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School History and Tradition


Monsignor John M. Fraser: A Personal Profile  
Monsignor Fraser College is named in honour of the founder of the Scarborough Foreign Mission Society. Monsignor Fraser was a native of Toronto but spent most of his younger years as a missionary outside of Canada. In 1918, he returned to Canada with the firm intention of establishing a foreign mission seminary.  Archbishop Gauthier of Ottawa approved the foundation of China Mission College at Almonte, Ontario, and the institution received the blessing and support of many of the Canadian hierarchy.
At Almonte, Father Fraser gathered about him, as did Christ Himself, twelve young apostles.  In October 1919, CHINA, the mission monthly publication, made its appearance.

At the suggestion of Archbishop McNeil, property was acquired in Scarborough and the senior students were transferred to this new house.  Father Fraser joined them soon after.  In 1924, St. Francis Xavier, China Mission Seminary was formally blessed and opened on the Scarborough Bluffs in Ontario.  The following year Father Fraser headed the first departure group to the district of Lishui in Southern Chekiang, China.
Monsignor Fraser was noted for his drive for establishing the Kingdom of God and for his ready adaptability to new paths when familiar ones were cut off.

History and Tradition
The Toronto Catholic District School Board recommended and approved the establishment of Monsignor Fraser College in 1975, in conjunction with Metropolitan Social Services, as a means of responding to the growing need for adult education programs for the Metro Toronto adult population.  The school has evolved over the years and at the present time Monsignor Fraser College consists of multiple campuses offering a variety of programs to students aged 16 and over.  
Monsignor Fraser College is a quadmestered Catholic Secondary School, which welcomes adolescents, and adults of all faiths, who wish to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate, to study English as a Second Language within a Diploma program, or to upgrade work skills. Organized with campuses in many different parts of the city, this school offers a safe and welcoming learning environment.