuller adult living.
Teenagers experiencing halted learning and at risk of dropping out.
Teenagers new to Canada seeking orientation, assessment and placement in Toronto Catholic secondary schools and intensive credit courses until placement is achieved.
For all groups, a common need is for confidence, renewed self-esteem, a purpose in life, a fresh start and determination to strive for goals in an atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance.
Though many are from faiths other than Catholic, the distinctly Catholic environment of the school is respected and welcomed. It is enhanced by an active chaplaincy team, an itinerant chaplain, liturgical celebration, a faith at work cooperative education courses, Gospel values-infused curriculum, and a genuine appreciation of diversity.
The willingness to acknowledge both rights and responsibility is formalized in the mutually agreed on code of behaviour for each group served. Small campuses, an attentive staff as mentors, and generous volunteers help to add a welcoming atmosphere and remove barriers to success. Students respond to a sense of Christian community and are quick to help others in the current crisis of budget cuts. With staff, they have created a breakfast club, food bank, a clearinghouse for information on community resources, and fund-raising projects to subsidize transportation for students experiencing hardship.
Through the action planning committee, impetus is given to encourage staff and student computer literacy. The Catholic School Advisory Committee (including representatives from business, industry, social agencies, higher education, Toronto Catholic District School Board, various government ministries and the school) attempts to smooth transitions through its long term support, linkage to college and university, and employment generation sub-committees. The prior learning assessment courses, offered through guidance in partnership with Seneca College originated from this network.
Regularly curriculum offerings are tested for relevance and for potential to best prepare students for their next step both in skills acquisition and in general education needed to cope.
Community-based learning is important and well planned field trips are frequent. Leadership is recognized and developed through campus and school student councils. Assemblies, an annual Multicultural Festival, College Connections Day, and Fraser games are school-wide showcases of the hopes and talents of our students.