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Toronto Catholic District School Board

CSPC- Catholic School Parent Council

 Below is the welcome letter to all parents. We need you!


Monsignor Fraser College Welcome Letter for Parents
On behalf of the Catholic School Parent Council, we welcome you to Monsignor Fraser College School. As an alternative Catholic Secondary school, we are a close-knit community that supports and understands the unique challenges that families and their young students face when having to transition to a new school.
Who We Are
Msgr. Fraser is an alternative Catholic Secondary School, a community that supports students and families. The school is for students who have unique learning styles that are best served in an alternative school environment. It is a great opportunity for the students to gain confidence, support and success.
What We Have to Offer
The Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) provides parents with the opportunity to have a voice and input into the development of the school and its programming. The Council meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month. New parents are always welcome.
Program: Parents for Youth
This is a program run by Meg Thompson, an experienced and highly valued  Facilitator, who uses her expertise and guidance to support parents in fostering positive change in their children. Topics she addresses include:  anxiety, depression, substance use and abuse, oppositional behaviour, truancy from school and how to shift the self-destructive behaviour and set healthy limits. The program is run bi-weekly and coincides with the monthly CSPC meetings.
As parents of this school community we hope you will join us on CSPC or the Parent for Youth program, or both. If you would like to contact a Monsignor Fraser parent for more information, please make this request at the school office.
Parents of Monsignor Fraser CSPC.
If you would like to stay up-to-date with CSPC and school happenings, including our CSPC and Meg Thompson sessions please remove the bottom portion below after you have filled it out and give it to the guidance counselor.  If you are filling it out online please send to the principal (Marcello Mancuso) at
Your Name (please print):__________________________  Circle:   mom    dad   guardian
Your Child’s Name:_______________________________________________________
Your email address:______________________________________________________
Your cell number:________________________________________________________