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Toronto Catholic District School Board

OYAP CCW 2017 Q 1-2


Programs that meet the requirements of the essential school to work transition programs have mostly been replaced with academic university geared programs, creating a huge gap in student opportunities and reducing potential success rates for students.


In November 2017, Msgr. Fraser Norfinch students graduated from their eight week Construction Craft Worker Basic Level One at L.I.U.N.A. Local 183. The Construction Craft Worker Program, a united TCDSB and Local 183 initiative implemented by means of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program has not only engaged students, but has motivated students to achieve well beyond their expectations.


Construction Craft worker students, enter Local 183 Training center with little or no experience in the field.  Their Teacher, Michael Nicolaidis prepares students and initiates the transition from school to work, shifting students’ deskbound internment to workplace engagement and personal achievement.


The following pictures are a testament that OYAP or trade engagement brings an otherwise unengaged student into their full potential. 


Let’s unleash every student’s potential!



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